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Nityam Smart Filament frosted

NITYAM SMART Connected LED bulb Filament 7W 806 Lumens E27 base Model A60 Milky - Lighting color White change (CCT) - Lighting angle 320°

Price as of: May 16, 2022 14 h 12 min

Ah the bulbs… We could write a pretty brilliant book with everything we tested. But finally, color or white, we realize that we always keep more or less always the same settings (white). So we looked for a simple bulb for you, with only whites, cheap and with a nice design, Wi-Fi. And we found the bulb Nityam Smart Frosted Filament : a CCT (i.e. variable white) bulb, with a retro design 100% glass and only 9,90 euros. Is it worth it ?

Nityam Smart Frosted Filament: what is it? What is she doing ?

Nityam Smart, of which we have already tested several products (bulbs retro, taking and strip) is a trademark present in France since 2010 and specialized in the manufacture of light fixtures and bulbs.

At the packaging level, we always stay on the same approach with 100% cardboard boxes, a visual of the product and the characteristics listed on the side. In addition to the bulb, there is a installation guide in french (and understandable) highlighting the application of the mark.

Bulb Nityam Smart Frosted Filament is in shape A60, that is to say 60 mm in diameter and 105 mm in height (with about 3 cm of base) for about 50 grams (for information because it is not you who will wear it). The aluminum base is Edison 27 or E27, or 27 mm in diameter, and precisely 26,67 mm in height. His main interest is his design 100% glass like an old-fashioned bulb and unlike the majority of LED bulbs which have ¾ of the surface replaced by a very ugly plastic cover. It will remind you of grandmother's bulbs, incandescent, all white, to put in chandeliers or sconces.

It is an LED filament bulb, that is to say with LED microchips embedded in a gangue and covered with a phosphor coating for more brightness. But the thing is, since it's opaque… You can't see it. As often with this type of bulb, it is only CCT (variable white heat) and sometimes has technical characteristics that are a little tight.

Technical specifications

  • Brand : Nityam Smart
  • Bulb shape : A60
  • Base : Edison 27 or E27
  • Class E. Attention, for some time now, the energy class has been calculated according to the ratio of luminosity (in lm) and power (in W). Hence the fact that it collapses in relation to the old classification.
  • Engime : 7W,
  • Durée de vie : 10000 h of operation (in the very low average, even for filament),
  • Number of cycles : 10.000 (not better)
  • Light power : 806lm,
  • Colors : N / A
  • whites : 2800 to 6000 K, i.e. warm to cold white.
  • dimmable : Yes
  • Connectivity : 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n and BLE (for installation)
  • AC 220-240V in 50/60Hz.
  • Angle : 320 °
  • IRC: > 80
  • Voice assistant : Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri

As the brand has accustomed us to, we are therefore on a bulb with characteristics that are both basic (806 lm, class E, appearance, etc.), even very basic such as the lifespan, but also interesting specifications such as the variable white from 2800 to 6000 K. But let's say that For the price, it's very satisfying!

Nityam Smart Filament Frosted: operation with the application and use

Nityam Smart has developed its application and its in-house skill (available on the store Alexa France but also on Google Home and Siri), on a Tuya base. You therefore have the option of using the home application or Tuya / Smart Life for using these fixtures. We refer you to our tests of other brand bulbs to see the home application. In this test, we started with the application Smart Life, identical and avoiding having redundant applications.

To install it, activate your GPS, your Bluetooth and connect to the Wi-Fi on which the product will be paired. Put the bulb in place and it should start flashing. Otherwise, turn on and off the switch about 3-5 times. With the "Friction Less" installation, when you press " Add device " where the "+" At the top right, the bulb appears directly. Select there and follow the protocol. Change the name to be able to use it by voice. And that's it, it's done!

Nityam test Smart LED E27: RGB + CCT bulbs at a lower cost!


Nothing special about the use:

  • For whites : variation of heat and intensity. You can thus go from 1 to 100% intensity and from 2800 to 6000K.
  • Mood or scene : you can come and apply pre-recorded modes such as brightness for reading, color changes for parties...
  • You have the option of setting up a countdown, programming but also to follow a circadian cycle to the bulb. That is, it will vary in whiteness and intensity as the day progresses to mimic daylight activity over a day.

And of course, you also have the scenario options to turn on your bulb (s) at a fixed time, turn it off after a certain time. In short, basic but useful.

With voice assistants, you will need the dedicated Skill, operation is intuitive and does not differ from the use of other bulbs : “lights on at X%”, “lights on in warm white”, in cold white… And of course, routines are also possible. So finally, RAS

In use, the bulb is relatively good quality. It turns on and reaches 100% brightness very quickly. The whites are relatively well rendered. The warm white tends towards orange and the cold white, as you can see in the photo below, is really worthy of a surgical light (less powerful of course).

The 806 lumens are sufficient to illuminate a small room or bedroom. It will also find its place in a wall lamp or in a chandelier. The fact that it will light up on its entirety is indeed the best effect and will really make you think of old filament bulbs which were, for some, also frosted. It is really suitable for an enhancement without being a decorative bulb. What could be more ugly than a luminaire with LEDs almost entirely made of plastic and only lighting at an 80° angle? You will no longer have this problem.

The quality of the lighting is also to be highlighted because there is no flickering (flickering), or other low-end bulb issues. We invite you to see its performance on our video test on YouTube, more on this aspect. Subscribe so you don't miss a thing!

In conclusion, Nityam Smart still managed to make a light bulb first price of very good quality. The rendering and the variation of the whites are very good. The bulb is also very responsive, voice operated and very easy to install with installation frictionless. Its frosted appearance is of the most beautiful effect even if you can't see the LED filament. However, those nostalgic for incandescent bulbs will be delighted. It will indeed find its place more specifically in a chandelier, a wall lamp or will have a place of choice without embarrassing you unlike some LED bulbs. He will be blamed too average features on the lifespan, the number of cycles or its energy class E. But at €9,90 excluding promotion, the Nityam Smart Frosted Filament remains a very good product.
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!