BlitzHome BH-AF2 test: a connected and versatile air fryer

Our opinion and taste test of the BlitzHome BH-AF2 air fryer

BlitzHome BH-AF2 - Air Fryer

BlitzHome BH-AF2 Smart Air Fryer

Air fryers, or Air Fryers, are on the rise with the promise of fat-free cooking. Even if it remains above all a mini fan oven, this is indeed one of their advantages. After the Proscenic T21 test, we are going to focus on the BlitzHome BH-AF2 today.

This 1500W air fryer, equipped with ASH2.0 and RNC is connectable in Wi-Fi while presenting a touch panel for physical use. Its ability to 5 liters allows him to cook whole chickens and other meats, fish, chips and even cakes. Between 75 and 100 € in its most successful version, what is it worth?

BlitzHome BH-AF2: a WiFi air fryer!


Belonging to BlitzWolf, created in 2015, the brand offers a large range of very varied connected products, without any real guideline. But the leitmotif remains the same for everyone: to offer quality products at a competitive price. A bit like all so.

La BlitzHome BH-AF2 fryer comes in a fairly simple box measuring 39,5 x 32,5 x 36 cm. White and pastel green, it presents a visual of the product and some main characteristics. Well protected and secure, it is accompanied by a notice… and that's it.

In shiny black plastic, the design of our Air Fryer is quite successful. It looks like a straight pad with rounded corners, a screen on the top side and a removable basket on the front. Everything is harmonious. Without being of a consequent size, count anyway 30,6 x 27,1 x 36,1 cm (H, W, D) for 4,150 kg.

We would say to you that there is no problem of finishes but that would be a shameless lie. Indeed, the model we received presented an assembly fault. The touchpad was mounted upside down. So, to use it, we should have used the fryer upside down, with the steam extraction system blowing on us. Not to mention turning it during cooking to open it. An unacceptable design error then, but it turns out that this was a "simple" problem of mounting the panel that could be solved by removing it by prying up on the 4 corners, turning it over and re-clipping it. Easier to do with a test product than with a proper purchase. However, this seems to be an isolated case..

The basket of 5 liters can be removed by pressing the button on the handle. The interior is non-slip coating, but not Teflon, don't worry, to prevent food sticking. There is also a grid provided in order to deposit food and allow the flow of fats and juices. The whole dishwasher safe. It is large enough to place a whole chicken or 350 grams of French fries or bake a cake. Rather well seen.

Cooking will be done using a concentric electric resistance of 1500W. It has the RNC technology (Resistance Noise Canceling) allowing it to reduce the sound level by 20% by playing on the vibrations of the latter. In order to obtain crispy, non-dry products, BlitzHome has also developed the technology ASH2.0 preventing the loss of moisture from food by reproducing a 360 ° rotating heat. This allows for cooking 30% more efficient.

"A qualitative, robust product, with different possible settings and a nice design ..."

By plugging in the BlitzHome BH-AF2 fryer and pressing the ON / OFF touch button, the screen will come to life. You can choose between 8 preset programs or select the temperature and duration as desired. To change the program, press the button with the 4 squares.

You will have the cooking mode:

  • Frites : 200 ° C / 20 min
  • Cakes : 160 ° C / 40 min
  • Sweet Potato Fries : 200 ° C / 30 min
  • Red meat : 160 ° C / 13 min
  • Chicken thigh : 200 ° C / 20 min
  • White meat : 200 ° C / 20 min
  • Fish : 180 ° C / 10 min
  • Shrimps : 200 ° C / 10 min

Each mode has its appointed temperature and duration but modifiable because based on a maximum portion. To do this, press the thermometers to manage the temperature and the clocks for the duration. Finally, to start cooking, the Play / Pause button will be useful.

The first use of the BlitzHome BH-AF2 is really positive: a qualitative product, robust, with different possible settings and a nice design. But what's under the hood?


  • Brand : BlitzHome / BlitzWolf
  • Model : BH-AF2
  • Food : mains, 220 / 240V, 50/60 Hz via an EU plug with earth.
  • Size : 30,6 x 27,1 x 36,1 cm (H, W, D)
  • Weight 4,15 kg
  • Engime : 1500 W
  • Capacity : 5 liters
  • Number of preset "recipes" : 8
  • Control modes : touch and via app
  • type of heating : 1500W resistance
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi IEEE802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz,
  • Application : Smart Life or BlitzWolf, but not usable by voice with Alexa and Google Assistant.


The specifications are quite interesting with enough volume to cook appreciable quantities (although there are competing formats 50% larger in XXL mode), a touch screen, Wi-Fi connectivity and a power of 1500W (in the average high). However, in the absence of Skill on the French store and Add-on, it does not work by voice...

BlitzHome air fryer: installation and use

To connect the fryer, you can either use the app Smart Life, or BlitzWolf. The latter being a Tuya clone, we started with the most used one so as not to duplicate the number of apps. We refer you to our Tuya tutorial / Smart Life for more explanation on how it works.

In the app, press the " + " top right, " appliance »And choose« air fryer ". Simultaneously press the ON / OFF button on the fryer for about 5 seconds until you hear a beep and see the Wi-Fi symbol flashing.

Let the app detect your device and once done, you will have the opportunity to rename it. At the end of the installation, it will be possible to control it, in a fairly basic way it is true.

Concretely, what will the application be used for? With the 8 presets, you can start appropriate cooking after loading the basket. Of course, you can also start from one of the “recipes” and change the temperature and time to do whatever you want. Either way, there is no difference between settings other than time and temperature. So it's very basic and you can do everything with the touch panel. Note despite everything the live duration tracking. However, no end (or hunger) cooking pop-up. This is done by a beep-beep from the machine.

In short, we quickly get around it. And in the end, is it bad? The goal is to go fast when you have your stomach in the heels. Especially since we are talking about an air fryer, not a multifunction oven. So from there, no grill, preheating, cooking with controlled humidity… This is not the goal of this type of product.

In use, BlitzHome BH-AF2 air fryer is very simple : place the ingredients in the basket, put it back in place, start cooking and presto. For even cooking, remove it once or twice per cooking cycle to stir your products. You can also put a little oil on the surface to have a nice tanned color.

By the way, did you know that hâlé comes from Latin meaning to burn, but also "to hâloir", or even from Arabic meaning heat, and therefore by extension that pretty golden complexion of those who spend a little time in the sun. Sun ?

We did “culinary” tests with fries, fish… and even a cake! The results are very good. The Air Frayer BlitzHome BH-AF2 rises very quickly in temperature due to its volume. There is no need for preheating like an oven. Hence a real time and energy saving. How often do you light your oven for two or three pieces? There you have it. The color is present, the food well cooked, always soft ...

We were skeptical about baking the cakes but frankly, no complaints. Be careful, do not make a mounted piece, which, by swelling with the water vapor getting caught in the gliadins and glutenins network (gluten network) will risk hitting the resistance… and tanning very hard. For a good baked cake, you need 220g of fermented cream derived from the fat of the biological fluid of bovine mammary glands, 4 chicken oocytes, 250 grams of powdered triticum, 200 g of D-glucopyranosyl-D-fructofuranose, 1 sachet of disodium diphosphate and sodium bicarbonate and a little sodium chloride. Nothing very scientific then.

And the result is pretty good and good! For fries we are talking about an Air Fryer, don't expect the same as an oil bath. No Maillard reaction push, so you will not have the same result in terms of crispness. But add a few drops of the oil to have a likeness.

“The advantage of this product is its versatility, ease of use and speed of cooking. "

The advantage of this product is its versatility, ease of use and cooking speed. Easy to move and start up, you can use it whenever you feel like it, without having to wait 10 minutes for your convection oven to heat up. And the result is really satisfying.

But it is true that the application is dispensable and voice use is not present. At the same time, since you still have to get up to load the basket ... It is the tactile use that is the most practical in the end. The BlitzHome BH-AF2 is relatively quiet and the baked products remain really soft thanks to the ASH2.0 technology. All of our testers, four in number, were delighted with the result. There are better, for sure, but there is also much less and for the price, this is a great product.

We invite you to watch our test video to see it in action, and don't forget to subscribe !

In conclusion, we have been pleasantly surprised by this air fryer BlitzHome BH-AF2. With its 1500 W and its ASH2.0 technology, it will allow homogeneous cooking with 360 ° air circulation while maintaining the humidity of the food to have a result crisp. Quite silent with its RNC technology, it offers different presets depending on the products to be cooked: meat, fish, fries, cakes… Thanks to its 5-liter capacity, heating is very fast. Connected via Wi-Fi via Smart Life, she can be program via the application but also with its touch panel. But in the absence of Skill and Add-On BlitzHome or BlitzWolf, it is not not possible to control it by voice. This connectivity is in any case not very useful on a daily basis. A little basic but powerful, the BlitzHome fryer is good value for money.
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!