Benexmart ST64 LED test: the bulb that gives a retro air to your lights

Our opinion on the Benexmart ST64 retro Wi-Fi bulb

Benexmart ST64 LED E27

Benexmart - ST64 WiFi LED Bulb, Tungsten Smart Lamp, Dual Color, E27, 2000 5000K, Tuya, Alexa, Google Home, 240V timer

Our brand Earthsmart and its subsidiary Benexmart offers products with a very good quality / price ratio. It is on the retro LED bulbs market that we find them with this bulb Benexmart ST64 LED E27 working over Wi-Fi. Note that there is also a Zigbee variant, which will be the subject of a future test.

For less than 9 €, the brand therefore offers a light bulb LED filament, 600 lm et 6W, with CCT (variable warmth of whites) and dimmable ! What do we have for this price?

Benexmart ST64: the retro Wi-Fi bulb from Zemismart


Benexmart is a subsidiary of the now well-known brand Earthsmart. It specializes in lighting and connected switches. It is therefore under this entity that the product tested today is sold. But, let it be Zemismart or Benexmart, packaging is still just as unwelcome. Indeed, it is a simple cardboard without any information (except a sticker on the top for reference) or drawing. It is reduced to its strictest utility: to protect the product. Inside you have a cardboard insert to hold the bulb connected and a user guide. Everything is 100% recyclable. The box of the Benexmart ST64 is 6,5 cm side by 15 cm high.

The installation guide is 100% in English. But rest assured, we're here to help. However, apart from a RoHS mention, no information from any CE certification or other applicable standards. It is really a pity and strange.

The Benexmart ST64 bulb has a completely standardized shape, that is, it makes 64 mm in diameter for 143 mm in height (also with 30 mm base) for 45 grams.

Visually, what we call retro bulbs are LED bulbs arranged in the shape of filaments. These are LED microchips inserted into a silica tubing. Often straight, these filaments can also take more varied shapes, but this is usually reserved for more high-end bulbs such as Philips Hue White Filament.

To go with the neo-retro look, the brand has opted for noble materials. That is to say from amber glass and'aluminum for the base. The whole is really coherent and does not present no finishing problem. Above all, you see that there is this vile cover on 2/3 of the bulb to hide the entire electrical system like on standard LEDs. There we are on a clean product.



Let's take a look at the technical characteristics:

  • Bulb shape: ST64, 64mm x 140mm
  • Base: Edison 27 or E27. Why Edison? Because it was he who filed the first patent for the incandescent bulb in 1879. It is therefore a tribute to this brilliant man.
  • Energy class: A+
  • Power : 6W,
  • Lifetime : 15000 hours of operation. Even if in principle, these values ​​are calculated by extrapolating the information from the suppliers and therefore expect a lower autonomy.
  • Number of cycles: NA
    Light power: 600 lm, good, but not crazy.
  • Colours: NA
  • Whites: CCT or Changing Color Temperature or variable warmth of whites. From 2000 to 5000 K, therefore very warm white (ideal for a warm and cocooning atmosphere) to cold white tending to blue.
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Connectivity: 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11 b / g / n
  • Food AC 220-240 V at 50 Hz.
  • Lighting angle: 360°
  • IRC: > 80

The retro LED bulbs remain above all decoration products. This is no exception to the rule with its 600 lm, even if the majority are often in 400 lm and in fixed white (often warm) but it differs from some competitors by the fact that it has a heat of variable white, relatively rare. Even unprecedented at this price. Its autonomy of 15000h is average. We are therefore on very satisfactory characteristics!

Benexmart ST64: bulb operation with Smart Life

Earthsmart and Benexmart based the use of their products on Tuya Smart or even Smart Life. This therefore means that they are for the most part compatible with voice assistants Alexa and Google Assistant. We refer you to our tutorial Smart Life to install the application and learn about its intricacies. It will be necessary to activate your phone's GPS and incidentally Bluetooth in addition to connecting to the Wi-Fi network which will subsequently be used by your bulb.

At the same time, you must enter your Benex bulbsmart ST64 in pairing mode. This can be done quite simply as soon as you turn on the bulb. It will normally blink rapidly. Once done, open Smart Life and you will see the light bulb appear as a pop-up on the home page thanks to the EZ or Friction Less interface of Smart Life. You just have to select "Go to Add" and let it be after entering or validating your Wi-Fi credentials. Once installed, you will see that'it goes directly under Alexa if you already have the Skill Smart Life activated. Then change its name to make it easier to use by voice and "let's go"!


However be careful, in our case, we did not have this initial strobe effect, but a slight cyclic color change. Even if it was detected, the installation of the bulb was not completed. We therefore had to re-enter pairing mode manually. For that, you have to turn it on and off 5 times in a row (and not 3 as the guide says). And even with that, it was impossible at first to make it blink. We put it in a corner and picked it up a few days later and hop, pairing mode as soon as it was switched on (but not sure if we saw a real flashing). So in the end, not easy and that's a shame.

Once in the application, you will see that you can do everything that the application offers in general:

  • You can vary the intensity of the light. Slide the scale to the right to turn on maximum brightness and to the left to almost turn off.
  • Changing the warmth of whites. For that, come and walk around the horseshoe of the whites. The more you go to the left, the warmer the white will be and therefore yellow. And conversely, it will be cold and will pull the blue to the right.
  • Scene: you will be able apply pre-recorded modes like reading, working, flashing it… This will change both the power and the type of white. Each mode is adjustable as desired but you can also create new ones with the Edit function (heat, intensity, flash…).

And of course, you also have the scenario options to turn on your bulb (s) at a fixed time, turn it off after a certain time. So it's quite basic.

Operation with Alexa

You must have activated the skill Smart Life to be able to bring up the'' Benexmart ST64 bulb under Alexa. If so, it will appear automatically upon installation. Otherwise, activate the skill with the password and your application ID, then search for new equipment. Under the application Alexa, you can turn the bulb on or off by pressing the virtual button (which is surrounded by a halo of the current color) but also vary the light intensity. You can also change the heat of the bulb to choose from 5 different whites. In the voice, it's the same: " Alexa, lights X at 50% »« Alexa, turn on X in cold white ”…

You can also integrate it into routines. Very responsive, it works very well. But with a downside that we will see later.

Works with Google Home

The principle is the same as with Alexa. You must first activate the extension. Smart Life in " works with google And let Google Assistant discover your devices. Of course, you may again be required to enter your access codes. If you have already activated it, the bulb will be directly visible. The purpose is the same as with Alexa : you can use it by voice and directly from the application via the virtual button and the intensity rule. It couldn't be simpler. In the voice, it's the same. You have 6 possible heats of whites, but be careful to pronounce the names correctly for vocal use.




There again, no problem of reactivity but a gap that we will address.

Benexmart ST64: everyday use

Don't waste time, we really are very satisfied with the Benexmart ST64 bulb. It reacts to the finger and the eye, in particular with the application Smart Life. Its luminous rendering is very good, the heat of the whites is well marked. The 600 lm are very present, especially in the cold whites. Even if it is not sufficient to effectively illuminate a large room, it will find its place as an auxiliary lamp or in a group of bulbs, on a chandelier for example. It is also perfectly suited to a bedside lamp in warm white.
Its 360 ° scattering angle and its IRC of more than 80 also contribute to this made very satisfying. Here you can see examples of white heat:

The light is really good quality. Whites are differentiated, no flickering, nor other problem related to low-end bulbs ... However, where we must say that it is below our expectations, it is for its color rendering to the voice, whether by Alexa ou Google Home.

Indeed, as much the cold and neutral whites are in agreement with what we expect, as much warm white is not at all the warmest that it is possible to have with the application Smart Life. Does this come from a brand integration problem at the level of support by the assistants? A problem of Smart Life? By simple to say, but the result is there. Is this a real problem? It will depend on your use, when we know that most bulbs, once adjusted, remain with the same parameters thereafter. But, look for yourself : on the left, the hottest by Smart Life, hottest right by voice assistants.


That said, for the price, the Benexmart ST64 bulb is a great product ! Watch how this bulb works on our YouTube video test (don't forget to subscribe to our channel and like).

In conclusion, what to say about this Benexmart ST64 retro light bulb less than 9 €? Quite simply that it is excellent value for money! Indeed, installation can be difficult, there is a lack of legal information on the applicable standards and voice use by voice assistants does not allow you to descend into the hottest whites. But next to that, you have a very well finished bulb at a low price, with a very good light, the variable warmth of whites and voice use very responsive. If you want to create a bright accent, a warm corner or simply decorate without breaking the bank, you can go there, because at this price, it's unprecedented!
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!