Zemi LED strip testsmart RGBW: a bright and scalable strip

The light strips very popular in general. They allow rooms and pieces of furniture to be placed under indirect light, to illuminate inaccessible areas or even to form part of an ambient light in a home cinema, for example. The possibilities are numerous and the only limit is the imagination. We find more and more in connected version working with Alexa, but of variable quality like the Smiler + test demonstrated it. There is of course the one working with a bridge like the Hue but there are more and more qualitative ones in stand-alone. And this is one of these that we have tested for you! We have chosen to present the LED strip to you Earthsmart standard pack (2 m), RGBW, 16 million colors (it's crazy, they all have the same colors or what ?!).

Zemi LED stripsmart RGBW: a small lack of communication

Our LED strip is delivered in a fairly basic cardboard packaging but with large letters its compatibility with Alexa (it is also IFTTT compatible, but it is not noted). On the back, we find the characteristics of the beast and the QR-Code Smart Life. On the other hand, it seems obvious that we are only on the distribution by Zemismart a third-party brand product (Lineway). However, that doesn't change the test and the fact that this product is sold by Earthsmart in France.

What do we find in the box? The two LED strips of 1 m each,45W power adapter (it operates at 100-240V, 50-60 Hz input and output, it's 24V, 1,6 A), a 15 cm extension and a little hardware package also containing a small part for extension with other bands. There is also a notice in English, relatively succinct (use via Smart life and via Alexa) but no explanation, or almost, on the connection of the various elements or any rules to be respected (where to cut the tape, security…). Some of the information is on the page Amazon.

The AC adapter is a bit bigger than others (13 x 5 x 3,2 cm), but this is because it incorporates the Wi-Fi module, which is sometimes on an extension cord. He is in fairly qualitative plastic. Without being too heavy, it is recommended to make it stand on the installation support by screwing it. Moreover, there is no double-sided provided with. On the other hand, we are going to come to the negative point of this product, the one that can certainly be prohibitive: the male plug. As you can see in the photo, we are on a… US plug. And without an adapter, it's dead. Depending on where the product is put, an adapter may not be a problem, especially since it is far from expensive. Attention, we cannot speak of a defective product or of bad information, because the visual product reproduces well the photo of the US plug. You just have to be careful of that.

Zemi RGBW LED Stripsmart : will you take an extension?

The product tested is the standard pack with 2 extensions of 1 meter. But it is quite possible to order packs of 4 or 6 meters or even extensions directly (pack of 2x 1 m). An adapter allows to support 6 LED strips. The first thing that stands out is the fact that the bands are relatively thick. Why ? Because this band is given as being waterproof, hence additional protection… but it was not possible to find an IP rating. We are therefore more on a seal linked to use in cooking, steam ... But a place outside does not seem impossible. However, in the absence of data, we did not take the risk and protection of the power supply unit seems necessary.

There are 30 RGBW LEDs per meter which is the most common. The maximum with this type of LED being 60 and, for single colors, this can go up to 240! The more LEDs there are, the brighter it will be, but the more it will consume. The quality of the LEDs will also play a role in the total lighting. The width of the band is 1,5 cm. At the design level, even if it is not terrible concerning the mains adapter, the tape as such is quite drinkable, even if it does not remain a canon of beauty, in agreement with the sector. That said, the plastic of the different parts is quite good as is the tape itself. It is quite flexible despite the additional plastic protection.

To install the bands, this is quite simple: connect the headband to the 15 cm extension which will be inserted into the connector of the mains adapter. Be careful, if the strip does not light up when you turn it on, the connection of the extension to the adapter is surely reversed (a key is missing). The insertion of the pins is done gently and fingering eh! From there, put the extensions one inside the other to obtain the desired length. If it's too long? You can cut the tape at the locations provided. You are then free to come and install them wherever you want. For this, you can use the double-sided of each strip or the fixings provided (recommended if you have a nice length). Double-sided sticks very well, which is not always the case.

Zemi RGBW LED Stripsmart : Smart Life to serve you

This band is given for a theoretical operation of 50000 h (almost 6 years of permanent operation or 64 years if used 2 hours per day). It consumes a little more than 7 W per band in use ...

Installation is done with Smart Life and… a helping hand from the Alexians. Why ? Because there is no indication of how to get the band into pairing mode, flash it. So to get it into this coveted mode, after selecting the bulb installation mode, unplug and plug it back in about 3 or 4 times. And there, a miracle! It flashes !!! You're welcome, you're welcome ... Yes, we know ...

In use, the light strip will behave like a bulb and the settings will be the same. Selection of light power in white or color, selection of colors, scenes or other. You are also free to set up scenarios (switch on at a specific time, during sunset, etc.). In short, all that allows Smart Life.

Now let's talk about what is most important, colors ! Well they are good, very good even. The white is very clear, neither too hot nor too cold and the colors really deep. As in most cases, there is a decrease in brightness when switching to color. But this remains without too much consequence since color lighting is used more for an atmosphere, a supplement than for direct lighting. It is possible to adjust the brightness and the warmth of the colors, but not for the white, which is a shame ...

Here are some photos, which do not do too much justice to the colors because taken in the dark ... But frankly, they are quite straightforward. There is no light power in this type of product, the goal being to add a touch or a touch of color and not to illuminate a room. In our test, in direct light, we measured 900 lx at 50 cm. Indirectly, 400 lx at 75 cm.

In conclusion, this Zemi LED stripsmart is a very good product, good value for money. We are not on the entry level, far from it: the colors are very clear, deep, the headband is very well made. We can still blame it for its very brief user guide, the fact of not being able to adjust the heat of the whites and its purely US plug (therefore adapter necessary).

Zemi RGBW LED Stripsmart 










Price quality



  • Very good quality and finishes
  • Excellent colors
  • Scalable

The lessers

  • No special instruction
  • No white balance possible
  • US male plug
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