Arlo Video Doorbell review: a connected wireless doorbell with integrated alarm

A compatible doorbell Alexa, Home Assistant and more ...

Arlo Video Doorbell - Video Doorbell

Arlo Video Doorbell Wireless Wifi Connected Doorbell, 1080p HD Camera, Two-Way Audio, Packet Detection, Motion & Alerts, Integrated Siren, Night Vision, Black (AVD2001B)

Price as of: May 17, 2022 5 h 54 min

Many of us are concerned about the security of our homes, the doorbell Arlo Video Doorbell perfectly meets this need, incorporating all the properties of a connected doorbell with 180 ° visio and video calls on your smartphone, voice messages and quick responses, instant motion detection and night vision, and even an alarm system with integrated siren.

It operates on a rechargeable battery, given for a period of approximately 6 months, or connects to an existing 8 to 24 V doorbell system. about 200 € on, it does not require no cloud subscription Arlo for its basic functions and integrates seamlessly with Alexa like a Home Assistant...

Arlo Video Doorbell: a compact but complete connected doorbell

Unboxing and features

The doorbell Arlo Essential Video Doorbell Wire-Free comes in an elegant 19.5 cm X 15 cm box, with all the important information.

At the opening, we discover the product well protected by a small foam. The connected doorbell immediately appears very classy, ​​the first feeling being that the rather discreet Arlo Essential Video Doorbell looks very good. Its dimensions are 47 x 143 x 37 mm, and the weight of 249 grams with battery (113 grams without).

Under the cardboard plate, neatly arranged, we also find:

  • 1 x rechargeable battery
  • 1 x flat mounting plate
  • 1 x corner fixing plate
  • 1 x Safety Release Pin
  • 1 x power kit
  • 1 x screw kit
  • 1 x cable extension
  • 1 x quick start guide

Running on your network 2,4 GHz wifi, no Arlo gateway will be required.

Technical specifications

The Arlo Essential Video Doorbell features a maximum video resolution of 1536 1536 pixels x, with the choices of 1080 x 1080 and 720 x 720, all in 1: 1 aspect ratio with a 180 ° viewing angle, And some HDR. It offers a 12x digital zoom and has a two-way microphone Full Duplex type, and SIP audio / video call initiated by pressing the doorbell, messages from quick responses in the event of no stall within 20 seconds.

Night vision works with indicator lights high power infrared (850 nm) with IR cut filter. The unique motion sensor covers 110 ° horizontally, and it is weather and UV resistant with an operating temperature of -20 to 45 ° C.

  • Brand : Arlo
  • Model : Arlo Essential Video Doorbell Wire-Free
  • Resolution : Full HD 1536 × 1536 pixels (1536 × 1536, 1080 × 1080, 720 × 720, 1: 1 aspect ratio) infrared night vision
  • Field of view : 110 ° horizontal
  • Food : Rechargeable battery (supplied). Can be connected to an existing doorbell system or transformer for continuous charging (8-24 V AC, 40 VA max., 50/60 Hz).
  • Dimensions : 47 x 143 x 37 mm
  • Weight : 249 g with battery and 113 g without battery
  • Connectivity : 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
  • sealing : Yes

Arlo Video Doorbell: Installation and Operation

The Arlo app

Let's be honest, it will be a snap! After, or while the battery is charging, prepare your smartphone by downloading the application Arlo for Android ou iOS.

We discover a very well thought out application, very pleasant, with pretty animations, very simple explanations, which make that everything is within the reach of everyone.

Simply follow the on-screen instructions, create your account, and add your first device.

You can also pair a chime from the same brand, or choose to ring your connected speakers Amazon Echo ou Google Home, or why not combine the two!

Arlo AC1001-100PES Smart Chime Chime Alerting You for Your Arlo, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Ultra, Arlo Doorbell and Arlo Light Systems, White

Price as of: May 17, 2022 5 h 54 min

After the battery has fully charged, attach the doorbell, and again, it is very effective since two holes and two screws will suffice ... If necessary, add on the back plate (which is fixed to the wall), the tilt plate in the event that your doorbell is a little too far from your door to ensure better aiming.

The Arlo application is relatively simple, we will see the most important parameters of this Arlo Video Doorbell.

Cloud subscription Arlo Smart (offered for 3 months) includes:

  • live streaming up to 4k
  • Advanced alerts for packages, animals and vehicles
  • Parcel alerts detected
  • Activity zones (or detection zone)
  • Smart alerts (depending on the type of detection)
  • Call Alerts emergency

Without the subscription, you will only have to:

  • The option HDR
  • two-way audio
  • the detection alerts of movement without choice of type
  • the custom orders

Let's start by looking at the general settings:

Account / Authorized access: note that an account = a use! This option will therefore prove to be very valuable, especially Home Assistant. Likewise, if you wish to bind others smartphones, for your spouse for example, you will have to go through this menu and create a linked sub-account, following the steps indicated, which are quick and simple.

Now let's see the "Device settings" here is the full menu:

After looking at some information and seeing a few simple tweaks, let's dwell on a few.

  • Melody : choose the sound and volume for an Arlo chime connected
  • Silent mode : incoming calls and ringtone deactivated
  • Voyant : choose whether the doorbell indicator is active or not in the event of motion detection and an accepted call
  • Utility : performed a motion detection test
  • Video / video settings : set brightness, activate HDR, activate night vision, set video quality
  • Activity zones : draw zones for which you want to receive movement alerts
  • Sound settings : activate microphone, activate loudspeaker, loudspeaker volume

Let's go to the menu " alarm mode setting »… Two icons respectively allow you toarm or disarm your devices.

By clicking on a device, you will set the alarm mode at the rate of 4 preset modes :

Clicking on Publishing (the pen icon), you will refine each element.

THEoption "Planning" as its name suggests, it is possible to schedule the activation of the alarm mode.

The location »Allows, you will understand, the activation by GPS detection of smartphones near home, linked to the application. After locating, you will set the detection radius on a map, the behavior of the alarm according to the location, and the style of notifications.

Le "Library" menu is the center of video capture backups. Classified by day, it allows you to view and delete the captures of your choice.

Operation with Amazon Alexa

Install the skill Arlo UK in your application Alexa, and link your account with your Arlo account credentials.

You can find your Arlo Video Doorbell in Devices> Cameras. This is where you can define whether your speakers Alexa should ring and warn you in the event of movements and / or doorbell rings.


Select the speaker (s) Amazon Echo who will react, for what reason (movement / doorbell), and the ringing tone.

Display devices such as Echo Show 10 ou Echo Show 8 will be able to display the live stream of the doorbell by asking for example « Alexashow me the doorbell » ou « Alexa, show the front door« .

Unfortunately, we didn't have an instant feed display on Echo Show 5 at the time of our testing, but we appreciated the responsiveness to the doorbell and the almost zero latency. A very good point.

Installation and operation on Home Assistant

Before proceeding, you absolutely must create a "friend" account via the Arlo app in Settings> Allow access.

Indeed, if you use the same account on your smartphone and on Home Assistant, Home Assistant will take priority and block your access to the application, after the event ID changes are not even taken into account! You will then be missing a lot of options because, while Home Assistant complements well, it is not a replacement for the Arlo app either.

To integrate your doorbell, we recommend the superb “aarlo” component found in HACS under the name of "Arlo Camera Support".

HACS: installation in Home Assistant

There is also an official Arlo package, but we find it less reliable and less comprehensive. Take the time to read the hass-aarlo GitHub repository, the developer has done a complete job and provides very good explanations.

After installing the package, the configuration is done in yaml, in configuration.yaml.
Several "platforms" are available in order to retrieve the maximum number of entities.

Also, for an optimum display of the camera and snapshots, we can only advise you to install the card via HACS. custom « Lovelace Hass Aarlo ».

Everything that follows depends on Arlo servers, and hacs integration, the developer explains very well that we can experience stalls, which we unfortunately have sometimes seen.

What to put in your configuration.yaml file?

Respect the platforms in order to write in the right place and read the github to adapt your configuration.

Here is our proposal for a maximum of lifts:

########################################### ## ## Arlo Sonette ## ############################################ aarlo: username:! secret arlo_username (friend account) password:! secret arlo_password (friend account) refresh_devices_every: 1 stream_timeout: 120 mode_api: v2 reconnect_every: 90 # IF 2-FACTOR IDENTIFICATION # tfa_source: imap # tfa_type: email # tfa_host: .com # tfa_username: TO BE COMPLETED
# tfa_password: TO BE COMPLETED

camera: - platform: aarlo ffmpeg_arguments: '-pred 1 -q: v 2' binary_sensor: - platform: aarlo monitored_conditions: - motion - sound - ding - cry - connectivity sensor: - platform: aarlo monitored_conditions: - last_capture - total_cameras - battery_level - captured_today - signal_strength alarm_control_panel: - platform: aarlo away_mode_name: armed home_mode_name: home night_mode_name: night trigger_time: 30 alarm_volume: 8
Home Assistant restart is required.

Here are the list lifts we get:

Enough to create a nice button, and to use several lifts in automations!

To make your card custom, CCreate a manual card then copy this by entering the entity of your doorbell:

entity: camera.aarlo_sonnette hide: - title - date image_click: play show: - motion - sound - image_date - signal_strength - captured_today - image_date top_date: true top_status: false top_title: false type: custom: aarlo-glance

A click on the image triggers the Live.

Pressing the file icon gives you access to the last 9 images or video captures.

Associate this card with some triggers, like the alarm, the snapshots, the siren… In order to have a panel as complete as possible.

Home Assistant Automations for Arlo Video Doorbell

We sought to fill the gaps in the Arlo app. We advise you to add the alarm mode to your main alarm if it is carried out under Home Assistant.

After noticing that pressing the doorbell triggers a video call on smartphone, we would also like to receive a screenshot in a notification.

We are creating automation that takes a snapshot if a push on the doorbell button is detected:

alias: Snapshot doorbell auto description: '' trigger: - platform: state entity_id: binary_sensor.aarlo_ding_sonnette to: 'on' condition: [] action: - service: aarlo.camera_request_snapshot data: entity_id: camera.aarlo_sonnette mode: single

Then, we use a blueprint which will generate the push notification and the retrieval of the last snapshot. Since this blueprint is created for motion detections, we have modified it ...

Copy and paste it in its original folder Breadprint / Automation / Vorion like this :

blueprint: name: Send capture if ringing description: 'Send capture if ringing' domain: automation input: motion_sensor: name: Doorbell description: Choose trigger selector: entity: domain: binary_sensor camera: name: Camera description : The camera selector: entity: domain: camera notify_device: name: Device to notify description: Device needs to run the official Home Assistant app to receive notifications selector: device: integration: mobile_app is_ios: name: Is it an iOS device? description: Toggle if your selected device runs iOS, default is Android selector: boolean: {} default: false notification_title: name: Notification title (Optional) description: 'Default: "It sounds!"' default: It sounds! notification_message: name: Notification message (Optional) description: 'Default: "{{motion_sensor_name}} detected a doorbell!"' default: '{{motion_sensor_name}} detected a doorbell!' delay: name: Delay (Optional) description: Wait before creating camera snapshot default: '' selector: number: min: 0.0 max: 60.0 unit_of_measurement: seconds mode: slider step: 1.0 source_url: https: //community.home-assistant. io / t / send-camera-snapshot-notification-on-motion / 254565 trigger: platform: state entity_id:! input 'motion_sensor' from: 'off' to: 'on' variables: motion_sensor:! input 'motion_sensor' motion_sensor_name: '{{states [motion_sensor] .name}}' camera:! input 'camera' notify_device:! input 'notify_device' is_ios:! input 'is_ios' notification_title:! input 'notification_title' notification_message:! input 'notification_message' delay:! input 'delay' snapshot_create_file_path: / config / www / tmp / snapshot _ {{states [camera] .object_id}}. jpg snapshot_access_file_path: '{{snapshot_create_file_path | replace ('' / config / www '', '' / local '')}} 'action: - delay:' {{delay}} '- service: camera.snapshot entity_id:! input' camera 'data: filename: '{{snapshot_create_file_path}}' - device_id:! input 'notify_device' domain: mobile_app type: notify title: '{{notification_title}}' message: '{{notification_message}}' data: '{% set android_data = {"image ":"% s "} | format (snapshot_access_file_path)%} {% set ios_data = {"attachment": {"url": "% s", "content_type": "JPEG"}} | format (snapshot_access_file_path)%} {{ios_data if is_ios else android_data}} '

Then, via the blueprint / automation menu, we create our automation via the interface, which gives in yaml:

alias: Doorbell notif snapshot if ringing description: '' use_blueprint: path: vorion / send snapshot if ding.yaml input: notification_message: People are at the door! motion_sensor: binary_sensor.aarlo_ding_sonnette camera: camera.aarlo_sonnette notify_device: 3c7554c67f20976aa6ccd80e1f4a7a8f is_ios: true delay: 4 notification_title: Sounds!

As said above, sometimes the dropouts mean that the snapshot is not taken and therefore the repatriation is wrong, but for the most part everything is fine.

Here is the result :

Thanks to the original blueprint, we have exactly the same in case of movement when the alarm is activated.

Be notified in case of low battery:

alias: Doorbell low battery description: '' trigger: - platform: numeric_state entity_id: sensor.aarlo_battery_level_sonnette below: '30' condition: [] action: - service: notify.mobile_app_iphoneaurel data: title: Arlo doorbell message: 'Warning, low battery 'mode: single

Provide video surveillance at night from 21 p.m. to 7 a.m.:

alias: Doorbell alarm ON night description: '' trigger: - platform: state entity_id: binary_sensor.porte_entree to: 'off' for: '00: 15: 00 '- platform: time at: '21: 00' condition: - condition : time after: '21: 00 'before: '07: 00' action: - service: alarm_control_panel.alarm_arm_away target: entity_id: alarm_control_panel.aarlo_sonnette mode: single

Temporarily disabling the night alarm if you go out for x reason:

alias: 'Bell alarm OFF auto' description: 'when door entry open' trigger: - platform: state entity_id: binary_sensor.porte_entree to: 'on' condition: - condition: state entity_id: alarm_control_panel.aarlo_sonnette state: armed_away - condition: state entity_id: alarm_control_panel.alarme state: disarmed action: - service: alarm_control_panel.alarm_disarm target: entity_id: alarm_control_panel.aarlo_sonnette mode: single

Your needs and imagination are your only limits!

Our opinion on Arlo Video Doorbell

In short, we are totally won over by the Arlo Video Doorbell connected doorbell which is intended to be simple, elegant and very complete. Certain additions such as the possibility offered to the person who rings the door to leave a voicemail message really convinced us. Responsiveness with speakers Amazon Echo is excellent, just like the one with the Arlo Chime chime. The Arlo application is very well done, but we regret the dependence of sometimes capricious servers which prevent connection to display the live video stream. Home Assistant offers us real advantages, filling some application gaps and allowing us to add this surveillance system to our main alarm. On the other hand, we have to deal with some server and lift problems, sometimes out of order or too long, but fortunately this is not all the time.

The doorbell Arlo Video Doorbell is available, in white or black version, at the rate of 199.99 € on Amazon. Fr. However, it is necessary to take into account the cost of the Arlo Cloud subscription, offered from 2.79 € / month, which allows you to take advantage of all of your smart features. As for a Ring doorbellis the price of one efficient service and a high quality product which frankly has nothing to envy to the first prices stamped Tuya / Smart Life, believe us ...
Passionate about technology, I discovered the world of Smart Home with Xiaomi, then Alexa and Les Alexiens led me to become passionate about Home Assistant, which I master better every day!