Arenti IN1 test: an all-purpose indoor camera

Our opinion on the Arenti IN1 indoor camera

Arenti IN1 indoor camera

Arenti IN1 Indoor Surveillance Camera with WiFi 1080P FHD - Compatible with Alexa and Google 1PC

Price as of: June 29, 2022 3 h 43 min

An obligatory passage for connected interiors, cameras are used both for the surveillance of property and also of people with two-way audio. But how to navigate and make the right choice. We therefore sought for you a brand known in the sector and allowing you to equip you at a low price.

The Arenti brand offers you for less than 29 € an indoor camera with two-way audio, HD, motion and sound detection, night vision… Interesting ?

Arenti IN1: a 1080p indoor camera


Arenti opted for a qualitative cardboard, white, yellow and orange, in glossy printing. It takes again the visual of the camera on the front face as well as basic characteristics like the r1080p resolution and compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The back and sides communicate additional information such as two-way audio, viewing angle, night vision… It is also compatible with the brand's other solutions. It is provided with the CE mark of recognition.

The Arenti IN1 camera (that's its little name) is delivered, in addition to the start-up guide in French (rather well done), with:

  • Un charging cable with an AC adapter, like laptops because we are on a micro-USB / USB cable. 5V, 1A.
  • A bag of screws to hang your device on a wall and stickers “Protectede by Arenti Seurity Camera”, which will probably be useless.

The camera as such is a puck 6 cm in diameter and 3 cm thick. With the foot, it is 11 cm. The shape is fairly standard compared to what we find. Note that the latter is attached to the foot with a ball joint allowing a 360 ° rotation on the sides and 120 ° vertical.

On the front, the lens is in a central circle with, below, a Infra-red LED with detection up to 10 m. There is also a bright LED giving the status of the camera.

  • Solid blue : online
  • Steady red : not connected
  • Blinking red : pairing mode

On the back you have:

  • Un reset button (press 5 seconds to return to pairing mode)
  • A port micro-USB Loading
  • Un speaker and microphone for bidirectional sound

On the side you will find a card slot 128 GB micro-SD. You can therefore store locally but also subscribe to the Cloud.

This subscription is subject to different options ranging from $ 2,99 per month for 3 days of storage upon detection up to $ 220 per year for 24 hour check-in. The information is secure and stored at AWS, but it's still expensive.

The underside is coated with an adhesive coating because of course you can simply put the camera on a piece of furniture or fix it to the wall.

Technical specifications

Here is the technical sheet of the Arenti IN1 camera:

  • Brand : Arenti
  • Model : Arenti IN1 - TPA-67F050100VU01
  • Video : 1080p HD, 2 MPX, H.264
  • POSTERS : F2.0, 3,8mm focal length, digital zoom
  • Motion detection : Yes
  • Audio detection : Yes
  • Food : mains, 5V, 1A but connects to 220V
  • Night vision : Infra-red LED with detection up to 10 m
  • Audio : Built-in bi-directional microphone
  • Field of view : 115 °
  • Focal length spectrum : Fixed
  • Conditions of use - temperature : from -20 to 55 ° C
  • Wi-Fi : 802.11 b / g / n (2.4Ghz)
  • Ethernet : no
  • Image and video storage : in the cloud (for a fee) or on a micro-SD card of 128 GB max,
  • Movement trackingt: No
  • Privacy mode : Yes
  • The camera is compatible with Echo devices with display

Arenti IN1: installation and use of the indoor camera

The brand has created its own application to install and control its cameras. It is of course necessary to create an account.

Be careful because creating an account by phone number does not work.

Pairing is extremely quick and easy. Start the Arenti IN1 by plugging it into the mains and wait for the Front LED flashes red and there is a beep. In the application, press the + and choose "camera" then select yours according to the visual. Then enter your Wi-Fi ID and place in front of the camera the QR-Code that appears on the screen of your mobile. Once done, the camera is automatically recognized and the configuration is finished. Simple, right? You will then have to enter a name for your camera and voila! This name will go back in Alexa.

The application is quite similar to what we find for other brands.

From the main view, the possibilities will depend on whether or not you are viewing live video.

If you are on a passive view, you will be able to:

  • Home : have a view of all your devices. If you tap the crossed-out camera, you make it enter privacy mode. She no longer films. But no physical cache.
  • Messages : 3 possible actions:
    • Share history
    • Display of alarm messages, i.e. detections, which are classified by day and time.
    • Display of system messages.
  • Scene : you can create scenes to automate the ignition for example. But since this camera only works in its own ecosystem, which only offers cameras, it's totally unnecessary. Impossible to switch on if a detection is made for example because no other device is connected to it. No interest.
  • Moi : Here you will have the possibility to share the camera, to retrieve the photos and video that you have taken with the camera and, among other things, to make some general settings such as the activation of pop-up, decoding, play videos in floating window, empty the cache…


In Play mode (you click Play on the video), the actions will be different. First of all, the house logo is replaced by “Live”. From there, you can interact directly by putting the sound (the HP logo), taking a photo or video capture, by putting in full screen and also in activating motion detection (swipe right for this). By pressing the microphone, in the middle, you will be able to activate the microphone of the camera and speak. The joys of two-way audio. At the top right, you can also change the resolution of the camera: 360, 1080 or 1080P 2MPX. No 720p, too bad because the 360 ​​is completely useless.

  • History (understand history) : 2 different views, either the micro-SD card if you have one, or the cloud. You have 3 months free upon activation. Day by day (there is a small calendar at the top right) you can follow the recordings. Pretty good.
  • Album : you will have here the photos and video that you recorded.
  • Settings:
    • Camera name : to change, or not ...
    • Settings : here you have the protection of privacy, in a more advanced way than seen a little before. You will have the possibility to deactivate the camera lens and define hours of use. You can also come and activate the night vision mode.
    • Alert settings : it is the activation or not of the motion detection and sound and receiving alerts.
    • Records management : you can choose from everything save permanently or only when activated. You also have the option of making captures for 1, 2 or 3 min.
    • Cloud storage service : come and activate or deactivate your cloud subscription.
    • Amazon Echo and Google Home : a simple explanation of how to pair them.
    • Advanced settings : possibility to activate ONVIF. It is an open source protocol created by the brands Sony, Axis and Bosch in order to set up a common connection (a common protocol) between video surveillance products from different manufacturers. The Arenti camera will therefore be able to fit seamlessly into a substantial surveillance system already in place. Big strong point.

The weak point of this product is the subscription to its quite expensive cloud service. But local use via a micro-SD card is a plus. As long as you don't have the camera stolen, of course. There are also few parameters, no detection zone, intelligent detection for humans and not animals or the like. The translation of the application is also quite burlesque.

If you want to associate it with Alexa, you just have to activate the skill with your identifiers created on the Arenti application and detect the IN1 products. By asking Alexa, " poster X »You will have a visual on what is happening at home. On the other hand, the video stream displayed is of poor quality (we must be on 360p) and there is no possibility to activate the microphone. Thing that almost all other cameras do. However, like on the app, you can zoom in by tapping the screen. You will also have the leisure, from there, to integrate it into routines, something impossible via the manufacturer's application.

It is also possible to use the Arenti IN1 with Google Assistant. Of course, use will only be possible with a compatible device equipped with a screen. It is not possible to use it via the app. But it's the same problem with Alexa.

In use, this camera is very simple, we do not get lost in the settings. The video quality is relatively good and so is audio. Of course, part of this will come from your internet connection. It manages the backlight well and does not particularly pixelate.

The night vision is simply excellent, almost better than in broad daylight… Its activation can be seen via the IR LED which is activated. There is only one moreover.

La motion and sound detection is quite effective. The interest of the latter is to put it, for example, in a baby's room to be alerted in case of awakening or in a house with a dog to listen if he is unleashed. If detected, an alert is sent to you on the smartphone with a photo and by going to the app you will have a video (via the cloud). Rather good and fast. You can of course manage the sensitivity of the detection.

This camera Arenti IN1 will delight people looking for simplicity both in settings and in use. Its characteristics are relatively basic with its shooting in 1080p 2MPX, H.264, its zoom, night vision, two-way audio, microSD card storage and motion and sound detection. On the other hand, no restricted area or smart detection. You can also take live photos and videos. You will obviously receive notifications in the event of detection on your Smartphone. The possibility of using the Onvif protocol is a very good thing and its integration with Alexa and Google Assistant a definite plus. You can request to see your camera on your Amazon Echo Show or Nest Hub, but no ability to use two-way audio in these cases. Cloud subscription is quite expensive and its few flaws do no less a great product for a fairly low price.

Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!