Aqara H1 EU test: switches connected without neutral!

Installation of a ZigBee switch without neutral Aqara H1 EU

Aqara H1 EU - ZigBee switch without neutral

Aqara H1 EU - Double ZigBee Switch Without Neutral - WS-EUK02

Price on: July 5, 2022 16 h 32 min

That's not a connected switch that we will present to you today, but several, the range Aqara H1 EU by counting a number.

Single or double, with or without neutral, with or without wire, the Chinese brand has thought of all users and offers us an updated version of its previous models.

Aqara H1 EU: the choice of a ZigBee switch is not neutral!


As usual, Lumi United Technology Co. presents its ZigBee switches Aqara H1 EU in a compact and elegant packaging with, of course, a visual of the product and the main qualities of the device.

The protocol ZigBee 3.0 and compatibility with Google Assistant, Alice and Marusia are highlighted… NoAmazon Alexa nor Apple HomeKit, but we will see that it is nevertheless the case.

The range of wired switches Aqara H1 EU comes in four models:

  • Smart Wall Switch - No Neutral, Single Rocker : wired one-way without neutral
  • Smart Wall Switch - No Neutral, Double Rocker : two-way wired without neutral
  • Smart Wall Switch - With Neutral, Single Rocker : wired one-way with neutral
  • Smart Wall Switch - With Neutral, Double Rocker : two-way wired with neutral

In the absence of a neutral wire on most of the French installations, we have chosen to present you those that do not require one. However, if you are looking for switches with neutral, know that they do exist (Domadoo offers for example the versions 1 way et 2 channels).

At the opening, the impression of quality is there. the design is modern, we could not be more sober, the irreproachable quality of finish… As always with Aqara!

With 157 grams on the scale, the Aqara H1 EU are not the lightest on the market, but we must admit that they exude quality. Benefiting from a premium design combining aluminum and quality plastics, these switches using the ZigBee 3.0 protocol promise us a increased longevity compared to the majority of models on the market. Forget Tuya, this is Aqara.

Measuring 8.58 x 8.6 x 3.75 cm, the Aqara H1 EU are rather compact for connected switches. They are therefore perfectly suited to round and square recessed boxes, even shallow, the part to be built-in only 2.6 cm deep and the facade 1.15 cm thick.

The Aqara H1 EU are among the most discreet connected switches on the market.

Note, also, the H1 offer a overload and overvoltage protection. A very good point which will allow you, for example, to protect expensive series of GU10 bulbs ... Finally, know that these switches can also be used to control other devices such as roller shutters, fans, etc ...


  • Brand: Aqara
  • Model: Smart Wall Switch No Neutral
  • References : WS-EUK01 / WS-EUK02
  • Protocol: Zigbee 3.0
  • Supply : mains 100-250 VAC / Max. 8A
  • Autonomy: 2 years
  • Dimensions: 85.8 x 86 x 37.55 mm (wired)
  • Accessories : Sticker x 1, Screw x 2, Quick start guide

Aqara H1 EU: installation without neutral and daily use

Mise en Place

Install a switch without neutral single lane is not really a problem. You just need to plug the phase into L (red) and the lamp return on L1 (brown). Here, no capacitor needed, we are on ZigBee!

As indicated above, the compact and rounded format of the H1 makes it very easy to place it in the vast majority of wall boxes. Although ours is very crowded, as shown in the photo below, we were able to place it without difficulty ...

And fix it as close to the wall as possible a perfect result. The notches are perfectly in front of the holes and the screws provided are the correct size. In short, you will understand, the EU of this switch Akara H1 means that it was designed for the old continent!

All that remains is to fix the front panel by clipping it in the right direction, the connector acting as a locator. It's as easy as pie and the operation took us less than 5 minutes, photos included!

While we didn't use it, you'll probably notice the QR Code for pairing with HomeKit.

“The result is just perfect, isn't it? "

Installation on Aqara Home

Like any product of the brand, the preferred environment of this ZigBee switch is, of course, the Aqara Home application available for iOS as Android. To do this, you must have a ZigBee gateway such as the Aqara Hub M1S and Hub M2, or the very interesting Aqara G2H camera.

Aqara Hub M2 test: a complete home automation gateway

This done, all you need to do is:

  1. Open your app Aqara Home,
  2. Press the "+" top right,
  3. Select the right model: Akara H1 Smart Switch No Neutral
  4. Press for about 5 seconds the button the switch,
  5. Wait… And it's good!
In less than a minute, your switch Aqara H1 EU is available and ready to use.

We find a number of features and parameters:

  • Timer : to turn off the light after a certain time,
  • Default state : you can choose a default state. In the event of a power cut, either the switch will be off or it will return to its previous state. Practical, not to say essential!
  • Voyant : a small blue LED indicates, very discreetly, the operating state of the switch. You can choose to switch it off permanently or at certain times ...
  • Deactivate the switch : When using a wireless switch, you can choose to disable the button. What interest? Well, you can use the switch for a radio roller shutter or a ceiling fan while still keeping your ceiling light with a bulb connected ...
  • Automations and scenes : you can obviously create scenes and automations with other devices of the brand when the switch is on / off or when it changes state. We let you imagine the possibilities ...
  • Accessory replacement : not stupid but, hopefully, rarely useful, this feature allows you to duplicate the settings relating to your switch. If it breaks down, you can replace it and find all your settings. This can also be useful in the event of a change of location ...

Hub Amazon Echo

Good news for all speaker owners Alexa : the switch Aqara H1 is compatible with ZigBee hubs Amazon Echo ! To date, these are the Echo Plus and Echo 4, Echo Show 2 and 10, or even Echo Studio.

To install it, nothing could be simpler:

  1. Just say " Alexa, detects my new devices« 
  2. Push the button for about 5 seconds
  3. Wait about 45 seconds, and it's good !
Note that while the switch works fine with a hub Amazon Echo, Alexa does not, however, allow it to be used as a trigger… You will be able, however, to personalize the voice commands and to associate other devices by creating routines.

Home automation box

With a home automation box with ZigBee gateway, it is of course possible to do many more things. Whether it is an installation Home Assistant on Raspberry Pi, of the last Jeedom atlas, an Eedomus box, or even the very easy to access Homey Pro… Nothing could be simpler.

Our opinion on Homey Pro, the Plug and Play home automation box!

We have precisely chosen the latter, its interface being the most pleasing to the eye ... Note that the Homey Bridge, which will be available soon, will allow you to do the same.

If the two-way switch is recognized as such, the one-way model is considered to be a standard ZigBee device and therefore only allows on / off.

As this is a so-called smart switch, it is obviously easy to control with other devices such as a Aqara opening sensor, for an  Aqara Motion Sensor, for an xiaomi light sensor or an Aqara Wireless Remote H1 switch which will offer you the possibility to vary the intensity of the light, its heat or its color… And even to create a back and forth, but we'll see that in a future test.

Voice assistants

Aqara H1 switches are obviously compatible with voice assistants. Either it's about Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Yandex Alice, Marusia from or even fromApple HomeKit, these connected switches are very easily controlled by voice. Obviously, it is only a question here of turning on or off, but you know how much this is appreciable when you are well seated on your sofa or when you arrive home with your hands loaded ...


Our opinion on the Aqara H1 EU switch

Although not being followers of the genre, the Aqara H1 EU switch completely satisfied us by allowing us to reconcile automation and traditional manual control.

Indeed, we had fun creating time-based scenarios. Although it may seem unnatural, it is indeed possible to associate connected bulbs and, for example, to turn on the light in cold white in the morning and warm white in the evening.

Another example, we chose to use one as a "main switch" in our living room which allows, with a simple press, to turn off all the lights. The H1 then controls both its ceiling light, but also auxiliary lamps equipped withvintage innr bulbs and even a Philips Hue LightStrip. Convenient, isn't it?

In one bedroom, we were able to easily move back and forth. Indeed, if a switch was present on one side of the bed, the other did not, which was not always very practical. We therefore associated a wired Aqara H1 with a wireless Aqara H1. In five minutes and without making the slightest hole, problem solved, Monsieur will no longer have to climb Madame! To turn off the light of course ...

In conclusion, this switch connected without neutral (and without capacitor!) has fully convinced us of its usefulness. Benefiting from a particularly fast response of 50 ms thanks to its reduced stroke design and its ZigBee 3.0 protocol, the new Aqara H1 EU is ideal for controlling unconnected bulbs or to keep a manual control of its lighting. Its very sober design allows it to be really installed anywhere and its price of around € 50 excluding promotions is justified by its quality and efficiency. We recommend!
Aqara Wireless Remote Switch H1 test: the wireless ZigBee switch
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