Test Anwio LED E27 12W: a Wi-Fi bulb that sends!

The problem of smart bulbs often remains their power. We usually cap at 810 lumens and this is often very fair for an entire room, or for an area where you need a lot of light like a kitchen. Some brands offer more than 1000 lm, but it is rare and expensive, especially in color. So we searched, searched ... and we found theWiFi Anwio LED bulb E27 12W.

The brand indeed offers a Wi-Fi connected bulb of 12W displaying 1521 lumens ! Multicolour, variable white and powerful, for about 15 €, does it have everything to please?

E27 12W LED bulbs Anwio: unboxing

The Anwio bulb is delivered in a relatively sober and a little kitsch box. You have the visual of the bulb and its main characteristics on the front face (lumens, colors, connection, works with Alexa and Google Assistant…). The sides show the energy category and safety information, while the rear emphasizes other specificities of the LED. No support to hold it in, its size is sufficient. Good point, the packaging 100% recyclable.

You will also find a installation guide in 5 languages, including French, quite well done.

Let's look at this Wi-Fi bulb, because ultimately, it is it that interests us. It is made in polycarbonate concerning the body and opaque plastic for the bulb (which represents 1/3 of the total size). However, the material quality seems a bit light, especially the rather thin PC.

The shape of this LED is specific with its "nomenclature" shape A70. That is to say, she will do 70 mm in diameter and 13,6 cm in height, including 3 cm of base. Apart from that, its design is really basic, see bleak. Count About 75 grams.

"Its design is really basic" The Alexians

You will also have the regulatory inscriptions on the bulb including the manufacturer and specifications. You will also find the marking EC / REP. This is in fact the CE marking taken over by the import agent based in Europe. But strangely, this concerns medical equipment ...

E27 12W LED bulbs Anwio: Data sheet

Here is the technical sheet of the Anwio Wi-Fi bulb:

  • Bulb shape: A70 therefore 7 cm in diameter and 13,6 cm in length
  • Base: Edison 27 or E27
  • Energy class: A+
  • Power : 12W,
  • Lifetime : 15000 hours of operation (in the very low average),
  • Number of cycles: 15.000 (ditto)
  • Luminous power: 1521 lm,
  • Type: RGB + CCT
  • Colours: 16.000.000 colors
  • Whites: warm white to cool white, but no temperature information from the manufacturer.
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Connectivity: 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11 b / g / n
  • Temperature range : -15 To 40 ° C
  • Humidity range: less than 85% RH
  • Lighting angle: 180°
  • Supply : AC 220-240 V at 50/60 Hz

This bulb therefore blows both hot and cold. The hot with its 1521 lumens, which is pretty huge. The cold with its low lifespan and missing information such as blank temperature or missing applicable standards ...

E27 12W LED bulbs Anwio: operation with the application Smart Life


App logo Smart Life

As advertised on the box, the brand asks you to use Tuya or Smart Life (see our tutorial to install a bulb via Smart Life if you have difficulty) to install and control the bulb. Put your phone in Wi-Fi mode (to the network you are going to use for the bulb), activate GPS and Bluetooth.

After entering the bulb into pairing mode (automatic from the first power-up or else turn on and off 3-5 times, very quickly). And there, as soon as you launch the application, hop, the Anwio WiFi bulb appears directly. It was automatically detected. It turns out, something not mentioned on the packaging, that this E27 is also equipped with bluetooth for pairing. It is therefore an installation "Frictionless", which is to say that it is not going to make you pull your hair off your head. It just happens.

Indeed, you will only have to inform your Wi-Fi credentials and let it happen, after clicking on " Go to Add (sic) "and the small"+ " then.

Install a bulb with Smart Life

You see that if you have Alexa, the bulb is directly recognized and goes back under the eponymous application. Renamed there and that's it. There is an update to do, but it won't take long.

Let's take a look at the app. No change with the other multicolored bulbs.

  • For the whites: variation of heat and intensity with the semi-circle and the gauge at the bottom. The semi-circle allows you to vary the heat, going towards orange, you will have a warm white and green the blue, a cold white. The gauge with the sun allows you to vary the intensity.
  • For the colors: choice of colors, saturation and intensity. The colored circle allows you to change the color. The gauge with the sun allows you to play on the intensity and the one below to modify the saturation. The lower you lower it, the less bright the light will be.
  • Scene: you can come and apply pre-recorded modes such as brightness for reading, color changes for the evenings… Each mode is adjustable as desired.

And of course, you also have the options of the scenarios to turn on your bulb at a fixed time, turn it off after a certain time.

Operation with Alexa

You must have activated the skill Smart Life to be able to bring up the bulb in the application Alexa. If that is the case, it will appear automatically upon installation as we have seen. Otherwise, activate the skill with the password and your application ID Smart Life, then search for new equipment.

In the application Alexa, You can turn on or off the bulb by pressing the virtual button but also varying the light intensity. By going to "color", you can vary the warmth of the whites but also the fifteen colors pre-recorded in the application. If you want to change its colors to the voice, you have to use their names. Ask « Alexa, turn on X " ou « Alexa, lights X at 80% " or even « Alexa, light X in turquoise », or " lavender " ... By the way, did you know that the word lavender comes from the verb to wash, which itself comes from Latin? laundry (washing clothes), because we used this fragrant plant to scent clean laundry?

There will however be a problem changing the warmth of the whites to the voice and to a lesser extent via the app. Indeed, while via Smart Life, white people are very well differentiated, they will be very close via voice requests. Integration is therefore average. No problem with the colors.

Works with Google Assistant

The principle is the same as with Alexa. You must first activate the extension. Smart Life in " works with google And let the assistant discover your devices. Of course, you may again be required to enter your access codes. If you have already activated it, the Anwio bulb will be directly visible.

The purpose is the same as with Alexa : you can use it by voice and directly from the application via the virtual button and intensity rule. It couldn't be simpler. You also have the possibility to choose, thanks to the virtual button, a color among all those proposed by the application (more numerous thanAlexa). These are also the names of these colors that you will need to call.

But there, surprise. Some of the colors do not correspond at all between the application and the reality. So, a pale yellow color on the application will give a red, a white will give a green ... And of course, if you use the name of these colors in your voice, it will actually display these same aberrations. There is therefore also a real integration problem with Google Home.

E27 12W LED bulbs Anwio: daily use

One thing is certain: this bulb is very powerful ! We put it in place of an LED of the same power, not connected, but rather in warm tones. By putting it in neutral or cold white, it is much more powerful.

As announced above, the white rendering is very good via the app but much less extended with voice assistants.

Here is the warmest white, to the voice:

And here is the coldest white, to the voice:

We will now look in more detail at the colors and in particular the greens and yellows. Indeed, poor quality bulbs have the annoying tendency not to differentiate these two fairly close wavelengths.

Here is the green:

And here is the yellow:

We can see that yellow pulls a lot on light green. Green is quite straightforward.

And here is also a preview on red and blue:

Even if the colors are a little attenuated in the photos because we are not in total darkness, it results that'they are quite dull and decrease in brightness. Fortunately, the bulb is powerful enough to overcome this as much as possible.

Watch how this bulb works on our YouTube video (don't forget to subscribe).

In conclusion, we are both delighted and disappointed by this bulb. Indeed, its power in white is really excellent, but the colors are a bit dull and integration into voice assistants very risky. The lifespan is also quite limited. But for 15 € on average, it is despite everything a product that is interesting to have in some rooms for maximum brightness and clear whites, the color being more of the gadget for this type of bulb. It is also available in 14W, with the same specifications.
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ANWIO 12W Smart WiFi and Bluetooth LED bulb E27 A70 Dimmable and multicolor, 1521Lm,










Price quality



  • Very good light
  • Multicoloured
  • Variable white heat

The lessers

  • Slightly short lifespan
  • Integration of voice assistants
  • Slightly dull colors
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!