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Amazon Fire HD 10

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Fire HD tablets fromAmazon are renowned for their low price and growing quality. The year 2020 saw the release in France of the Fire HD 8 which had started quite frankly this improvement of the old Kindle Fire. All that was missing was the Fire HD 10, which we will examine today. Totally designed for the ecosystem Amazon, it will delight the followers and customers of the brand with a smile.

This 11th generation of tablet comes with its novelties like the split screen, a more powerful camera (5 MPX instead of 2), a reinforced RAM (3 GB instead of 2) and a completely revised screen. Sold from €149,99 in its 32 GB version (and €189,99 in 64 GB), it does not lack assets… or almost.

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021): a tablet at a low price


The tablet Amazon Fire HD 10 is delivered in an orange cardboard packaging, thus incorporating the color code of the Fire HD range. It takes a visual of the tablet on the front and features on the back. In terms of dimensions, count 28,5 x 17,3 x 5,5 cm. The cardboard is made from recycled cellulose fibers or from managed forests. 96% eco-responsible.

Amazon did not revolutionize the design of its tablet. It looks a lot like the Fire HD 8, but obviously bigger. Black plastic, basic quality, but withexcellent finishes, it measures 24,7 x 16,6 x 0,92 cm for 465 grams only. It is available in black or black, as desired. The back of the Fire HD10 (2021) is enhanced by the well-known smile, proof thatAmazon is indeed the manufacturer of his own tablet.

Rounded in the angles, the grip is easier and its size and finesse do not make it not particularly bulky. Note that 28% of the plastics used come from recycled plastics post-consumer. You have in one of the corner a 5 Mpx photo sensor. A clear improvement over the 2 Mpx of the 10th generation.

The brand has chosen not to put buttons everywhere but to bring them together on the top edge, or the right side depending on how you hold it.

You have :

  • A double button of volume + et -.
  • A button ON / OFF which is also used, with a long press, to take screenshots.

This same tranche also includes a USB-C socket for loading and exit mini jack 3.5. On the top (if held in landscape) or on the left (in portrait), you will find two speakers allowing the sound flow to be broadcast in Dolby Atmos. It sounds a bit presumptuous considering the price and size of the product, but in use it's pretty good. There are also two microphones for calls or videos.

There is a place for inserting a micro-SD card to expand the tablet memory. She supports up to 1TB of additional storage, which is really huge. In view of this possibility, whether you buy a 32 GB version or the 64 GB version is therefore not going to make much difference.

This new version is equipped with'un 10,1 inch, 1080p, 1920 x 1200 px Full HD display. Much better than the Fire HD 8 and its HD screen in 1280 x 800 px. The slab is despite everything still relatively bright and is framed by a quite substantial black tower (more than 1 cm). A 2 Mpx front camera allow the taking of a selfie photo or a video call. There is also a light sensor which will adapt the lighting of the screen.

If you find the bare tablet too basic (which it is), you have the option of dressing it up in a case that the brand offers and which exists in 4 versions: black, denim, lavender and olive green. Each is priced at € 39,99. Perfectly adapted, this protective shell really makes it more robust and improves the visual appearance of this dreary tablet.

It has an opening for the photo sensor and two setbacks for the sound diffusion (which will still be a little attenuated and distorted).


  • Dimensions : 24,7 16,6 x x 0,92 cm
  • Weight : 465 grams
  • Processor : MediaTek MT 8183. This is an important change this last is a processor 2 GHz octo-core while the previous one was a quad-core, 1,3 GHz. This will give you a more responsive and fluid device. Note that it supports Ultra HD, but this choice was not made by Amazon. We are on Full HD.
  • Memo : 3 GB of RAM, 32 or 64 GB of internal storage.
  • Screen : 10,1 HD LCD touch screen? with automatic brightness adjustment. It remains very bright
  • Resolution : X 1920 1200
  • Camera : 5 MPX. Clear improvement with the previous version which only had 2 MPX.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity : 802.11a / b / g / n / ac dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth connectivity : 5.0 LE. A2DP, AVRCP
  • Audio : speakers with Dolby Atmos sound support
  • Power cable : M 1.00

There are 3 major changes with the previous generation:

  • A more powerful processor,
  • A better screen with Full HD support
  • A 5 MPX camera.

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021): use

The Fire HD is above all an evolution of the old Kindle Fire, that is to say an e-reader. Over time, kindles took charge of color, then videos to become tablets in their own right but still under ecosystems. Amazon : the Fire OS 7. This Fire OS is based on Android 9, which is starting to get old. So, no Google Play Store but the app store Amazon. More and more supplied, however, it does not yet compete with that of its competitor. However, everything you find there will have been specifically upgraded to run on your device.

From there, you will have a very simplified Android version, with few settings, which will be able to delight people wanting something accessible.

For the first use, connect the Fire HD to your Wi-Fi and then enter your credentials Amazon. And there you have it, nothing could be simpler. You have a number of brand apps already installed such as Amazon Photo, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music and Silk for web browsing. Please note that we had a problem when usingAmazon Music, our account was not recognized. a reset tablet factory and it was good, but it's always annoying when you don't really know it.

In use, it turns out to be reactive enough to surf, play games, watch HD videos, listen to music in Ultra HD ... And even several activities at the front because she manages the shared screen between two applications. So you can watch a video and surf the internet or go to Facebook. Very well in view of 3 GB of RAM (Random Access Memory) but do not ask too much of it anyway… Even if you will see that it is quite sturdy.


The sound

Two loudspeakers deliver sound in Dolby Atmos. So yes, Dolby Atmos for a tablet of this size, it might seem strange. Indeed, from there to talking about 3D sound, there is a step that we will not take. But it is still very good for the price, with a small feeling of spatialization or at least depth. And we are only talking about external HP. You should know that she is also able to read Lossless codecs like the FLAC.

The palette is quite wide with lossy codecs like AAC LC, HE AAC v1, HE AAC v2, AAC ELD, OPUS, MIDI, Vorbis, MP3, AMR NB… But also audio encodings for Dolby Atmos like the EAC3, EAC3 JOC or even AC-4.

Thanks to its Bluetooth 5.1, you can therefore indulge yourself with suitable equipment to fully enjoy the very good sound it will send you. IF you go through Amazon Music (which is now by default in HD), you can take the test and see that the listening quality offered is identical to that of smartmid-range phones. It is used to restore a flow to 24 bit / 48KHz and in 3D if you have what it takes behind. Its mini-jack also allows you to use wired headphones or connect it to an amp.


Of course, not enough to do a wild rave in a moonlit field, but to listen to a movie or music, in a small room or during the holidays in a caravan, a tent (with or without aunt) or a motorhome, that's perfect.

Video in-game advertising

The main change of the tablet, in any case the most visible, is its screen. First of all, it is larger with its diagonal of 25,6 cm and especially in Full HD1080p. We are on an LCD panel, so quite dark and especially, very very bright. To overcome this problem, you will play with the brightness of the screen by setting it very often.

There is an ambient light sensor to come and darken the screen or not if you are in a bright or dark environment. Located right next to the front photo lens, you can cover it with your hand without paying attention, which will affect your brightness. A smarter stance on the next generation would be okay.

But in use, once the reflections have been managed, the rendering is quite good. You have well differentiated colors, good management of gradients, a relatively sharp and detailed image. In short, something to have fun even if we are obviously not on an AMOLED. So it will be a little dark and less marked contrasts than on more expensive screens. But between us, to surf or watch a movie in peace on the sofa, it does the job without problem. And with the sound going well, it's nickel.

The extra power allows both smooth navigation within applications like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix but also to enjoy video smoothly, smoothly ...

The picture

Tablets are very often poor devices for taking photos and videos. This is no real exception. Even if its 5 Mpx sensor makes it possible to be above some entry-level models, this remains very little when the least 150 € phone has at least 13 Mpx and a triple sensor. In short, a tablet is not a smartphone and is not made for taking pictures, or at least very occasionally.

So you have a night mode, an HDR mode and an auto mode. No zoom. It's stingy but it's not for. If you find that 5 Mpx is too much, you can change the shooting quality up to 0,6 Mpx. Ditto for the facade sensor


Here are some examples of photos taken with the tablet Amazon Fire HD 10. Despite what we said, they are relatively honest. They lack sharpness and color, but remember this is 5MP. Avoid photos that are too detailed, dark or with too many flashes of light on the other hand ...

The video part will allow you to take captures of the alcoholic uncle vomiting at the family meal by 1080p 30 fps. No idling, however. The faults are the same as for the photo part.

You will understand that the Fire HD 10 is not cut for taking photos and videos, like almost all tablets. However, its 5 Mpx sensor allows it to get out of the doldrums of what is being done in the sector and offers you acceptable photos.

The game

You are probably wondering whether the power of the Fire HD 10 will allow you to play without discomfort. For all-round games (tactics, board, enigma…), there is absolutely no problem. Where it can get a little more difficult is with greedy games. But rest assured, if you find them under the App store Amazonis that they have been redesigned to run with Fire OS 7 and 3 GB of RAM. Some games will not be available because they are too greedy (CoD Mobile Edition for example). But we still find games like Asphalt 9. It's a less demanding version but still quite fun to play. We will notice a little freeze and lag despite everything, but nothing that calls into question the pleasure of playing.

Finally, let's not miss the function Kindle e-reader, at the very origin of this range. Thanks to its 3 GB, its color screen and its adaptive brightness, you will of course be able to read until you are thirsty. The functions are the same as a Kindle, ranging from dictionary, notes, highlights ... But the big plus and color support. Reading a comic book on a Kindle Paper White has absolutely no interest, on the other hand, with a Fire HD 10, that's great! The color quality is very good and it is possible to zoom. It's really perfect! And with its 12 hours of autonomy, you will be able to spend hours reading!

But, the great absent on this tablet Amazonis the brand's vocal assistant! And this on two levels:

  • Still no Show mode allowing you to transform the Fire HD 10 into an Echo Show tablet. In France, in any case, since the functionality is available from some of our neighbors in Europe.
  • No application Alexa natively: you must download it from the Appstore but even once done, impossible to use by voice. There is no virtual button to launch it. We are therefore 100% tactile ...

A shame, right ?!

We refer you to our YouTube video to see this new generation in action. Do not hesitate to go there Subscribe and like the video.

To conclude this test, you must be aware that there are many competitors in this sector and in this price range. Some will be better on a certain aspect, others less good on a second ... Amazon took the decision to do a device that is on the average for each of the specifications and to propose a Versatile Fire HD 10 at a very affordable price. From 149,99 €, you have a screen Full HD 1080p, for an Dolby Atmos sound et lossless, a split screen ... She is relatively fluid and will allow you to watch HD video enjoying pleasant and well-crafted sound. But, of course, this does not go without some concessions such astoo bright a screen, little RAM, a function fairly limited photo and video and the still regrettable absence of the Google Play Store. But this last point is a false excuse because, with a minimum of hack, it is possible to remedy it or to download Android APKs directly. Despite this, this Amazon Fire HD 10 is a tablet presenting A good price-performance ratio , which seems made to last and which will delight fans of e-readers and applications Amazon which work wonderfully on it. Apart Alexa, always to absent subscribers, to our great regret ...
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!