We.Lock Al.one test: a connected lock that obeys the finger and… the finger!

You have not yet found the connected lock who will make you crack? Is the operation by code too restrictive? The papillary impression is too random? Are not transponders happiness? Well, you're not easy to please, but we like it. And we come back with a product that we hope you will like: the lock We.Lock Al.one.

Sold approximately 126 € at Geekmaxi, will open with your most beautiful finger, but also by Bluetooth and by ... remote control ! Let's take a look at what this connected barrel offers us (yes, because more of a barrel than a lock).

We.lock Al.one: unboxing and features

La We.Lock AI.one smart lock is one of the latest creations for the European market from the Chinese brand We.Lock, created 10 years ago. Almost unknown in Europe, it is nevertheless one of the market leaders in security locks. The reference of the cylinder tested is We.Lock SBR00EBL01. As with all its locks dedicated to the old continent, the brand announces a more than 99% compatibility with European locks. So you will need to make sure you are not in the unlucky 1%.

The brand does not change its marketing codes: our barrel (diminutive of barrel, given its shape) is delivered in the famous blue window box with starving information, not to say non-existent. The latter is almost 580 g and measure 22,5 x 14,5 x 7 cm.

In order to protect the product as much as possible, the interior consists of several layers of dense foam. The quality is immediately noticed.

What is the pack made of (each reference giving rise to a different pack)?

  • Un installation booklet, including a part in French, sometimes approximate. It is also missing parts and for fingerprint registration, it is totally wrong ! Moreover, other parts are completely incomprehensible when we are in front of the product. To believe that we do not have the manual adapted to the product, or vice versa. And indeed it is ! If you prefer to have more help with the assembly, We.Lock has thought of the video tutorials: Open box And Installation of WE.LOCK Smart Door Lock
  • We.lock stickers without much interest but fun.
  • 1 remote control, very simple, with just one button. This will be used to open the lock (or close it, as desired).
  • The installation kit containing: two Allen keys and two grub screws in advance in case of loss. You also have a small rod the use of which is nowhere explained but which nevertheless will be very important.

Contrary to what the brand says, there is no hexagonal screwdriver. Like all the brand's locks, the Ai.one is in 304 stainless steel (non-oxidizable), aluminum alloy and plastic, she does 460 gram.

The barrel size of the We.Lock AI.one is the most popular on the European market with 30 + 40 mm (33 mm high and 17 mm in diameter). But be careful, eccentricities are not allowed: if your bit is totally eccentric or if it has a specific shape (star ...), it will not pass ...


The shape remains identical to the We.lock standard (with the resulting problems): the barrel is crossed by a square rod extending on each side to which the handles will be fixed. You have an interior one, in solid and uniform stainless steel and an exterior one, which will carry the fingerprint sensor. Each one does 5,7 cm long by 4,4 cm in diameter.

You can come and adjust their positions up to 10,5 cm spacing and 7 mm minimum. To do this, use one of the Allen keys to unscrew the grub screw of the inner handle. Advance the desired number of notches. For the outer pommel, it's a little different: remove the stainless steel protection unscrewing on the side then remove the battery cover by plastic and unscrew the screw inside this cover. Importantly, the exterior part (with the sensor) cannot be completely removed in order to avoid damage.

If you fully stretch the handles, the set will 23,5 cm long against 18 cm in standard size.

Unlike other locks of the brand (code ou fingerprint and RFID), the specificity of this barrel is to also operate in IR thanks to a dedicated remote control. There is only one, however, which is pity. We will not go into the advantages and disadvantages of code and fingerprint barrels here (we refer you to our tests), but the interest of the remote control is really clear.

Indeed, while fingerprint locks will show their limits as soon as your fingers are wet or a little damaged, those with codes need to be remembered, transponders need to be nearby ... With the remote control, you will be able open your door at a reasonable distance for give access to a person accompanying you or when you have your arms loaded. But above all, you will be able to lend to guests (good for a rental for example).

We.Lock Soho: the multi-media connected lock

The We.Lock AI.one fingerprint recognition module is on the upper side of the outer handle. The fingerprint sensor has a 360 dpi resolution (152 x 200 px). There is a small screen above 17 x 5 mm OLED. Very simple, but thanks to its backlight you can access the settings.

In terms of finishes, everything seems perfect on this model, we have a real sense of security. The barrel Super B and Bank Level certified (US security level recognitions). The fingerprint sensor is also Bank Level certified, allowing it to detection in 0,5 seconds with an error rate of 0,01%. But beware, it is of no use if your doors are made of paper and are gutted with a well-felt shoulder blow.

Characteristics :

  • Brand : We.lock
  • Model : Al.one
  • Dimensions : handle of 5,7 cm by 4,4 cm. Impasto between the handles of a maximum of 10,5 cm and a minimum of 7 cm.
  • Weight : 460 g
  • Available colors : stainless steel
  • Functionalities :
  • 3 opening modes :
    o Papillary recognition
    o Remote control
    o Bluetooth
  • Application : yes, but of limited or even useless interest (consultation of the battery status).
  • Number of user fingerprints recognized : 996
  • Number of recognized administrator fingerprints : 3
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth 4.0
  • Electric source : 3 AAA batteries, not included, 12 month autonomy.
  • IP: 44, so pay attention to the location
  • Range of use : -30 to 60 ° C

We.Lock Al.one: Installation and use

Before going further in the installation of the barrel, we advise you to note the numbers engraved on the side of the barrel of your We.Lock AI.one, those preceded by "ID", they will be used to modify the security code in the application. Indeed, contrary to what the installation novel says (because it seems fiction if we look at the reality of the installation), this identifier will be used to register your lock in the Bluetooth application if you wish to use it. in Bluetooth.

Then come install the batteries. To do this, unscrew the grub screw on the right side of the handle with sensor. Remove the metal cover. Slide the plastic "cover" to reach the battery compartment. Once the batteries are in place, you will hear a "beep", the screen will be backlit

Then, we will have to put the We.Lock AI.one lock in place. This is done in just 5 minutes. Start by removing the inner handle (the very simple one) by unscrewing the grub screw with the larger Allen key. So you have a bare square rod that will be able to be inserted into your door.

For the rest, open your door and unscrew the retaining screw on the edge, under the bolt. Remember to remove it because otherwise you will spend the day fighting in vain. Keep this screw because it will be reused to secure the We.lock barrel. Then remove your old lock (just the cylinder) and insert the new one, starting by inserting the square on the inside handle side. Put the cylinder in line with the bit and push. There you go, 5 minutes flat !

Once done, screw back the inside handle. If you notice play between the door itself and the knobs, you can tighten the two handles to make them stick as much as possible. And you will understand why because attention ! Everything is bulky, very bulky! Count a 7 cm outgrowth sticking out of your door. So if your lock is close to the outside stud, you may have a problem opening or closing, as you can see in the picture… You can play around with the fact that the outside handle is flattened on the top to try and gain a few millimeters by turning this face towards your upright. But that may not be enough.

We advise you to always turn the fingerprint module downwards, for 3 reasons:

  • Attracts less the eye of strangers
  • The rain does not fall directly on the reader
  • The sun does not hit the player directly

Having no real idea of ​​the resistance of the module, we are not going to speculate and tell you anything on this subject, let's play it safe.

Let's go into the hard for the settings. As you have understood, do not read the installation guide, it is completely unsuitable for the product. We will therefore save you a nervous breakdown by explaining how to do it.

The We.lock system originally works by Bluetooth. But you might as well be frank with you: the application is a pain and is almost useless. Before that, download the app and sign up with an email or phone number. You will receive a verification code, to be entered just before your password. Don't forget to activate Bluetooth and GPS (required with Android).

Once done, you will need to scan the QR-code on the end of the handle. Until then everything is OK. But now enter the ID of the We.Lock AI.one lock. And contrary to what the guide marks in bold, it is indeed the ID of the lock that you normally note at the beginning, the one that you will find engraved under the barrel.


Your cylinder will then appear on the application. In fact, there are two locks that appear: There is an exterior "view" and an interior. This will allow you, by clicking on it, to know if it is open or closed ... If the logo of your lock is blue, it is connected via Bluetooth.

More you have a good chance of not being able to connect to it. You will get a message saying the lock is offline ... Close and relaunch the app and you should be fine. In addition, despite being nearby, Bluetooth may not connect immediately, you will have to wait, or reboot the application. Quite painful.

Our judgment will be hard, but fair, with this application by the fact that'it will hardly do you any good. The only uses that you could have of it is to consult the state of the batteries and to come, with the function "Add", to give access to a third user during a certain period. User who will also have the application and an account.

If you wish anyway, you can come and open or close your We.Lock AI.one lock via Bluetooth via the "unlock" option. But a question will arise: Why ? Why take out his smartphone, unlock it, open the application, close it, reopen it (yes, it buggers we told you), wait for the Bluetooth connection, click, smile, put away your phone smartphone and turn the handle ... While it is also possible to put your finger on the sensor and presto ... Not an easy choice, we know. The sensor can also withstand 100.000 pressure cycles, so you have little chance of wearing it out.

The use with a Wi-Fi gateway can certainly add value to this app, especially as the use seems possible to the voice, but we were not able to test this function. We'll get back to you as soon as we get our hands on this catwalk.

There is nevertheless a small subtlety. If the batteries are dead, the lock will be unusable (from the outside only). But you can come and connect your smartphone or a power bank via a USB plug hidden under the QR-code of the exterior handle. Thanks to this, you will activate the lock and you will be able to open it in Bluetooth via the application. Be reassured… Remember that to open and close the We.Lock AI.one, you have to enter the lock that you have made recognize by the application thanks to the ID which is noted on the barrel. It is therefore secure. Corn… just remember to walk around with the correct cable now... By the way, you will also notice a small hole above the micro-USB plug. Although its usefulness is not explained at any time, It's a priority.

Once the cylinder is installed, all the fingerprints open the lock. Practice, have fun, and see how quickly the module responds…! But if you are not the "open door operation" type, it is not over. We will explain how.

The use and settings are very simple, but absolutely not intuitive or explained! It took very long minutes of research and a little luck to understand that it is necessary to come and insert the tool in the form of a pin in the small hole we spoke about. Leave to press for about 8 seconds and this will give you access to the "system config" on the small screen. You will navigate between the different menus pressing repeatedly with the rod. To validate, wait ... quite simply.

In order to secure the whole, you are first asked to register the first administrator fingerprint (you can register 2 others later). These admins will be able to come activate and deactivate other administrators and "users". To activate your admin scan, select " Add Admin N ° 1 And place your finger on the sensor. There are going to be 3 quick reads. A beep, a message " ID # 001 FP Added Appears and finishes. You can put 3 admins, but it is necessary for each one that one of the recognized administrators enters his fingerprint before scanning the newly elected. This will answer the security question for discerning people: if i come with a paperclip, so i can hack the lock by putting myself in admin ?! Well no, because this is not possible once a first administrator has been created. It is always necessary to have your papillary print (if you are the master of the keys) in order to come and modify the settings.

Now, the We.Lock AI.one lock obeys only you.

To add a "user" imprint, activate the lock, restart pressing with the pin, to enter the " SystemConfig "And navigate until you see" Add: User FP ". When the message " AdminCheck "Appears, put your finger on the sensor and once done, when the message" ID 004 Adding - Read FP 3 times Appears, ask the person concerned to come and scan their fingerprint. When " ID # 004 004 FD Added Appears, it's over. If you have several user fingerprints to register, (ID # 005, 006, 077 ... up to 996 max), you can chain the recordings together, while respecting the sanitary rules and avoiding groups of more than 6 people.

For the remote control? It's the same process. In the " SystemConfig », Choose« Add Remote », Have your administrator fingerprint recognized and click on the remote control button. The message " ID: 1 Added ».

And if you want to remove fingerprints you select the option " Restore to Init State ". You can do a total reset of the lock, or delete the fingerprints of your choice (ex: ID # 004)

Once done, opening is very simple: Press the small padlock just under the sensor and press the pad of your finger (the one registered) on the sensor. Tadaaam. Once your fingerprint is recognized, you will hear a BEEP. You can then turn the handle and your lock will open.

If you wait 10 seconds, the system becomes neutral again, i.e. the handle turns in a vacuum. This is also his basic condition. This duration can be modified in the parameters of the lock, very appreciable (5 to 14 s)! This handle has been designed for doors which can be closed "with a key" directly.. You know, that of apartment doors for example. The problem is, this type of door is not the most common, especially for homes. But no problem. If your lock is in the open position, follow exactly the same procedure as for opening it and turn the handle in the closing direction.

Attention also if your fingers are wet or damaged, a simple quick wipe on an item of clothing seems to suffice. Otherwise, use the remote control or the app.

Here is our video test to get your own idea. Do not hesitate to subscribe to our YouTube channel, we will welcome you with pleasure:

In conclusion, We.Lock AI.one lock brings a real novelty thanks to both its papillary recognition but also its remote control. Once the operation has been guessed, it is easy to use and install. We are on a product reassuring, very responsive, with very good materials et excellent fingerprint recognition. It does not require any modification to your door, no installation of a box and is set up in 5 minutes. But like all locks of the brand, it is relatively cumbersome and the application and the Bluetooth connection are capricious and unnecessary ... or almost. Let's recognize an improvement in everyday life thanks to this lock, especially for children who will no longer lose their keys.

We.Lock Al.one - Fingerprints + Bluetooth + Remote control connected lock










Price quality



  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of use
  • Material quality
  • Remote control
  • Good fingerprint recognition

The lessers

  • Application more than perfectible
  • Installation guide unnecessary
  • congestion
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