SilverCrest Multi-socket USB test: Lidl puts ZigBee in your multi

The connected sockets, it's really practical ! Connected multiple sockets are 3 or 4 times more practical! And when they are ZigBee compatible, it would almost bring tears to your eyes ... It's not bad, Lidl has just launched one under the brand Smart Home SilverCrest! This power strip ZigBee 3.0, 3 plugs and 4 USB ports is sold at the price of € 19,99 in store. So happy ?

Please note, a SilverCrest hub or another Tuya / Smart Life is required.

USB power strip HG6338-FR: unboxing

The color code of the sign is renewed with this new product: midnight blue, visual of the power strip and highlighting of the main characteristics (ZigBee, GA, cable length…). A scenario on one side and almost all the specifications on the back. Here again, the fact that a SilverCrest home automation gateway, or a Tuya Hub, is put forward very clearly. As with all the brand's products, they do not have a proprietary protocol and can be used with different bridges. But with a subtlety in this case.

The packaging is relatively large with its 39,5 cm long, 9 wide and 7,5 high. It weighs nearly 800 grams. This suggests a fairly strong product. You will find, in addition to the corpus delicti, a safety guide and a fairly well done multilingual notice.

The multi as such is just as imposing as we thought with its 35 cm long, 6,5 wide and 4 cm thick. She weighs more than 700 g with the cable. The quality of the materials is quite satisfactory apart from the part relating to the cut-off switch which is a little stain and trinket. But in general, the ABS plastic of good quality and the finishes well done.

The underside has 8 small non-slip pads (but too small to be really useful) and all the specifications and regulatory requirements (CE marking, safety, etc.) are listed there.

Regarding the multiple socket itself we have 2 distinct parts:

  • 3 female type E plugs. This is the standard format of French cards with the earth stud. No E / F type but this has no effect because the Schuko or E / F male plugs are quite adaptable.
  •  A set of 4 USB ports.
  •  One ON / OFF button : the latter will be used to turn all the plugs in the socket on and off.
  •  On the side, a black button, which is in fact a cut-off switch to completely turn off the plug. Indeed, the ON / OFF button leaves despite all the multi connected to the internet and therefore on standby.


If you look closely, you will see that there is 4 small LEDs. One on the side, towards the ON / OFF button and 3 in front of each plug. These LEDs will light up to show you the status of the shot. This therefore means that the 4 USB ports will not be controllable.

The design is quite harmonious, but it is really very big. The ZigBee system does not explain everything, the choice to put the 4 USBs in a row and not in a 2 × 2 pack also increases the length.

Data sheet SilverCrest Multi-socket USB HG6338-EN

In terms of characteristics t, here is what it is:

  • Brand: SilverCrest
  • product: USB power strip HG6338-FR
  • Voltage: 220-240V, 50Hz
  • Intensity: 16A or 3840 W. Be careful to measure the intensities of the different equipment that you will be connecting so as not to exceed the maximum power.
  • USB port : 2,5 A, 5V. Do not exceed 6A overall.
  • Type: multiple socket.
  • Reception range : 70 m without obstacle
  • Operating temperature : 5 to 35 ° C
  • Maximum humidity during operation: 10 to 80%
  • Protocol: ZigBee 3.0, 2,4 to 2,483 GHz
  • Environment: third-party apps or the Lidl Home app.
  • Hubs: SILVERCREST Hub or Tuya Hub 2,4 GHz
  • Voice assistants: controllable by voice with compatible applications and skills. Only Google Assistant is highlighted on the packaging.
  • Warranty: 3 years

We have features, both hardware and software, very interesting. Note that the USB ports have the technology Smart Fast Charge. For € 19,99, on paper, it seems like a Excellent value.

USB power strip HG6338-FR: installation and use

It's here that this multiple socket is likely to disappoint more than one. Indeed, we tried to install it with the Philips Hue hub through the installation of accessories. But not being not Friend of Hue, that will not work. Another possibility is to have it recognized as a set of light. Pain wasted there again. This does not go to the end of the detection. So let's drop the installation by the Hue gateway.

Let's try with a hub ofAmazon Echo. We started with a Show 2. And there, miraculously, there is indeed a catch detected. Quick, let's go see in the application! And yes, that's the problem, there is only one take that goes up. And it is not the one corresponding to the block as a whole but just the first take. So we started hoping to bring up the following with successive searches. There again, a waste of time. And even by changing Echo (use of a Studio). Let us therefore drop the installation by the footbridge of Amazon Echo.

So we will go through a Zemi footbridgesmart (Wireless) operating under Smart Life. To put the unit into pairing mode, if this is not done directly when connecting, press the "   " for a few seconds. The LED will start to flash red. Enter the gateway, select « add sub device » and let it be. In a few seconds, the power strip is found.



ZigBee Zemi Hubsmart : simple, fast, Tuya compatible / Smart Life

You see, by entering on the power strip icon, that all 3 files are available. However, as announced, USBs cannot be driven.

Use with Alexa

The problem remains with Alexa. The catches do not go up. It is therefore necessary to circumvent this by doing scenarios under Smart Life.

We refer you to our home automation tutorials, but here is a summary of what to do:

  •  In the scenario part, choose create a scenario and "Execute manual scenario"
  •  Run the device
  •  Select the multi-outlete then the switch (s) that interest you.
  • come choose status that they will have to take (on or off),
  • Name your scenario and save.
Smart Life: how to tame the Swiss Army Knife

The scenario will go directly back to Alexa. In our case, this is a scenario that will allow the power strip to be turned on in its entirety. You can make another one to hug her. You can also do this for each take. Attention, to activate a scenario, you must say: « Alexa, turn on X ". But it is not possible to say « Alexa, turn off X "… You must always start with "On" to activate the chosen scenario. So you can say « Alexa, turn on turn off X " if you have noted your scenario "Turn off X".

It's binding, but it works! There is therefore a glaring integration problem for Alexa.

Use with Google Assistant

With Google Assistt, it's much simpler. Indeed, and the main unit and the 3 cards go up directly and are controllable by voice. This is also why GA is highlighted on the packaging. So ask “OK Google, turn on X” and “OK Google, turn off X” to use it. It's perfect !

“With Google Assistant, it's much easier. " The Alexians

Integration with Google Home is therefore total.

In use, the socket is very stable, unlike some references in Wi-Fi, and very responsive thanks to ZigBee. We can deplore despite everything the fact that the USB ports cannot be controlled by voice.

We refer you to our video test to get an idea of ​​this take for yourself and watch the installation and the scenarios. Don't hesitate to subscribe and like, it's nice!

In conclusion, Lidl has again succeeded in offering us a very good quality product, at a very affordable price for a ZigBee power strip. They understood that this protocol was the future of home automation. Indeed, for less than 20 €, a SilverCrest power strip Smart Home with 3 independently controllable sockets and with a very satisfactory quality of materials. Once again we are on a remarkable quality / price ratio.

Be careful despite everything that she does not work with Philips Hue Hub and integration to Alexa is almost zero. You will have to work around the problem with scenarios. On the other hand, Google Assistant is very well supported. Her big size and the fact that USB ports cannot be controlled are also to be taken into consideration.

USB power strip HG6338-FR








Price quality



  • Works in ZigBee
  • The low price
  • Independent sockets
  • Google Assistant compatible

The lessers

  • Large power strip
  • Non-controllable USB block
  • Does not work with Philips Hue
  • Integration with Amazon Alexa almost zero
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!