Netatmo: an elegant weather station for Amazon Alexa

In the absence of rain and shine, Les Alexiens like to consult the weather forecast several times a day. Yes Alexa allows us at all times to have rather reliable weather forecasts thanks to the service Accu Weather, they do not always accurately reflect the temperatures in your place of residence, unless you live right next to the local weather station. As the French have a real passion for weather forecasts, it is only logical that a French player has established himself in the market for connected weather stations in recent years: Netamo. The French startup, created in 2011, has been marketing since 2012 a connected weather station with a pleasant design that is particularly popular with users ofAlexa. With the approach of winter, Les Alexiens should therefore tell you more precisely, especially as this connected object is likely to be negotiated at a very good price on the occasion of Black Friday as evidenced by its price drop. of these last days. While waiting for a more in-depth test of Netatmo's solution, here is a quick overview of the features offered by this weather station with a more than attractive design.

Netatmo: a connected weather station with a simple and elegant design

The first thing that jumps out when you discover the Netatmo weather station, it is its simple and elegant design, rather unusual for this kind of product. Made of brushed aluminum, it is compact and exudes quality. Here, no LCD screen, you will consult its readings directly on your smartphone.

The basic pack offers two modules, a main one to be placed in your home and a module intended to provide you with outdoor readings: indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity and air quality, indoor sound level, and finally atmospheric pressure.

The Netatmo weather station is usually available at the recommended price of 169 € on Amazon. Fr and currently around 115 € for Black Friday.
You can add up to 3 additional modules to it, at the generally observed price of 69 €, which also trades around 42 € these last days on Amazon.

An opportunity not to be missed!

Many accessories to refine your readings and play the meteorologist

Netatmo also offers a number of accessories to improve your readings such as a wireless connected rain gauge, an ultrasonic anemometer (a technology which allows more precision due to the absence of inertia unlike conventional rotary anemometers and which detects more precisely the direction of the wind), or an air quality sensor.

A weather application connected to Alexa

Through the application Netatmo Weather and the corresponding skill, you can easily access your weather measurements at any time from your smartphone, tablet, computer, or with your voice via Alexa on Amazon Echo. The application also allows you to consult the weather forecast over 7 days to adapt your clothing and your outdoor activities, or to access your data history to observe what happened in your absence. In addition, Netatmo offers you to configure interior and exterior alerts and to receive notifications on your smartphone. In short, a whole panoply of features capable of seducing thermometer addicts!

You can even test the Netatmo application for free to better understand what it allows.



The technical characteristics of the Netatmo connected weather station:

Here are the functions and technical characteristics of the Netatmo station:


  • The first Weather and Air Quality Station, designed for iPhone, Android phones and Windows Phone.
  • Measurement of temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and CO2 concentration.
  • Frequency of recordings: every 5 minutes.
  • Your data is accessible anytime and from anywhere on your personal account Netamo.
  • Accessible from multiple devices, no storage limit.
  • Share your station with your family and friends.
  • No subscription fees, free app, for life.
  • Application available on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store.
  • Wireless connection between the modules: 868 MHz long range 100m.
  • Detailed forecast 7 days.
  • Outdoor pollution index.
  • Luminous indicator for direct reading of CO2.


  • Materials and design:
    • One-piece aluminum part.
    • UV resistant plastics.
  • Food:
    • Indoor module powered by AC-USB adapter.
    • Outdoor module powered by 4 AAA batteries (up to 1 year of battery life).
  • Sensors and measurements:
    • Temperature (indoor)
      • Measuring range: 0 ° C to 50 ° C
      • Accuracy: + - 0.3 ° C
    • Outside temperature)
      • Measuring range: -40 ° C to 65 ° C
      • Accuracy: + - 0.3 ° C
    • Hygrometry (indoor and outdoor)
      • Measuring range: 0 to 100%
      • Accuracy: + - 3%
    • Barometer
      • Measuring range: 260 to 1260 mbar
      • Accuracy: + - 1 mbar
    • CO 2 sensor (indoor)
      • Measuring range: 0 to 5000 ppm
      • Accuracy: + - 50 ppm or + -5%
    • Sound level meter
      • Measuring range: 35 to 120 dB
  • Units of measurement:
    • Metric system: ° C and mbar.
    • Imperial system: ° F and inHg.
  • Wireless Features:
    • Compatible with 802.11 b / g / n WiFi.
    • Supported security: Open / WEP / WPA / WPA2-personal (TKIP and AES).
    • Wireless connection between modules: 868 MHz long range 100m.
  • Dimensions:
    • Indoor module: 45x45x155 mm
    • Outdoor module: 45x45x105 mm
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