Livarno Lux E27 test: the ZigBee bulb from Lidl

The ZigBee range of the Lidl brand, via its Livarno Lux or SilverCrest brands is all in all quite extensive: E14, LED strip, GU10, multi-socket, and the base of the base in connected products, the E27. Of course, a ZigBee hub is necessary. You can use the brand one, as in our SilverCrest home automation gateway test, or that of a third-party brand, this Livarno Lux E27 bulb in A60 format benefiting from an open protocol.

Sold € 9,99 and offering for 806 lm in RGB + CCT  with a 3 year warranty, what is it worth? Another essay transformed for Lidl?

Livarno Lux E27: unboxing of the Lidl bulb

It is under the brand Livarno Lux that you will find this famous bulb at Lidl. It is presented in a packaging containing the entire color code of the brand, namely the blue / black colors in glossy printing. The formatting is also the same with on the front, the visual of the product and its main characteristics (warmth of whites and colors, voice control, application, dimmable…). The sides will inform you about the size, the number of cycles, but also the ZigBee protocol used. It is mentioned in small on the front panel that a gateway is required (sold separately), but it is on the underside of the box that it is much more clearly noted that this product requires a Hub. The advantage is that brand products do not have a proprietary protocol and can be used with different bridges. Also note that only use by voice with Google Assistant is highlighted, not the one with Alexa. We will come back to it.


The set made 15,5 cm x 10 cm x 6 cm for 150 grams. The bulb is inserted into two sheets of cardboard cut to its shape in order to hold it in place. Apart from the bulb, it is 100% cardboard and therefore recyclable. You will also find, hidden below, a installation guide and another for security. This manual explains the installation with the SilverCrest Hub only that we have already mentioned below.

Lidl Home: our opinion on the SilverCrest home automation gateway

Regarding this Livarno Lux E27 bulb, we are on a design that could not be more basic. It is not ugly, but it leaves rather indifferent. It is a standard form of A60 with 60 mm diameter and a height of 11,5 cm (with 3 cm of base) for 72 grams.

The shoe pinch in terms of materials. Even if they are standard (aluminum for the socket, polycarbonate for the body, representing between ¾ and 2/3 of the bulb, and opaque plastic for the globe), the quality is not really there. Not much to say for the PC, but we can clearly see the molding fittings on the globe and black foreign bodies (burnt plastic) are caught in the mass…

Livarno Lux E27 technical sheet

Let's take a closer look at the features of this Livarno Lux E27 bulb which offers RGV (Red Green Blue) + CCT (changeable white heat):

  • Power : 9W-
  • Tension: 230V, 50Hz
  • Type: A60, E23, VGB+CCT
  • White temperature: from 2200 to 6500 K, therefore from warm white candle type to cold white flash type.
  • Colours: 16 million,
  • Luminous flow : 806 lm maximum, in whites at 6500 K.
  • Life span : 30.000 hours or a little more than 27 years of good and loyal service, assuming that a light bulb operates on average 3 hours per day. It's not bad, the connected LEDs are given for 20000 hours for example. It will withstand 100.000 ignition cycles. And that is huge!
  • Lighting angle: NA, but seems to be 180 °
  • Color Rendering Index : IRC of more than 95, which is quite simply amazing for a product at this price! The light does not interfere with the natural light of objects.
  • Energy class: A+
  • Protocol: ZigBee 3.0
  • Operating temperature : from -10 to 40 ° C, even if it is an indoor bulb.
  • Ambient humidity: 10 to 80%
  • Control: with third-party applications, various hubs, etc. Can be controlled by voice with compatible applications and skills
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Standards: CE marking, TÜV Sud certification, etc.

The characteristics of the Livarno Lux E27 bulb are really good. It really has everything top of the range: the white heat range, the colors, the lifespan and the IRC (95, it's huge) and all that for only 9,99 €! Only the quality of the materials is not really up to par, as on the E14 model.

Livarno Lux E14: Lidl's ZigBee bulb »]

Installing the Lidl bulb

So, we are going to hit hard, because it is not easy at all. Lidl says you need a hub. OK, but which one? The SilverCrest brand will work, but the others? And if you use Alexa, which is not rated as compatible? We therefore tested installations with a hubAmazon Echo, for an Tuya footbridge and Philips Hue bridge.

With an Echo Hub

If you have a device Amazon Echo with an Integrated ZigBee hub as Echo Show 2, Echo Plus, Echo Studio, the youngest Amazon Echo 4 you will surely try to install it by asking « Alexa, detects my devices »… We lost it, it will not work. We tried with Show 2 and Studio, nothing to do.

With a Tuya bridge:

We therefore tried the experiment with a Tuya / Smart Life. For this we have used the ZigBee Zemi hubsmart. It is a ZigBee gateway supporting version 3.0 of this home automation protocol.

To install a bulb, nothing could be simpler. Go to the Bridge, add a new device, validate and let it go. But, for it to work well, make sure the bulb is flashing. Normally this is done directly by switching on. If not, turn off and on 3 times at the switch (this is also the function reset bulb). Name your light whatever you like and then you have the option to change the warmth of whites, colors and activate scenes.

ZigBee Zemi Hubsmart : simple, fast, Tuya compatible / Smart Life "]

If you have a Google Assistant, your E27 bulb will go directly back to the Google Home application. From there, you will control it by voice and can change the colors according to the tens available.

With Alexa, it does not work, she will not go up. The only possibility, if you only have this gateway available, will be to make scenarios to turn it on and off and others to change colors. Those scenarios will go back under Alexa, but if you have to have fun creating one by color and one by light intensity. Suffice to say that it is not won ...

So, effectively, if the integration with Google Home. is complete, but not yet available for Alexa. Let's switch to Philips Hue to see if that changes anything.

With a Hue gateway

We refer you to our Philips Hue installation tutorial to see in detail how to install products with the mark. If you install several on the same switch, do this pairing only after all the bulbs are in place. This will detect everything at once and save time. When the bulb (s) flash (s), go to the Philips Hue app settings and select "Add lights ». The app then does the work for you. The good surprise is that you can see the bulb go straight up in Alexa. We will therefore be able to use it like that!

You can also use the different possibilities offered by the application like the Lab, the routines or the global or specific piloting of the bulbs in a room. For each of the bulbs, you can use the pre-loaded scenarios per device, create them yourself or simply select the color (to choose from among 16 million) and the intensity.

Philips Hue: installation of the hub and use

To use it by voice, it is therefore necessary to activate the Philips Hue skill in the app Alexa and Google Assistant Philips Hue add-on.

In short, the easiest way to simply use your Livarno Lux E27 bulb with Alexa remains the Philips Hue Hub option. It is, in our opinion, the most suitable and complete mode of use.

Using the Livarno Lux E27 bulb

Once installed, it is clear that the bulb is very responsive thanks to the ZigBee. The whites are very well differentiated and the brightness is really good. Take a look at the following photos.

Warm white and cold white:

Colors are also relatively good. Of course, we are not on Hue but for the price, it is very satisfactory. They are frank, even if there is a dimming with certain wavelengths. Yellow also tends to pull on light green a bit, but this is still quite acceptable. The color "Gold" is more marked.

Here is the red and the blue:

You see that, although they lack a bit of pep, the colors are very satisfactory for the price. Homris integration Alexa, this bulb would not therefore have any defect? Well yes… And a big one. The type to spoil everything. Indeed, as soon as you reach 20 to 30% of intensity in the whites, the Livarno Lux E27 bulb we tested was buzzing. All the more so as the intensity increased. This sizzle was absent with the colors, but beware it was not just a slight noise audible as you strained your ears. Not far from here, the buzz is really important, so much so that you will not be able to put it in a room for example. To be honest, we tested bulbs that had a slight noise at times, usually low end, but we had never heard it so loud. Is the tested lot defective? Maybe, but the returns in this direction are not uncommon, and it ruins everything.

To get an idea of ​​this bulb and its buzzing, watch the video test, and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

In conclusion, this ZigBee Livarno Lux E27 bulb could have it all: satisfactory colors, a low price (less than 10 €) and a very appreciable reactivity. But there are shadows on the board: the quality of materials and finishes, the non-existent integration ofAlexa in native and, above all, this permanent buzz in the whites. So important that we removed it and put it away in a cupboard… Are we dealing with a one-off problem on a lot? We hope, but take this into account before your purchase.

Livarno Lux LED strip: the Lidl strip

Livarno Lux E27 - ZigBee smart bulb








Price quality



  • Works in ZigBee
  • Good colors
  • Very precise whites
  • Price

The lessers

  • Significant loss of brightness with certain colors
  • Significant loss of brightness with certain colors
  • Permanent buzzing
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!