Konyks Antalya Easy E27 test: the connected bulb made easy

When we come across the word Easy, we are happy, we tell ourselves that it will be simple, but we also always wonder if it will be true, surprises often going in the wrong direction. And it is Konyks, brand of the French company Apynov, which presents us its new Antalya, or more exactly the bulb Konyks Antalya Easy E27.

A bulb that promises us an installation simplicity equivalent to that of the Konyks Antalya E14 Max. Here in E27 format, it is a dimmable Wi-Fi bulb offering whites of 2700K à 6500K, But also 16 millions of colors, compatibility with voice assistants Amazon Echo et Google Assistant but also with Siri shortcuts. Let's see if the Easy is that easy.

Konyks ANTALYA EASY E27 smart LED bulb, ABS, 11 W, white, individually

Price as of: August 10, 2022 3 h 50 min

Konyks Antalya Easy E27 bulb: a bulb with multiple functions


The packaging in thick and very rigid glossy cardboard uses the color codes of the Konyks brand: white with a touch of yellow-orange which is not to displease us. At the front, a visual of the bulb with pictograms below to define its functions, among which we will retain that of the Bluetooth ... Well ! Its functions are also included on one side. On the back, its main characteristics such as the temperature of the whites, the lighting angle, the intensity etc ... On the other side the energy class A +, CE standard and support in the Tuya environment / Smart Life.

Let's take a closer look at this Konyks Antalya Easy E27. It is well wedged in the box, the base being inserted in a cardboard cut to its size and another in the upper part maintains the globe to move it away from the edges. You will have to extract these supports to find the quick installation guide underneath: it holds in 12 points.

The bulb measures 6.5 cm wide for 13.2 cm long total, but base and body taking 10 cm there is no than 3.2cm for the globe and broadcast the flow. This one reaches 1050 lumens when it lights up in white. She weights 61 grams, which is not a lot for this bulb size but made possible by the main material: ABS. The globe is opaline, filtering light without blinding. On the body of the bulb in gray is engraved in slight overprinting Konyks. Small touch of aesthetics that is not to displease us.

On the back, we find inlaid in the same way the information concerning the model, the power supply and the CE and RoHS standards. The set is very good quality. The junctions are own. It looks good on us. We can't wait to see her at work.

Technical specifications:

  • Brand : Konyks
  • Model : Antalya Easy
  • Base type : E27
  • Size : 6.5 cm x 13.2 cm
  • Weight : 61 grams
  • Materials : ABS
  • Luminous flow : 1050 lm in white
  • Engime : 11 W
  • Incandescent equivalence : 90 W
  • Illumination angle 220°
  • Tension : 220 - 240 V AC
  • White temperature : 2700 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin
  • Colors : 16 million
  • Durée de vie : 20 hours
  • Connectivity : 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for local management
  • Energy class : A +
Antalya E14 Max bulb: with Konyks, home automation becomes Easy

Installation and use of the Konyks Antalya Easy bulb

Now is the time to put the famous Easy to the test. Because it is the installation of the bulb that prevails in its name. And we have to admit it now, she does not steal her name! It's not that simple! 

We are going to use the Konyks home application, but it is quite possible to install the bulb on the Tuya applications and Smart Life since both are under the same environment.

To start, if you don't have the Konyks app already installed, you need to download it from one of the stores: Android ou iOS then enter an email account where a verification code is sent that must be entered in the application and then only indicate the password you want. Once the registration is done, you arrive on the home page.

Activate the Bluetooth and GPS of your smartphone, you will see, it's magic ! Connect the bulb to a lamp. Turn it on and on the app click on the "+" at the top right, then select " Lighting ". There, it should flash (if it is not, turn on / off the bulb 3 times to put it in pairing mode) and it appears instantly on your smartphone, detected without further intervention on your part! Your Wi-Fi network is even suggested (otherwise fill it in).

Confirm the model to install. Pairing starts and recognition takes place very quickly. In less than 10 seconds the bulb is installed and Alexa remounted it in its application and notifies you. You can change the name by clicking on the little pencil to the right of the name.

Now let's see what the application offers for the management of the bulb itself. Click on it to enter the different settings offered.

The extinguished bulb appears against a background of the starry sky. Press the central ON / OFF button at the bottom to turn it on. You then open a first half-moon control panel for the whites going from left to right of the warm white 2700 Kelvin cold 6500 Kelvin. In the center, the circle of the bulb takes on the hue of the selected temperature. Below, a slider allows you to adjust the desired intensity. And there we must recognize that this function is more than useful, because the 1050 lumens are present. It's powerful, not to say violent! With a lampshade no problem, but without, you are quickly dazzled in every sense of the word.

In the upper part, we find the tabs:

  • Color:  allows access to color management whether for changing them or for intensity and saturation. But the lighting power no longer there! If the warm, orange-yellow to pinkish-red tones are doing quite well despite a very large loss in intensity, what about the blue to green panel ... The colors are there, but not the power.
  • Atmosphere: lists eight pre-programmed mood styles ranging from "Night" to "Soft" via "reading", "Work" and "Leisure" for five shades of white and from "Colorful" to "Superb" via "Brilliant" for colors. By clicking on "Modify" it is possible to completely redefine the pad, to configure it as desired.
  • Music: here, when you play music from your smartphone, leaving this tab open you will see the bulb dance to the beat of the music.

In the lower part:

  • Timer : a countdown for the bulb to go out when it is on or for commissioning if it is off.
  • More : This gives access to a customizable programming (colors, intensity, saturation and active time) for going to bed, for getting up, planning and programming according to the circadian rhythms.

Note that if a timer is running, it is not possible to program for the same period, this conflicts and access the circadian rhythm.

It is fully configurable to adapt to your personal pace. And that's great!

You can adjust the four parameters:

  • Alarm clock, daylight, comfortable and evening light

Either from the small icons placed on the clock (but which only allow to move the schedule and it is not easy to reach the desired minute), or from the menus below which each opens their programming page to be completed .

Attention, the menus: Alarm clock / Sleep and rhythm are currently in beta version.

This application is really complete. It also offers you a Widget to have a quick access shortcuts to power on / off or to a scene silently.

With Amazon Alexa

It is necessary to install the skill Konyks so that the bulb goes back into the application Alexa. As you can see, this has been recognized by our favorite voice assistant at the same time as its recognition in the Konyks application.

Bulb management is quite standard from the application. You can turn on / off, vary the light intensity and change the color. From the app, the colors are always more restricted than from the home app, but Alexa offers ample management for day-to-day use with 5 whites et 15 colors.

“The Konyks Antalya Easy E27 fits perfectly into routines. " The Alexians

For the voice operation it is necessary imperatively rename the bulb with a unique name (like Antalya for example) otherwise Alexa does not recognize the commands made and only reacts to requests: on / off.

  • « Alexa turn on / off [name given to the bulb] "
  • "Lights [not given to bulb] in cool white [or other color]"
  • "Turn on [name given to the bulb] at 20% [or other%]"

With Google Assistant

If you haven't done so before, you need to install the Konyks add-on since "+", "Configure a device"  et "Works with Google". Once installed, the bulb also rises smoothly and can be integrated into a room. Intensity and colors (much more numerous than on the application Alexa, but not all vocal) are adjustable. Integration into routines is also possible.

For Google Assistant voice commands, we you highly recommend to perform the name change here as well. The wizard accepts only one action at a time. It will therefore be necessary to say: “light up” then once in service ask for the desired color…. Or vice versa. Indeed, we have noticed that the bulb is off, asking: "Ok Google, turn on [name of the bulb] in red", the voice assistant answered us that he turned on the said bulb on the way but without doing so… then by asking “turn on…”, it would light up in the requested shade. A small bug which we hope will be fixed during an update.

Here is an overview of the colors. Blue is deep, bright red, green is okay, but yellow .... is orange. It is disappointing. This is perhaps intended to differentiate him from that of the whites. However, it can be noted that the colors are present and distinct. Green and yellow / orange are distinct.

Concerning the whites, on the left the warm white at 2700 Kelvin, which is very yellow for the moment, in the middle the cold white at 6500 Kelvin and on the right an intermediate white which is difficult to take a picture.


In conclusion, Konyks Antalya Easy E27 is very easy to install bulb which offers to use a real pep in the whites by illuminating a room very strongly. Unfortunately she goes lose its panache bright in colors, but this is a defect very often found on Wi-Fi bulbs. The Konyks application is still as complete and now even offers a functionality " Rhythm " that everyone can personify. Very few bulbs still do, that's a good point. Also note a nice "Music" function if you want, for example, to spend on frenzied music. We also note that if you have for example a camera like the Konyks Camini Go , you can set the bulb as a motion detection alert in an automation and that's really interesting. Offered at a reasonable price of € 15.90 out of promotion, if you are looking for a configurable bulb, especially for circadian cycles, this bulb may be right for you!
Interview with Olivier Medam, the Konyks icon

Konyks ANTALYA EASY E27 connected LED bulb










Price quality



  • Very easy to install
  • Very good whites
  • Circadian rhythm

The lessers

  • Lack of intensity in colors
  • Small bug in Google Assistant
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.