Ring Alarm FAQ: we tell you everything about the alarm connected to Alexa !

In terms ofcompatible connected alarms Alexa, the offer is still very limited. Even if some Chinese manufacturers offer cheaper Tuya systems, both their quality and their operation too often lead us to think that "That or nothing, it's the same". Unless ? Unless you turn to Amazon and its subsidiary Ring which offers us a complete, secure alarm system, and above all fully compatible with Alexa and our Pregnant Amazon Echo.

What is the best compatible alarm Alexa?

You will understand, Ring Alarm is the best compatible alarm Alexa. Why? You will know while reading our article: 5 reasons to choose Ring Alarm.

You can also consult our Ring Alarm V1 full test and our reviews on Ring Alarm V2, the second generation of the alarm compatible Alexa.

We also invite you to discover it and its outdoor siren in our video below:

What are the differences between Ring Alarm V1 and V2?

Well, you won't believe us, but there isn't! Well, yes, anyway, but Ring Alarm V2 is none other than aesthetic update of the Ring Alarm V1. Indeed, the heart of the system remains the same, the Ring Base being strictly identical on both versions. Only the sensors, criticized enough by French-speaking users for their rather massive side, have benefited from a new design. More pleasant, it must be admitted!

How many sensors can be used per security kit?

To 100 Z-Wave devices can be used for each security kit: opening sensors for doors and windows, exterior contact sensors, movement detectors… The choice is yours!

Will my pets trigger my motion detectors?

No. The alarm system features advanced motion sensitivity to prevent false alarms fromanimals under 22 kg. You can also change the sensitivity of your sensors directly in the Ring Always Home app.

Does Ring Alarm work in the cloud?

Yes and no. The system is perfectly locally operational and does not require no subscription. Ring Protect Plus provides "only" assisted surveillance, which includes the activation of the 3G / 4G chip and a automated call system allowing you to warn you in the event of an alert, as well as cloud hosting of an unlimited number of cameras and video doorbells ... mails ...

Does this device have a panic button?

Yes, the Ring keyboard has a panic button. To trigger the panic function on the first generation keyboard, press and hold the x and check mark keys on the keyboard.

For the second generation keypad, it's even simpler, you have dedicated emergency call buttons! They are circled in red and are used to trigger the alarm or alert the emergency services.

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Ring Alarm Keypad Lights and Buttons

These are the functions of the numbered buttons:

  1. Network indicator : indicates errors. If it is red, the network communication is faulty.
  2. Battery indicator : indicates the battery status. Off, there is a lot of battery left. Yellow, the battery is low. Red, the battery is very low. This indicator flashes green while charging.
  3. Emergency button : activates the siren and sends notifications to emergency contacts. If you have assisted monitoring, a signal will be sent to the monitoring service which will notify your emergency contacts.
  4. Fire button : Activates the siren and sends notifications to emergency contacts when you press it. If you have assisted monitoring, a signal will be sent to the monitoring service which will notify your emergency contacts.
  5. Medical Button : flash the base and send a notification when you press it. The siren will not sound, but you will hear the words “Medical Alert On”. If you have assisted monitoring, a signal will be sent to the monitoring service to notify your emergency contacts.
  6. Motion detector : it is used to detect movements near the numeric keypad and turns on when necessary (only if the energy saving mode is deactivated).
  7. Disabled Mode : allows you to deactivate your alarm system after entering the secret code,
  8. Home Mode : press to activate the home mode of your alarm system when people or large pets are in the house. Also used at night to watch over your home when you sleep. Requires entering the secret code beforehand.
  9. Fashion Outdoors : allows you to activate your alarm system in “outside” mode, that is to say when no one is at home. It also requires entering the secret code beforehand.
  10. Light bar : indicates the time remaining during the entry and exit delays.

What is the battery life of the keyboard?

The battery integrated into the Ring keyboard provides battery life of 6 to 9 months with a single charge. This obviously depends on your use and whether or not the energy saving settings are activated.

Does this alarm require an Ethernet connection?

We are not going to lie to you, you better plug your alarm directly into a ethernet port from your box or router. However Ring Alarm can also be connected via connections 2,4 or 5 GHz Wi-Fi.

Where are the sirens located?

Two sirens are integrated in the Ring base and in the keypad. You can add several keyboards, but also an outdoor siren (see above).

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How many decibels does the siren make?

The Sirens Ring Deliver 104 decibels, i.e. 1 dB (A) below the regulatory limits generally set at 105 dB (A) for 3 minutes of operation. It is enough to put to flight burglars, but still check the regulations in force in your area because some municipalities have even lower thresholds ...

Will the Ring system be maintained over time?

Yes, without a doubt. Amazon, the world's largest retailer, has always had customer satisfaction as a mantra and will not let down its hundreds of thousands of customers who already own Ring devices.

Should I wait for Ring Alarm Pro to be released?

No, not necessarily, Ring Alarm Pro is a module that plugs into Ring Alarm V1 or V2. It allows local backup of camera images such as Ring video doorbells and will be available on its own. So you can add it when it is available in Europe!