Homey tutorial: associate Smart Life with Tuya Cloud

Last month we introduced you Homey Pro, a home automation box that we had qualified as " plug and play ”As its ease of implementation is great. After having quickly seen in our test how to associate devices locally with the integrated ZigBee and Z-Wave bridges, today we will see how to associate Smart Life with Tuya Cloud, a handy little application for using your connected bulbs or Wi-Fi sockets.

This tutorial is intended for connected objects over Wi-Fi. For the ZigBee Tuya click here. Note that there is also a Tuya cloudless solution for Homey, but we'll come back to that in a future tutorial ...
Warning ! First of all, note that your Tuya / Smart Life must be registered with an email address and not a phone number. If the box with your number is grayed out, you are good to create a new account ...

1 - Install Tuya Cloud on Homey

We will install via the mobile app, but you can also go directly through a browser and install the app here: homey.app.

  • On the home page, go to "More" at the bottom right,
  • Choose "Apps".
  • Click on "Install". Homey lights up for a few seconds ...
The application Tuya Cloud is installed on Homey, let's move on to its configuration ...

2 - Configure Smart Life or Tuya on Homey

To configure Tuya Cloud, you must obviously enter our Tuya credentials or Smart Life to connect Homey to the cloud.

To do this, go back to "Apps" and:

  • Open Tuya Cloud,
  • Choose "Configure the app",
  • Enter your Tuya identifiers or Smart life,
  • Add your country code : in France, it is “+33”,
  • Select the platform associated with your account,
  • Click on "Save" and "Reconnect" (not required, but you're never too sure, eh?)
Well done, you are well connected to the Tuya cloud! Haven't you seen anything? Rest assured, this is completely normal! Let's move on to part 3 ...

3 - Add the devices Smart Life to your Homey dashboard

What is dashboards Homey? Well, it's very simple, it's the dashboard in French, the interface that you see when you open where you will find your connected objects and be able to control them. Unfortunately, Tuya Cloud application does not yet allow integration of all Wi-Fi devices of the IoT ecosystem, but still being a beta, there is no doubt that it will improve ...

  • In the bottom menu, go to "Devices",
  • Touch the "+" top right,
  • Select Tuya Cloud,
  • Choose the type of device you want to combine: Cover, Light or Switch
  • Establish the connection by pressing the green button,
  • Select devices of your choice,
  • Validate with a press "Next".
It is done ! You should normally find your devices at the top of your dashboard. You are free to repeat the operation for each category of devices ...

For this tutorial, we have chosen Wi-Fi power strip, single sockets Konyks Priska + Minand et Teckin SP21 already installed on our application Smart Life. Those are generic Tuya models that you find under different brands.

As you can see, they go back perfectly but display small red signs. Two solutions are available to you. Wait and wait for them to disappear or restart your Homey box to speed up the process. We have of course chosen to restart.

Here is ! All we have to do now is organize our dashboards Homey… And how to create your Flows, we will come back to this in a future Homey tutorial!
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