Homey Tutorial & Amazon Echo : integrate your speakers Alexa

Full integration ofAlexa in Homey

Let's continue our discovery of the Homey Pro home automation box with an essential step for any Alexien worthy of the name: integrate your speakers Amazon Echo.

Although a skill Alexa already allows us to voice control our peripherals connected to our charming little box, it does not however raise our speakers which are therefore not available on our dashboard. Fortunately, like the integration of devices Amazon Echo on Home Assistant, an application will allow us to remedy this situation, and open up ever more possibilities.

1 - Skill Alexa

Athom obviously created a skill Alexa which allows you to trace the associated devices directly to the Homey hubs, but also those of other services and especially the Flows that go up as scenes and that you can therefore use in routines. It is an essential integration of course.

To do this :

  • Open your Homey app,
  • Go to "More" at the bottom right,
  • See you in " Settings "
  • Dance "Integrations"choose « Amazon Alexa »,
  • follow the instructions and discover your devices ...
La Homey skill is installed, let's move on toapplication Amazon Alexa...
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2 - The application Amazon Alexa for Homey

This is thanks to Jamie Peake, developer of Amazon Alexa for Homey, that we will then be able to carry out the essential integration of our speakers Alexa. Very active on the dedicated topic to his application, the developer is constantly adding features and answering user questions. We congratulate him on his work (you can make him a donation here to encourage him, he works voluntarily on this project…).

The first thing to do is to install this app by clicking on the green button. A few seconds later, it's done.

All that's left is to :

  1. Go to More> Apps in the Homey application,
  2. Open Amazon Alexa and click on "Configure the app"
  3. Select servers that you use: here it will be "EU and India",
  4. Choose the your country page : here Amazon.Fr,
  5. Indicate languages used: fr-FR for French ...
Here it is, the application Amazon Alexa for Homey is installed! Let's see how which speakers are compatible ...

3 - The speakers Alexa Compatible

We find, with pleasure, most of the Pregnant Alexa. For now, only the latest versions that have arrived this year are missing, namely Echo Show 5 (2021), Echo Show 8 (2021) et Echo Show 10. Do not hesitate to make an integration request to the developer if necessary ...

Here are the devices Alexa Homey compatible:

4 - Add your speakers Amazon Echo to the Homey dashboard

As in our tutorial Smart Life / Tuya for Homey, the devices are not for all that reassembled on the dashboard alone but, in fact, it is not worse because it allows us to add those of our choice. Indeed, you may not want to add all your speakers or need your Auto Echo...

To integrate Amazon Echo on the dashboards Homey:

  1. Go to "Devices" on the bottom menu,
  2. Choose Amazon Alexa,
  3. Select the model of your choice,
  4. Check or uncheck the desired speakers.
It is done ! You find your Pregnant Amazon Echo on your Homey dashboard. All you have to do is repeat the operation for each model you own and want to integrate ...

5 - Features Amazon Echo on Homey

Now we just have to see what can be done! The functionalities are quite numerous, especially with regard to Flows ...

Speaker control

We find our speakers Amazon Echo on Homey. Each one appears as a device that we can very easily associate with an area of ​​our dashboard, typically with the associated room.

A click on it (or a long press on the mobile application) allows you to see that each speaker offers four cards:

  • audio player : allows you to control the music. It will be particularly useful if you are using Spotify, Kodi or a UPnP server ... Unfortunately, Amazon Music is not currently compatible.
  • Volume control : you can directly adjust the volume of your speakers from Homey.
  • 4 action buttons: it is possible to stop reading, launch a news flash, the weather forecast or even the traffic report using four buttons.

Amazon Echo & Homey Flows

We will come back to this very soon, but if you are already using Homey, you must be familiar with Flows. The strong point of this integration is, precisely, to be able to use our speakers Amazon Echo in the Flows of Homey and create great routines Alexa much more complete and effective than those allowed by the application of our voice assistant.

For example, we will be able to:

  • Use triggers: when a playback starts or is stopped, the title / album / artist has changed, the volume changes…
  • Choose a large number of actions:
    • Adjust the volume from 1 to 10 or as a percentage,
    • Play / Pause or toggle,
    • Previous Next,
    • Random / Repeat,
    • Start reading the Calendar Alexa,
    • Enter a voice command,
    • Switch to "Do not disturb" mode,
    • Choose a music title on a service,
    • Launch flash news, traffic or weather,
    • Use the different alarm sounds and ringtones in the app Alexa,
    • Use the fun features ofAlexa : jokes, anecdotes, songs, etc ...
    • Make say to Alexa what you want by entering sentences,
    • Use routines Alexa in the Flows.
The integration is very interesting, the features are numerous, you just have to rack your brains to find the Flows that suit you. Feel free to give us your examples in the comments or share your best Flows ideas with us on our dedicated community. home automation with Alexa.
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