Test Amazon Echo Auto: by car Alexa !

We waited for him like the messiah: Amazon Echo Car finally released in France. Despite a rather incomprehensible lapse of time between its release in France and elsewhere in Europe, the e-commerce giant has finally succeeded in satisfying the land of the Enlightenment with its blue diodes and quenching our thirst for new products Alexa. For better or for worse? This is what we will see ...

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June 29, 2022 13:41 a.m.
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Amazon Echo Car : Alexa in your car!

No, it's not a mirage: Echo Auto is here ! A miracle never happens alone, it turns out that it works in French, let's see what it is…

Unboxing and presentation

A blue box well known to users ofAlexa, a logo Auto Echo at the top, that of the brand at the bottom and a visual of the device. Amazon has done in the simple, in the effective, without transcending its marketing. In short, we are in known lands.

At the opening, it is hardly more folichon, we are faced with a black cardboard packaging containing a micro-USB cable, for an cigarette lighter adapter, for an 3.5 mm mini-jack auxiliary cable, a trick to fix it to the dashboard also called support, and a getting started guide, the details of which we will spare you ...

Concretely, it is a piece of black plastic measuring  8.5 4.7 cm x cm  and quite thin since it is only 1.33 cm thick. Lightweight, it weighs only 45 grams and present two buttons - mic action and cutoff - as well as eight holes for its microphones - but also a micro-USB socket for his food and a last hole for theline input.

"The finishes are good, but nothing more, Amazon had accustomed us to better from this point of view […] ” The Alexians

The finishes are good, but nothing more, a bit like the late Echo Input which has strangely vanished recently. Amazon had accustomed us to better from this point of view, in particular, but it is true that we are a bit choosy today.

We still appreciate the magnetic support which allows to clip Echo Auto to ventilation with a gesture. In our memories, it was not provided with the first US version and it is a more appreciable, not to say essential. We also note the good idea of ​​having planned a power cable fixing system.

Unfortunately, the one and only support ofAmazon will not be suitable for all types of ventilation, especially those blocked by a shutter, but they are not the most common either. In this case, you can fix it on the dashboard, but there too Amazon seems to have forgotten to provide a magnetic plate that we could have glued to the dashboard. It is regrettable. Attention, do not rely on the product sheet available on Amazon.fr because, clearly, it is wrong ...

The adapter, intended to be inserted into a 12V socket, more commonly known as " lighter ", has the advantage of providing two USB sockets in order to be able to supply both Echo Auto and your smartphone, or another device. Practice.

Well, if not, what does it give technical level?

Echo Auto: the technical sheet

The technical characteristics are the same as those we mentioned when it was released. Amazon Echo Auto is powered by Mediatek MT7697 processor with Intel Dual-DSP to filter out interference and present 8 microphones with ambient noise cancellation technology. The device uses your smartphone, and therefore the data of your package, to connect to the Internet via the application Alexa, as well as for mobile phone functionality. It is therefore not autonomous, which is a shame.

Note that the device supports hands-free calls with the Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HFP), the very common Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) dedicated audio streaming, the important Audio / Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) for touch control on your vehicle's multimedia screen for example, but also for the voice control. Finally, the Serial Port Profile allows you Bluetooth connectivity to Android phones and iPod Accessory Protocol to iPhones.

There you have it, you know everything!

Auto Echo
Mediatek MT7697 with Intel Dual DSP
micro USB / 5V
85 x 47 x 13,28 mm
45 grams
Bluetooth connectivity
Hands-Free Profile (HFP), Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Audio / Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP), Serial Port Profile and iPod Accessory Protocol.
Built-in speaker and 3,5mm mini-jack stereo audio output
Bracket for ventilation grill, cigarette lighter charger, micro-USB cable (1 m), 3,5 mm AUX cable (1 m) 

Warning: Echo Auto is not compatible with some smartphones and vehicles, check the version of your device carefully because many cited are in fact not sold in Europe (the incompatible version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is, for example, only sold in Japan). Find the list here.

Echo Auto: the crash test!

You were expecting it: here is the Echo Auto crash test! Just as demanding as the Euro NCAP ones, the Alexians' one will focus on the use , of this device eagerly awaited by users ofAlexa...

Installation in the app Alexa

For starters, you won't be surprised to learn that you need to bring your smartphone in addition, of course, to your new Echo Auto.

Once done, follow the guide:

    1. Launch your application Alexa ;
    2. Press the "+" top right ;
    3. Select "Add a device" ;
    4. Opt for « Amazon Echo » ;
    5. Then "Echo Auto"
    1. Press" Carry on " ;
    2. Position the support on your ventilation grid;
    3. Attach Echo Auto above by placing it horizontally;
    4. Plug it in et connect directly in Bluetooth to the device;
    5. Select it when it appears in available devices.
    6. Press " Carry on ".

There you go, it's done! Oh no, in fact there are still screens to be validated… It's a long time!

    1. Run the test ;
    2. A sound, cut off at the end, is emitted three times ... Echo Auto will spatialize your interior.
    3. Validity.

It's won! It's a bit long, we must admit, but everything goes smoothly in the end… Now let's see for the Echo Auto test in practice.

Our opinion on Echo Auto

For this test we used Echo Auto in several configurations, initially stationary, but also while driving, of course.

When stopped, we proceeded to install it. Don't do it while driving, that goes without saying, especially since installation is a bit tedious. Indeed, you will have to go through the menus of the smartphone to those of the application Alexa. Normal, you will tell us, because it must be connected directly to the latter. But we have seen more practical. If we did not encounter any problems on Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, it was nevertheless complicated on a Note 8 where the smartphone kept disconnecting from the application. Nothing to report on a Samsung Galaxy A71, on the other hand, where the sound was irreproachable.

« Alexa hear us perfectly, even on noisy roads… ” The Alexians

Then we have traveled dozens of kilometers on different types of roads: highways, national, and even if we never go there, on secondary roads… This allowed us to test the sound quality as well as the recording of voices in various situations.

On this point, nothing to say, Echo Auto works perfectly. Alexa hear us perfectly, even on noisy roads, which is far from being the case on our smartphones. It is a big plus not having to raise your voice to be heard, just like being able to actually use Alexa hands-free. Indeed, if it is now possible to invoke the voice assistant from a smartAndroid or iOS phone, this requires the application to be open and the screen on. Echo Auto therefore responds to this problem. by giving us real voice control without having to touch the screen of our mobile.

The deviceAmazon offers two types of links: Bluetooth or 3.5 mm jack. We recommend the first one, which allows you to take full advantage of the features provided by the various Bluetooth profiles. This makes it possible, for example, to control the music directly on the screen of the on-board system. Practice. Especially since we found the poorer sound quality in mini-jack… Is it linked to the cable itself or to the sound system of our Peugeot 308? We can hardly give you a definite answer at this time, although we suspect Echo Auto. Indeed, it is clear that, if the music is broadcast without any particular concern, the voice ofAlexa benefits from a very average rendering in 3.5 mm, not to say passable. We bet thatAmazon will improve this quickly with updates to the firmware of the device.

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June 29, 2022 13:41 a.m.
Amazon. Fr

In conclusion, Echo Auto is an interesting solution for those who do not have an integrated system such as Android Auto or CarPlay. But the comparison ends there: it is only a device using the app. Alexa of our smartphones. It is not autonomous. It is our great regret.

Nevertheless, it provides a real "hands-free" experience how interesting in the car. From a safety point of view, we therefore validate the product which is of certain interest, although we are not sure of its long-term interest. Indeed, and we call it our wishes, it's a safe bet thatAlexa will be embedded in a large number of navigation systems in the future. Waiting for, Echo Auto brings interesting experience and continues to open the field of possibilities for our voice assistant as well as for her ecosystem.

Offered at € 59.99 on Amazon. Fr, Echo Auto is an interesting device for those who wish to use Alexa in their cars and in the best safety conditions.

Amazon Echo Auto - Add Alexa to your car










Price quality



  • Finally a device Alexa for the car !
  • Allows you to use Alexa really "hands-free" (even with the smartphone in standby)!
  • Very good listening, even when driving on noisy roads.
  • A compact device that is compatible with a large number of vehicles.
  • Brings interactivity to old vehicles.

The lessers

  • Not autonomous: requires a smartphone!
  • The faults of a "Alexa built-in ": not really an Echo then.
  • Support really not terrible and not compatible with all vehicles!
  • A little expensive...
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