Yale partners with Philips Hue

What could be better than two big names joining forces? Yale, home automation security expert on the one hand, and Philips Hue, leader in connected lighting on the other, have just announced their partnership so that users of both brands can enjoy even more benefits thanks to pooled resources. An interesting partnership for all home automation fans which was recently unveiled on the occasion of the release of the latest Linus® lock. Smart Lock by Yale. A connected lock designed by the Swiss designer Yves Behar who does not fail to arouse our curiosity ...

Yale and Philips Hue: a bright idea?

You can therefore:

  • Lock
  • Unlock
  • Monitor door status remotely
  • Grant virtual keys from time to time,

But also make your Philips Hue lighting interact:

  • Turn off all lights when you leave and lock the lock. No more worrying about leaving one on all day unnecessarily.
  • Switch on a Philips Hue light in your hallway when you unlock the door.

Both can thus be activated / deactivated together. This association will simplify the daily life of users who, to benefit from it, just need to associate their mobile applications. Yale Access and Philips Hue. Practical for all those who want easy home automation, plug & play, without having to configure a Home Assistant home automation box or Jeedom ...

Philips Hue tutorial: installation of the hub and use

Remember that Yale, an internationally renowned brand, was founded in 1840 by the American Linus Yale who invented the pin lock, still used today and based on a mechanism that the Egyptians were already using 4000 years ago! In 2000, the company was bought by the Swedish group ASSA ABLOY. This takeover allowed Yale to develop and offer new connected protection solutions.

Thomas Moser - VP Yale & Residential - EMEA said “As a brand committed to the continuous improvement of our products, we are very happy to welcome this new partnership with Philips Hue. This is certainly a great addition to our portfolio of trusted partners, which will provide our consumers with new features, just in time for the launch of the Linus® smart lock ”

Yale Sync alarms were already compatible with Philips Hue lights, thus allowing when they go off to turn on a deterrent lamp (s). The Linus lock Smart Lids This further enriches the partnership which Jasper Vervoort, Director of Philips Hue Business at Signify says “With Yale, we are helping to provide consumers with security and peace of mind, by combining the benefits of smart locks and smart lighting. ".

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