Xiaomi presents a safe connected in Bluetooth!

At Xiaomi, the products are linked and are not alike, the Chinese giant never ceasing to surprise us with more or less original novelties, like this xiaomi mijia safe Smart Safe Deposit Box. a smart safe since it makes it possible to use various locking methods and a priori quite secure since using particularly resistant materials.

Xiami Mijia Smart Safe Deposit Box: a real safe

Some will say that it is not a real safe, that it is not secure enough, that thieves will quickly be able to overcome it, etc. But as this is a product that has not yet been marketed, nobody knows, and it is clear that Xiaomi sells its product rather well, evoking a durable and extremely resistant material used for the construction of bridges or ships: 65Mn steel, a drill-resistant manganese spring steel.

The lock cylinder of the xiaomi mijia safe is also of high security with a grade C (it seems that it is good), apparently able to resist itself to the drilling as well as to violent deformations of the panel.

Inside, the safe is covered with non-flammable material, treated against moisture and mold with amazing antibacterial properties, which can store jewelry and watches, A4 documents or a laptop up to 12 inches. All in total safety of course.

But beyond these physical characteristics, the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Safe Deposit Box is as the name suggests a smart and connected safe !

A smart and connected safe

Obviously, if we are talking about a safe, it is not to lock up your bank card and prevent you from purchasing automation compulsive, but because it is connected!

Thanks to that bluetooth technology, it is indeed possible to use it with the Xiaomi Home application that you know well if you follow us, but not only since this safe Xiaomi Mijia offers six lock / unlock modes : by code or fingerprint, simple or one-time password, or even via Bluetooth with its application step by step or remotely.

Who says connected object necessarily means power supply and the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Safe obviously uses 4 AA batteries for a battery life of up to 1 year, or a USB-C socket allowing it to be plugged in and therefore used at any time. So no worries, it is always possible to open it, even if its batteries are flat!

But what will its connection to the application be used for? Well, it's very simple: to configure it and monitor it. Indeed, in addition to the possibility of managing fingerprints and codes authorized to open it, the application allows you to configure notifications and alarms. Even more powerfully, it is possible to record the imprint of a duress finger, namely a particular finger intended only to be used under duress and which, while opening the trunk, will trigger a silent alarm, automatically warning of emergency contacts of the critical situation in which the user finds himself. Awesome, isn't it?

Offered as of today in crowdfunding on Xiaomi Mall, the Xiaomi Mijia smart safe will be marketed at 649 yuan in China, i.e. around 80 €. A very tight price, as always with the Chinese giant, which should experience a surge in exports but promises, all the same, an interesting positioning.
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