Xiaomi Mi TV Stick: an Android TV streaming stick

Why not copy the recipes when they are great? It's a bit like the philosophy of Xiaomi which has leaked, probably on purpose, the imminent arrival of a streaming key whose format is reminiscent of that of the essential Fire TV Stick 4KAmazon and to a lesser extent from Google Chromecast. Smaller in size, and therefore more practical than the very successful Mi Box, the Chinese giant should apparently name it My TV Stick. For originality, we will come back, but this product remains worthy of interest because it should be marketed at a particularly attractive price, like all the brand's products.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick: 4K in a reduced format

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick released in France and EuropeXiaomi's HDMI dongle should in all likelihood offer 4K FHD and be based on the Android TV system, as is already the case for the Mi Box. Rarely lagging behind, will the Chinese manufacturer opt for the new Android TV version? The question arises, but it is very likely given that the Google ADT-3 developer box has been available for several months and that the first commercial versions are expected shortly.

Mi TV: a cheap streaming stick?

Always very aggressive on its tariff positions, there is also little doubt here that Xiaomi will offer a product around 40/50 € in Europe. We will be careful not to make plans on the comet concerning its hardware which nothing has yet filtered, but the SoC will have to be strong enough to offer 4K, otherwise the interest may be limited.

Whatever? As these devices are generally intended for unconnected televisions, 4K is rarely a determining purchase criterion anyway. Nevertheless, this would mean more power and therefore greater comfort of use, as we had already explained in our Fire TV Stick 4K review which is much smoother than the full HD version.

According to twittos Sudhanshu Ambhore, used to leaks and which claims to be based on reliable Chinese sources, the release of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick should take place in May 2020 in Europe, if the health crisis linked to Covid-19 allows it of course.

In the meantime, you can always turn to the Fire TV Sticks which are fully compatible. Alexa !

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