Xiaomi launches its Mi connected fryer Smart Air Fryer

A compatible fryer Alexa and Google Assistant

Du smartphone to the vacuum robot, via the fan connected or the air purifier, Xiaomi connects almost all objects of daily life. It is therefore quite logical that the Chinese firm today offers us a connected fryer. Responding to the evocative name of Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer, this air fryer that appeared a few months ago on the crowdfunding platform YouPin will finally be able to treat users of the brand around the world, the Chinese giant having just announced its availability to come beyond its borders ...

Mi Smart Air Fryer: a versatile air fryer

Allowing an oil-free and therefore healthy cooking of food, the Xiaomi Mi Air Fryer offers a sleek design, signature of the brand often referred to as Chinese Apple. All dressed in white, it displays fairly standard dimensions of 335 x 252 x 304 mm for a more than reasonable weight of only 3,9 kg.

We find at the front a basket of 3.5 liter capacity dishwasher safe and a wheel OLED display used to select the various cooking modes. This dial is obviously used to start or stop the device with a simple pressure, but also to choose a temperature ranging from 40 to 200 ° C, or to select its cooking mode.

Issuing a 1500 W power, the device offers the possibility of cook without oil, but also to defrost, dehydrate and even ferment food, for example to prepare homemade yoghurts. If you run out of ideas, you can draw from over a hundred recipes that the Chinese company promises to regularly enhance through OTA updates available on its application.

A fryer connected via Wi-Fi to Xiaomi Home

Indeed, in the case of a connected object, the Mi Smart Air Fryer connects to Wi-Fi to your home network to be controllable via Xiaomi Home. Well known to Xiaomi home automation users, the application allows you to program the device and select recipes like its competitor Proscenic T21 for example.

Best of all, this connected fryer is compatible Alexa and Google Home, which makes it even easier to use it using voice commands. A selling point that should hit home with aficionados of the connected home since a simple "OK Google, turn on the fryer" or " Alexa, start the preheating of the fryer ”will allow the use of the xiaomi fryer.

The air fryer Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer is available at € 129 in Europe. You can already find it on Chinese e-commerce platforms, but be sure to acquire a "Global Version" to ensure compatibility with voice assistants and don't forget to add VAT ...

Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L EU OB02612

Price on: July 5, 2022 16 h 51 min

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