Withings: 5 connected health objects to grab on Black Friday!

Connected objects are now everywhere and no sector escapes them! This is also the case for health and it is not Withings who will say the opposite. Founded in 2008, the French company once fell into the hands of Nokia offers connected medical devices intended for the general public.

From the scale connected to the temporal thermometer, via the blood pressure monitor and the sleep cycle analyzer, all these products are to be entered during this Black Friday 2021.

Live Black Friday: home automation and connected home selection live!

Witings Body + and Body Cardio: connected scales

Inventor of the connected scale, Withings is logically the world leader in the field. Several models are available.

Withing Body +

Get on the Withings Body + and instantly get your weight curve, your BMI without the help of Benjamin Castaldi, your full body composition (percentage of fat and water and muscle and bone mass), and much more. Each weighing appears automatically in theHealth Mate app via WiFi or Bluetooth. Unlike many competitive connected scales, you don't need to have your phone thanks to the built-in WiFi and this model is clinically tested.


Whitings Thermo: the connected medical thermometer

With Thermo, Withings is a game-changer. Thanks to this clinically validated medical device, you obtain medical grade results directly on the Thermo application, available on iOS and Android, and can follow with a simple gesture the temperature readings, set reminders of temperature measurements, add symptoms and medication taken in order to obtain advice directly on your smartphone.

Offering a reliable and hygienic temporal temperature measurement, it is ideal for babies and children, and of course for adults.

Withings BPM Connect: the connected blood pressure monitor

With the blood pressure monitor connected Withings BPM Connect, taking your blood pressure yourself at home has never been easier. With medical approval, this connected object measures blood pressure and heart rate in an ultra-precise way, with immediate color-coded feedback on the device. It automatically synchronizes over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the free Withings Heath Mate app, where you can view your data history and even share it directly with your doctor.

Withings Sleep Analyzer

According to an INSV / MGEN study carried out in 2015, 16% of French people say they suffer from insomnia, 17% sleep rhythm disturbances and 4%sleep apnea. With this home sleep tracker, Withings Sleep Analyzer provides you with information worthy of a sleep laboratory without having to wear sensors since they are integrated into a compact cover to place under your mattress. Capable of analyzing your sleep and detecting sleep apnea, a very common and underdiagnosed disease, this connected object feeds information back to the Health Mate app, which provides you with advice for quality sleep and, in fact, , better health.

Connected watches to monitor your health

It is the first hybrid connected watch to continuously monitor vital parameters for detect cardiovascular health problems and help improve general physical condition. The Withing's ScanWatch is equipped with a medical device for recording electrocardiograms, to measure the oxygen saturation rate (SPO2) by oximeter and offers exceptional autonomy ranging up to 30 days.

Withings also offers a more accessible Move model, as well as a watch and a dedicated sports watch with integrated GPS ...

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