A new version of the IKEA Symphonisk x Sonos lamp?

A lot of ink was written about the first IKEA Symfonisk lamp created in collaboration with Sonos. It must be said that the promise was beautiful, the idea of ​​the furniture giant to offer a lamp with a modern design also acting as a connected speaker being more than attractive. Unfortunately, the difficulty of obtaining it as the instability of its Wi-Fi discouraged more than one buyer and the product remained quite confidential. After the Starkvind connected tables / purifiers last month, a new leak concerning a IKEA Symfonisk v2 lamp is now touring the web ...

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IKEA Symfonisk x Sonos: a second version soon in stores?

Technical documentation from the Portuguese version of the official website in support, it is once again a user of Reddit which reveals that a second version of the connected speaker / lamp IKEA Symfonisk would be about to be proposed by the Swedish giant.

Part of the style of the previous model, this new edition would offer some stylistic evolutions with, in particular, a less flared design and the elimination of the base located under the body of the lamp where the control buttons of the lamp are placed.connected speaker. Exit, also, the unfortunate dimmer of the intensity of the light which is seen placed in a more discreet way at the base of this extraordinary luminaire.

Another novelty, two lampshades would be proposed, one with one glass finish and the other in textile, enough to satisfy more customers in terms of design. Note, moreover, that these new models are clearly not compatible with the first version of the lamp. Symfonisk x Sonos, but that the hanging system suggests the possibility of using other models. A point that could decide more than one candidate for the purchase ...

A lower price

Currently sold for € 179 in Europe, IKEA has also reportedly lowered its prices, the basis of this new Symfonisk v2 being offered at 129 € and both lampshades at 20 €Either a final price of 149 €… When Sonos increases the price of its speakers, it is funny to see that the trend is quite different with his partner ...

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