A historic partnership between Amazon and Stellantis around the car connected to Alexa

As the magazine highlights today The Express, which reveals the information in preview, the agreement is historic. Stellantis, a group resulting from the merger between PSA and Fiat Chrysler, has just entered into a large-scale partnership with Amazon around car connected to Alexa. The sixth largest automotive group in the world is joining forces with the e-commerce giant to integrate the voice assistant in its vehicles of tomorrow and will rely on the AWS cloud platform to allow its customers to manage all their home automation from their car .

A cockpit of the future piloted by Alexa

In his statement to the Express, Yves Bonnefont, the Chief software officer of Stellantis, seems enthusiastic to say the least. “After months of discussions, we are delighted to unveil the most important partnership never passed by a car manufacturer with Amazon » he declares before explaining that "Voice recognition will make it possible to control many functions (all the multimedia part, GPS, air conditioning, etc.), and the artificial intelligence ofAlexa will improve the human / machine interface, by learning and then anticipating your preferences depending on whether you take your vehicle in the evening, in the morning or on weekends (types of trips, people to call, musical atmosphere, etc.) ”.

"The artificial intelligence ofAlexa will improve the human / machine interface ”

Together, the two companies will develop a fully integrated suite of software products and services to the world of users, with updates "Over-the-air" (OTA) that will add value over time. This is the famous Alexa Custom Assistant thatAmazon has not stopped developing in recent years.

Amazon shares its technology with Alexa Custom Assistant

"Voice assistants have become an essential part of the in-vehicle customer experience, and automakers are increasingly looking for opportunities to differentiate themselves using this channel.", explained Matt Arcaro, analyst at IDC last year. Alexa Custom Assistant will indeed be a particularly interesting solution for Stellantis, which wishes to bring its customers innovations without having to ensure long development cycles and to make too heavy investments for its STLA SmartCockpit.

A shift towards software that the group intends, however, to take as quickly as possible by training more than 4000 engineers in-house over the next three years, including 1000 dedicated solely to software developments.  « Amazon will participate in our "Software Academy" and that too is a world first ", says Yves Bonnefont to L'Express.

An agreement comprising Amazon Web Services

In addition Amazon Devices and Alexa, the agreement that the two groups have just initialed also provides for a partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Service), the cloud division of the Seattle giant, in order to manage data from connected vehicles. A strategic point for the group which has already put 12 million connected cars on the road and intends to see this figure climb to 26 million in 2026, then 34 million in 2030.

" Work with Amazon is an integral part of our capacity building roadmap, based both on the development of internal skills and on decisive collaborations with Tech leaders. This collaboration will bring real know-how to one of our main technological platforms, STLA SmartCockpit ", said Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, on the sidelines of CES 2022 currently taking place in Las Vegas. “Thanks to artificial intelligence and cloud computing, we will improve the overall experience of our customers and transform the vehicle into a customizable living space, both for passengers and for the driver. "

Stellantis becomes vehicle supplier for Amazon

Although the e-commerce giant already announced a large order for 100 delivery vehicles from the startup Rivian last year, the agreement also includes the supply by Stellantis of low-emission vehicles. A partnership which therefore works in both directions and which willAmazon "The first business customer of the new Ram ProMaster battery-electric (BEV), which is scheduled for sale in 2023"With "Unique features for last mile delivery activities".

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