Ultenic offers two vacuum cleaners at discounted prices!

Ultenic is offering great deals on two of its D20S Pro and U5 models until June 11. The second, a stick vacuum cleaner, is the perfect complement to the first, the connected robot. We can say that the two make the pair!

Ultenic D5S Pro at -35%

Although it is an entry-level model the robot Ultenic D5S Pro offers interesting features for a 2 in 1 robot vacuum (suction and washing) with a suction power of 2500 Pa, a dust container of 500ml seul ou a 2 in 1 bin of 300 ml for water and 200 ml for dust : you will therefore have the choice according to your configuration to adopt the one that sierra best.

The three operating modes allow: suction, suction and washing simultaneously, but also a less common mode with the cleaning then washing function.

Note, all the same, some concessions: no dump station and absence of mapping resulting in the impossibility of management of virtual barriers. The latter is however compensated by the supply of a magnetic strip allowing to delimit zones, a very practical accessory moreover because quickly movable without opening the application to create or modify one.

The little extra of this robot? You have at your disposal a remote control which when you do not want to launch it vocally either with the voice assistant Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant (an update has been made and the bugs fixed) allows you to manage it from a respectable distance.

Note, finally, that the DS5 Pro offers excellent autonomy is 2h30 in cleaning mode and 40 minutes at maximum power. Its Lithium-Ion battery of 2600 mAH recharges in 4 hours.

Usually offered at a price of 239 €, the robot Ultenic D5S Pro is available at a price of 154 € until June 20, 2021, be one 35% discount and saving of 85 €. To get it at this advantageous rate, check the -20 € coupon on Amazon.fr and enter the coupon below at checkout.
Ultenic D5S Pro: simplicity and efficiency

Ultenic U11 at -53%

While robot vacuums are popular, they can't do it all. Their radius of intervention remains at floor level. Yes, but the dust, it sticks everywhere on the top of the cabinets, on the curtains etc ... This is where a broom vacuum cleaner such as theUltenic U11 can prove to be invaluable.

Light with only 1,680 kg it is easily handy and allows to intervene in high areas or to sneak where the robot cannot thanks to its 24 cm main motorized brush. Main, because a second smaller, is also delivered and dedicated to delicate fabrics such as sofas or mattresses.

Other accessories: one 360 ° brush which intervenes gently on the curtains on which it intervenes gently and without swallowing them and a crevice tool, perfect for the tightest places.

It's a battery, rechargeable in 2,5 hours, comprising no less than 8 Li-ion batteries of 2000 mAh which allows the stick vacuum cleaner to hold 55 min in Eco mode  et 17 to 31 min in Auto mode and collect in its 650 ml dust container. A large capacity, even if amputated by the cyclonic system that fits into it. Cyclonic system which has 4 filtration levels including one HEPA filter that removes 99,99% of 0,3µm particles.

Usually offered at a price of € 299, the stick vacuum cleaner Ultenic U11 is available until June 20, 2021 for € 139 be one 53% discount and savings of 160 €. To get it at this advantageous rate, check the -20 € coupon on Amazon.fr and enter the coupon below at checkout.
Ultenic U11: the stick vacuum cleaner full of ideas
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