Tuya officially announces Matter support

We knew it, the Chinese smart home specialist Tuya, already a member of the Zigbee Alliance, had logically joined the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) in the summer of 2021, although the company has said little about this since. It is now done with the announcement today of the next Matter compatibility from Tuya and Smart Life, the two star applications of the company. Information unveiled at CES 2022 which will delight more than one user of the world's leading ecosystem of connected objects ...

Tuya announces Matter on its application Smart Life

With over 116.5 million connected objects divided into no less than 1100 categories, Tuya is by far the world number 1 in connected objects, its platform and technology being used by more than 5000 brands in more than 220 countries.

Figures that make you dizzy and which are not without worry US senators, but which prove how much users are in expectation of simplicity and efficiency. Two adjectives which perfectly qualify the Chinese platform which is on the lips of new home automation users.

“By joining the Alliance, Tuya has worked to foster interoperability and accelerate the adoption of Zigbee technology. More recently they are also supporting our efforts on Matter standards and we are grateful for Tuya's support and commitment ”, said Tobin Richardson, president of the Connectivity Standards Alliance.

Tuya's adoption of the new home automation standard will not only allow its partners to be among the first companies to launch Matter compatible devices current in 2022, but will also provide consumers with an unrivaled variety of connected objects. In its press release, the Chinese company promises to "Work in close collaboration with the main partners of the platform in order to ensure that Tuya compatible devices work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Samsung Smarthung. "

Excellent news for all those new to the world of the connected home, often in the light of the acquisition of a connected speaker. Amazon Echo or Google Nest, and who generally have a hard time grasping the intricacies of the plethora of home automation protocols currently available on the market ...

Tuya highlights its partners

In its press release, Tuya specifies that its customers and leading brands in the market such as Calex Holland, Geeni or even French Konyks all plan to launch new product series supporting the Matter standard. "Maybe in 2022", specifies the supplier of the IoT platform, "When the new communication protocol is finally launched".

A pic addressed to the CSA? Maybe well, but although Matter is a little late, its president Tobin Richardson prefers to highlight "Record progress to date" which show that "Companies understand how much Matter, as unifying standard, is important to consumers, industry and the world. " 

Of which act.

Matter: the universal home automation protocol is advancing!
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