Top 10 folder of essential connected objects

Here is our 500th article! Yes already five hundred items that we discuss with you the automation. But what to remember from our 180 connected object tests Compatible Alexa? What are those essential for a " smart home "? This is what we will see through a top 10 connected objects that we consider essential in any connected home.

Obviously, this selection is not exhaustive and is based only on the tests that we have been able to carry out. All the products below have been tested and we can guarantee you from experience that they are completely efficient and qualitative.

1 - Connected sockets: single or multiple, that's the base!

Wi-Fi or Zigbee, it's up to you! Although we have a preference for the latter, the connected socket is much less expensive in Wi-Fi and its use does not pose a problem knowing that it is generally satisfied with a simple on / off. They exist in ZigBee, but the choice is more limited, and they are often expensive.

Wi-Fi connected sockets:

  1. Konyks Priska Mini + : ultra compact and responsive, it even allows you to monitor your electricity consumption!
  2. Meross MSS310FR : elegant and efficient, it also offers fuel-efficient monitoring and flawless reliability.
  3. Teckin SP21 : pretty and very compact, this low-cost outlet does exactly what is asked of it.

ZigBee connected sockets:

  1. Philips Hue Smart plug : give yourself the power of ZigBee and the Hue app! No installation is required to install the Smart Philips Hue Plug: Just plug the connected plug into a wall outlet and plug in any light fixture to complete your Hue ecosystem.
  2. Osram Smart+ Connected socket : a little massive, it is nonetheless exemplary reliability. The Osram smart socket Smart+ allows you to integrate conventional lighting as well as other electrical devices into your smart lighting system.
  3. Aqara ZigBee Plug : perfect for the Aqara ecosystem! Like its congeners, it allows you to connect any device and then control it via the Xiaomi Home application. Be careful of the compatibility with your plugs however ...

The connected power strip:

  1. Meross MSS425E : 4 AC and 4 USB sockets in the program, all protected against surges. Like the single sockets in the range, Meross multiple sockets are extremely reliable and high-quality! A bestseller of the Alexians.
  2. Yuanguo Power Strip : you will find it under several brands but fear not because if this model Tuya / Smart Life is so ubiquitous that it really performs well. With consumption monitoring and surge protection, it offers 4 AC and 2 USB sockets which each have a physical switch! One of our favorites.
  3. Yagala Multiprise (or eLeLight) : a simple and efficient model, extremely reliable, which also operates under the famous Tuya cloud platform / Smart Life. With its 3 AC and 2 USB sockets, it can multiply!

2 - Connected bulbs: Wi-Fi or ZigBee according to your budget

Here too, two major protocols are offered: Wi-Fi or ZigBee ... If, at Les Alexiens, we have a preference for the latter because of its low latency and lower power consumption, there are however excellent models. Wi-Fi which will exempt you from investing in a connection bridge. Note that all of the bulbs below work with the bridges built into Echo Show 2, Echo Plus and Echo Studio.

Wi-Fi bulbs:

  1. Yeelight YLDP06YL : 10W and 800lm for this colorful RGB bulb. Reliability, responsiveness and shimmering colors, for us these are the best Wi-Fi bulbs on the market.
  2. Konyks Antalya A60 : Konyks got us used to it: quality, traceability, safety. With 8.5W and 810lm, this Wi-Fi bulb running under Tuya is no exception to the rule.
  3. Teckin SB50 : an interesting quality / price ratio which turns out to be a more than judicious choice to begin to discover the joys of colored and connected lighting without breaking the bank.

ZigBee bulbs:

  1. Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance : Treat yourself to the power of the ZigBee and the Hue app for uncompromising lighting. The Philips Hue are by far the best smart bulbs on the market!
  2. Innr E27 RGBW : a quality ZigBee bulb compatible with Philips Hue bridges and Amazon Echo. Powerful with its 806 lumens, it is an interesting alternative to Philips Hue.
  3. Gledopto ZigBee LED RGBW 6W : compatible with many gateways, this bulb offers good value for money and all the advantages of its protocol.

3 - Connected switches: between tradition and modernism

Wi-Fi or ZigBee? Here too, the question arises! Advantage to ZigBee which, once again, has many advantages. Corded or wireless, the choice is yours. Most wired switches require a Neutral wire, so we have preferably chosen the few that do not because the neutral is far from being widespread on our installations. For an even more contained budget, you can also opt for switches that have the advantage of being able to be placed behind a wall or a ceiling.

Wi-Fi switches:

  1. Zemi switchsmart Wi-Fi without neutral : compatible with our flush-mounting boxes, this switch without neutral is efficient and not very expensive. It allows you to control the connection of your traditional bulbs very simply via the application. Smart Life / Tuya.
  2. Sonoff T4EU1C WiFi : not requiring a neutral wire, the Sonoff T4 switch works over Wi-Fi via the eWeLink application and is perfectly compatible with our recessed boxes. An inexpensive solution to control your non-connected lighting?
  3. Zemi switchsmart WF-WS01 : connected via Wi-Fi via the app Smart Life by Tuya, its capacitive glass surface is the most beautiful effect! Efficient, it requires a neutral wire but allows you to easily connect your non-intelligent lighting.

ZigBee switches:

  1. NodOn switch : Battery-free and wireless, this switch uses kinetic energy as power and is fully Philips Hue compatible. Ideal for users of the brand's lighting!
  2. Aqara double switch : wireless and without neutral, allows us to control our lighting in a “traditional” way without using an application or a voice command. Like the dimmers Philips Hue, so it is ideal for replacing our mechanical switches and controlling Xiaomi Home / Yeelight lights.
  3. ZigBee Zemi switchsmart : available in two versions, wireless or recessed, it can control all Tuya lighting / Smart Life. It does not require a neutral wire or a capacitor and, in addition, its design is really successful!

The connected switch:

  1. Meross Switch MSS710 : of quality and very responsive although in Wi-Fi, it is very practical although a little bulky. You can nevertheless use it without its box and put it everywhere to connect, for example, GU10 bulbs in series.
  2. Sonoff Basic Wi-Fi : if we had had some setbacks with the availability of eWeLink servers, it would seem that they have gained in reliability and are widely used by the community. Compact and easy to set up, it allows you to connect a lot of things at low cost.
  3. Earthsmart / 3A ZigBee Switch : same principle as for the previous ones but in ZigBee. This switch requires a bridge but has the huge advantage of being much more responsive and working locally. If it is a little bulky, it is on the other hand dimmable, a big highlight!

Connected switches: 5 points to consider

4 - Opening sensors: connect your doors and windows

Safety is one of the major concerns of the French and Les Alexiens are no exception by paying close attention to security systems. Among them, the very affordable opening sensors allow you to be alerted in the event of an intrusion, but not only that. Able to turn on lights and even warn you of the postman's passage, you'll probably want to put them everywhere. Our preference here also goes to ZigBee models which have exceptional responsiveness and a two-year battery life.

  1. Aqara Door and Window Sensor : it is by far our favorite. Operating in ZigBee via a gateway, its compactness and its successful design make it discreet. Hyper responsive, it allows you to create a number of automations via Xiaomi and goes back Alexa or Home Assistant.
  2. Konyks Senso : working over Wi-Fi, this small opening sensor is practical and easy to set up. Unlike the previous one, it does not require a connection bridge. It also allows routines Alexa.
  3. Earthsmart DW-Sensor : also Wi-Fi and running on the Tuya platform / Smart Life is a model that is as accessible as it is effective. Not too greedy, it has good sensitivity to Wi-Fi.

5 - Motion detectors: connected security

As essential as the opening sensor, the motion detector fulfills more or less the same role in terms of security but has the enormous advantage of being able to monitor an entire room. In addition to alerting in the event of an intrusion, it can turn on the light during a passage and, sometimes, when the brightness is insufficient. Here too, our preference is for the ZigBee, but there are small, practical Wi-Fi devices.

  1. Aqara Motion Sensor : ultra compact and aesthetic, it is once again the reference sensor. Sold at a low price, it is formidably efficient thanks to its ZigBee protocol and allows a large number of automations thanks to its brightness measurement. It is compatible Alexa via the Aqara gateway.
  2. Philips Motion Sensor : an essential complement to the ZigBee Philips Hue range. Although a bit expensive, it is incredibly efficient and well worth the expense. In addition, it has a temperature sensor!
  3. Tuya Motion Sensor : you will find many under many brands, but they are almost all the same. Operating over Wi-Fi, they do not require a bridge, some will appreciate. Make sure that the mention Tuya / Smart Life is clearly specified.

6 - Surveillance cameras: always connected to your home

This is the next logical step! While opening sensors and other motion detectors allow us to be alerted in the event of an intrusion, they do not record any possible harm from unwanted people who have entered our properties. It may therefore be interesting to save all this on video and wait for the arrival of the police.

  1. Blink XT2 : it's our favorite! Ultra compact and boasting two years of battery life, it records everything on its free cloud. Very responsive thanks to its ultra efficient motion detector, it benefits from efficient night vision and remains affordable thanks to a controlled price.
  2. Ezviz C6C / ez360 : panoramic operation, HD, motion tracking, IR, two-way sound, privacy mode, an affordable cloud system, application and data security… Very affordable, it benefits from the know-how of its parent company, Hikvision , world leader in video surveillance.
  3. Netvue OrbCam : it is the most affordable of our selection and the most widespread at Les Alexiens. Although its price is tiny, it has everything a big one: motion detection, night vision, 300 degree rotation and compatibility. Alexa… An undeniable quality / price ratio.

7 - Roller shutters: connected comfort

It is one of the favorite products of Alexians… For those who are lucky enough to have roller shutters, in any case, connecting them is a source of comfort as well as security! You will often need to change your switches for this, but you can also do this inexpensively with a connected switch. All the switches in our selection work over Wi-Fi via the Tuya platform / Smart Life and most brands offer packs of 4 because a connected component is good, but all are better!

  1. Konyks Vollo Max : this is the latest addition to the range! Adapted to French recessed boxes, this switch elegantly replaces your old models thanks to its standard format and allows its backlighting to be easily managed via the brand's application.
  2. Eterksy shutter switch : a switch acclaimed by members of the community. Efficient and inexpensive, it works wonderfully whether via Smart Life or in voice control.
  3. Maxcio switch for roller shutter : a model very similar to the previous ones which also works on the platform Smart Life / Tuya. Responsive and reliable, it is a good product to start with.

Tutorial: install a connected switch for roller shutters

8 - Robot vacuum cleaners: delegating household chores!

This is the home automation fan's best friend: the breathing machine. In addition to saving you precious time, it allows you to keep your home always clean. Never tired, it's probably le "Must have" of our houses filled with connected objects. Packed with technology, best robot vacuum cleaners on the market are all connected and offer a intelligent navigation. If there is something for all budgets, we have selected the best here, but you will find on our site low-cost robot tests that perfectly fulfill their role.

  1. Proscenic M7 Pro : an undeniable quality / price ratio for this robot which offers precise navigation, powerful suction and efficient mopping with its Y-shaped movements. Best of all, it also offers an automatic emptying station. You will have nothing more to do thanks to it!
  2. Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920 : here too, the price / quality ratio is quite exceptional! For less than 500 €, this robot offers everything: uncompromising suction, intelligent navigation with a laser rangefinder, and washing with a mop. To try it is to adopt it !
  3. Roborock S6 : it is the top of the range of the Chinese manufacturer which goes up and never ceases to surprise. With millimeter navigation and powerful suction, it leaves nothing behind and also offers mop-washing functionality.

9 - The connected thermostat: adjust your heating with onions

Who doesn't want to save energy? As we explained in our dossier on best connected thermostats, in addition to saving us money, these connected objects bring us more comfort: switching off the heating when it is no longer useful, adjusting the temperature by one degree, or even creating scenarios will never have been done. so simple !

  1. Netatmo connected thermostat : compatible with most installations, whether they are gas or electric, it is one of the most convincing products on the market. Easy to install, it does not require a professional call as you will see in our Netatmo installation tutorial. If it may seem expensive to buy, know that you have every chance to amortize it the first winter! Netatmo also offers thermostatic heads to manage the temperature of each room. Everything is obviously compatible with the main voice assistants on the market.
  2. Nest Learning connected thermostat : as for the previous one, this connected object is easy to install and use. Boosted by artificial intelligence, the Google brand is now a benchmark and Nest Learning is one of the bestsellers. Compatible Alexa and Google Home, it's a safe bet.
  3. Tado ° V3 + thermostat : room thermostat very popular with Alexians, it allows you to control your heating from anywhere with a very well designed application. It offers geolocation (subscription required at 2.99 € / month), a system for detecting open windows, adaptation to the local weather and even thermostatic heads. A market benchmark that supports Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

10 - Connected speakers: Alexa & Amazon Echo of course!

We could not conclude this top 10 of connected objects without talking about connected speakers that we find in all our rooms or almost. By allowing us voice control of our equipment, they are today thecentral element of our connected homes and their applications allow everything to be articulated very simply by acting as a home automation centralizer. Obviously, we can only advise you to invest in an enclosure Alexa, but you can also turn to Google or Apple.

  1. Echo Studio : an undeniable quality / price ratio for a connected speaker, undermining most of its competitors and offering the best possible integration into the ecosystem Alexa. In pair, it is a high resolution system more than nice, especially if you offer quality sources.
  2. Echo Show 8 : the best ofAlexa with powerful sound and a screen to enjoy skills videos, a tactile home automation control and web browsing. A real pleasure with its HD screen with shimmering colors, a perfect one between the 5 inches of the Show 5 and the 10.1 inches of its big brother Echo Show 2.
  3. EchoDot 3 : an entry-level, certainly, but an essential device that you will find in all Les Alexiens, or almost. It allows to take advantage ofAlexa in every room of the house at a low price. It now exists with a handy integrated clock that allows you to follow your timers!

As a bonus, the icing on the cake is obviously the Fire TV Stick 4K which allows you to transform your TV into a connected speaker Alexa ! The key to streamingAmazon allows you to connect all televisions to the Internet and to take advantage of many services as we mentioned in our top 15 best apps for Fire TV. Users ofAlexa will also appreciate finding all its features and being able to associate a Fire TV Stick 4K with Amazon Echo in Home Cinema.

Fascinated by Alexa since the day I received it in beta test, I gradually became passionate about the subject, before deciding to go further by creating a site with Jean-Christophe. An activity that allows me to quench my thirst for new technologies and share my discoveries about the nicest of communities: Les Alexiens.