SwitchBot Indoor Cam review: SwitchBot's standalone indoor camera

Our opinion on the Switchbot indoor camera

Switchbot Indoor Cam

SwitchBot Indoor Cam W1301200

Price on: July 5, 2022 21 h 04 min

Indoor cameras are a great low cost home surveillance tool. Especially since they now do almost all motion detection with alert. There are at all prices and all qualities, so we looked for a model that combines the two and it is the SwitchBot Indoor Cam.

Well known to our readers through sound tests SwitchBor Hub Mini, of its famous curtain controllers SwitchBot Curtain, or even its very first product  SwhtichBot Bot, the brand now offers an indoor camera with two-way audio, HD, intelligent detection… For a price between 25 and 39 €, what is it worth?

Win SwitchBot connected objects and Echo Dot 3 speakers!

SwitchBot Indoor Cam: a compact but complete camera


The camera is delivered in the brand specific white and red packaging. In glossy print of 15 x 13 x 4 cm, it takes the visual of the Switch Indoor Cam on the front. Use with Alexa is highlighted from the start with the famous "Works with Alexa ».

On the back, you will have examples of uses with Hub SwitchBot such as opening or closing the curtains, coupling to a motion detector ... But rest assured, the SwitchBot Indoor Cam also works autonomously directly via the app. You will also notice the recognition marks CE, RoHS, ICC, UKCA (specific conformity for the UK market), FCC ID for the USA ...

The camera is delivered with:

  • Un charging cable with an AC adapter. You have an EU plug without earth and a UK plug.
  • Un support. This support will come to be either on the underside or on the back of the Indoor Cam. It is 4,5 cm in diameter and 3,2 cm in height.


  • A bag of screws and a double-sided to hang your device on a wall.

The camera as such is relatively compact with its 5,9 x 5,9 x 3,4 cm and it weighs 70 g. A real featherweight! Its square shape and rounded angles give it a nice and versatile look.

On the front, the objective is in a central circle surrounded by Infra-red LED at 6850 nm with detection up to 9 m. There is also a bright LED giving the status of the camera.

  • Steady green : online
  • Slow flashing green : Wi-Fi connection
  • Blinking green : pairing
  • Red :booting
  • Slow flashing red and green : update / network error
  • Flashing red and green : missed pairing
  • Blinking red : ready for configuration

On the back you have:

  • Un reset / on / off button
  • Le micro-USB Loading
  • Le loud speaker for bidirectional sound (the microphone is on the front panel, it goes without saying but it's better when you say it)
  • A notch to insert the support. You will be able to fix it on the wall and come to put the camera there.

On the side you will find a slot for card 128 GB micro-SD. You can therefore store locally but also subscribe to the Cloud for 6,5 € / month or 65 € / year, which is quite expensive in our opinion.

The underside has the serial number and MAC of the camera as well as another hole for inserting the stand to make it stand up.


Here are the characteristics of the ISG-CAM-03W :

  • Brand : SwitchBot
  • Model : SwitchBot Indoor Cam W1301200
  • Video : 1080p FHD, 20 ifp, H.264
  • POSTERS : F2.0, 2,8mm focal length, 6x digital zoom, ½.7-inch CMOS
  • Motion detection : yes, intelligent "human only" detection and targeted detection zone
  • Audio detection : no
  • Food : mains, 5V, 1A but connects to 240V
  • Night vision : Infra-red LED at 6850 nm with detection up to 9 m
  • Audio : Built-in bi-directional microphone
  • Field of view : 130 °
  • Focal length spectrum : Fixed but digital zoom x 6
  • Terms of use - temperature: from -15 to 45 ° C and humidity? 95% RH
  • Wi-Fi : 802.11 b / g / n (2.4Ghz)
  • Ethernet : no
  • Cloud image and video storage (paying) or on max 128 GB micro-SD card,
  • Movement tracking: No
  • Privacy mode : Yes
  • The camera is compatible with the SwitchBot solution but also works under Alexa without Hub


SwitchBot Indoor Cam: installation and use

The SwitchBot Indoor Cam W1301200 model will be installed and controlled thanks to the proprietary application "Switchbot" running on Android and IOS. It is of course necessary to create an account. Pairing is extremely quick and easy. Put it into operation by plugging it into the mains and wait for the Front LED flashes red. In the application, press the + and choose "camera". Then enter your Wi-Fi ID and put in front of the camera the QR-Code that appears on the screen of your mobile.

Did you know that QR Code stands for "Quick Response Code"? This "quick response code" was indeed created in Japan to follow the traceability of spare parts at Toyota!

Once done, the camera is automatically recognized and the setup is complete. Simple, right? You will then have to come and enter a name for your Indoor cam and voila! This name will go back in Alexa.

Let's take a closer look at the app and what it does.

  • From the main view:
    • If you space your fingers while resting them on the visual of the camera, you will be able to zoom in. Maximum magnification x 6.
    • By pressing the loud speaker at the top right, you can talk through the camera. By default, directional sound is enabled. To speak, press the phone logo, under the video.
    • You can choose the video quality on the top corner left : SD or HD
    • The logo □ allows you to switch to full screen
    • The camera logo will allow a screenshot of what is happening in front of your third eye while pressing the camera will record a video.
    • Replay allows you to play back a sequence recorded locally (on the SD or the cloud). Local recordings on your smartphone are available in the gallery.
    • Gallery allows you to recover video and photo. Knowing that the videos do not work while passing by ... You will have to go to your own gallery.
    • The private mode allows you to cut everything. The camera goes into standby mode. Very useful for those who are worried that people will connect to their network from the street and watch their antics on animal skin while they shoot a video for Jackie and Michel.
    • Night mode will allow you to choose between auto mode or On / Off. The rendering is quite good.
    • Motion detection: by activating it, you will receive notifications via smartphone on each detection. With a subscription or an SD card, you can make direct recording.

You can then go to the settings to go further in the settings:

  • Privacy mode : this refers to the button on the main page
  • Setting the basic functions : activation of the status LED, image inversion, audio mode (bi or unidirectional).
  • Night function : On, Off or auto
  • Motion detection:
    • Activate motion detection
    • Determine the sensitivity : from low to high
    • Define a surveillance zone
    • Activate filtration on human body. Very handy if you have four-legged animals.
  • The Korean part (strange for a Japanese brand) allows you to choose the recording medium: micro-SD card, cloud, etc.)
  • Cloud service : you can come and choose secure online storage. SwitchBot Indoor Cam uses high level encryption technology to ensure that your data is protected with the highest security and that no one can access it. Your saved data is stored in the cloud even if the device is offline.
  • Allow notifications : well yes, it is better to receive notifications of motion detection.
  • ...

The weak point of this product is the subscription to its cloud service at 6,5 € per month, relatively expensive compared to the competition. However, the brand had the very good idea not to subject the operation of its camera to its hub, as is however the case for almost all of its products. You can therefore use it with the application alone.

If you want to associate it with Alexa, all you have to do is activate the skill with your SwitchBot credentials and detect the products. By asking Alexa, "Poster X" you will have a visual on what is happening at home. You can even come and speak by pressing the microphone!

Even if it is not noted, it is also possible to use it with Google Assistant. Of course, use will only be possible with a compatible device with a screen such as the Nest Hub Max. It is not possible to use it via the app. It's the same problem with Alexa.

In use, the SwitchBot Indoor Cam is very pleasant to use. She is very simple we do not get lost in the settings, the video quality is very good and it is the same for audio. The motion detection works fine. Human detection is very convenient and tests with cats show that there are no nuisance triggers. In case of detection, you will have alerts with shots. It is very practical., And the use can be much more advanced by coupling it to scenarios or movement detectors of the brand to, for example, record when movement is detected in another room for example. It is also possible to use it as a baby monitor or other. Use with Alexa is really simple!


Watch our video test to get an idea of ​​its possibilities, and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

La SwitchBot Indoor Cam offers great features at a relatively affordable price. With its shooting in H.264 HD 1080p, its zoom optical x 6, to night vision and his two-way audio, She has it all. It is equipped with intelligent detection of humans, restricted areas, micro-SD storage (128 GB) and a cloud solution. You can also take live photos and videos. You will automatically receive notifications in case of presence on your Smartphone. With its integration Amazon Alexa and Google assistant, you can request to see your camera images on your Echo Show or Nest Hub. You can also have notifications via Alexa and integrate it into routines. Note that the camera works alone or in conjunction with a SwitchBot Hub to cooperate with other devices of the brand. Few weak points for this indoor camera therefore, if not the SwitchBot Cloud subscription, fortunately not compulsory. To buy at the right price for a Excellent value !
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!