Proscenic P10 Pro review: a powerful vacuum cleaner at a good price

In the large family of vacuum cleaners, we regularly present connected robot vacuum cleaners or stick vacuum cleaners which, if they are not, nonetheless remain complementary to the former for the little nooks that even with the best will a robot will not be able to reach. This is how we offer you today to test a new model in the range of stick vacuum cleaners: the  Proscenic P10 Pro. At 199 € excluding promotion, what is he hiding under the hood?

Proscenic P10 Pro: the elegant blue stick vacuum cleaner

Unboxing the Proscenic P10 Pro

Arrived in a rather imposing cardboard suitcase of 74 cm x 26 cm x 16 cm for 4.6 kg, very sober with simply a diagram of the broom vacuum cleaner, the Proscenic P10 Pro doesn't look like much.

At the opening, it is again many thick boxes that we find. All of them are neatly fitted together, like a construction set, and each part is carefully packaged and protected for transport. Even if we do not yet see the vacuum cleaner, we appreciate the precautions taken.

Let's find out what each is closing.

The large roller electric brush

It is articulated on an angle of 90 ° vertically and radiates at 90 ° to the left and to the right

At the front, its translucent cover allows you to see the large roller. If ever threads, hair, hairs come to agglutinate there, it is easy to notice it and to proceed to a cleaning. At its base 4 LED light up white as soon as the engine is started and project a beam over several meters and a comfortable lighting on about twenty centimeter thus making it possible to guide the broom in the dark corners or even in a room plunged in the dark. Under the LEDs a frontal velor strip acts as a “shock absorber” in the event of contact with an obstacle.

Below the brush, there is a strip of velvet on three sides. In the front two small wheels come in addition to two big wheels guide positioned at the rear of the brush. They just leave the necessary space so that the slightly thick particles can be "absorbed" but also to change the level of the device, such as passage from hard floor to carpet. Count 5 mm of heightening.

The two large wheels placed at the front of each side of the clip-on roller brush upright allow the brush to slide effortlessly. The interlocking system of the pieces placed on the support between each allows the articulation of the brush and a 180 ° coverage. But, the greater the angle, the more difficult the action of the wheels will be. Logic. They are no longer in the central axis.

On the third side the locking / unlocking system to allow the extraction of the roller from its housing.

The roll is made of  three subjects :

  • a tube in plastic on which is twisted three bands:
    • 1 blue consisting of stiff bristles that will scrape the ground
    • 2 velvet violet to carry the dirt towards the suction.

The anti dust mite motorized mini brush:

As the name suggests, it is intended for the various upholstery and mattress fabrics on which dust mites like to spread. The removable transparent shell acts as a suction cup when placed on the textile, so no dust is spread. You have to take a good hand to suck while being as vertical as possible and maintain the suction effect.

The brush consists of two lines of semi-rigid fibers red placed in V. On the front a red velvet band allows a contact between fabric and fabric less harsh than if it were directly the plastic. On the side of the cover, a large plastic screw keeps it in place.

The crevice tool and the articulated oval brush:

The crevice tool is long and narrow enough to fit between the uprights of a cast iron radiator where dust. It will be just as effective on the top edge of baseboards that a robot vacuum cleaner cannot reach. Placed on the long tube, it only fixes in one position, typically the longest part on top but three orientations are possible : face (as on the tube), left or right thus offering more ease to go to dislodge the dust without difficulty.

The oval brush is made of stiff fibers. Placed on the long tube, it will simplify cleaning at height without increasing the weight at arm's length. Its articulation 90 ° on its support will also help pass everywhere. It too can be placed in three orientations giving it an almost full rotation.

The attachment end of the central body has 3 notches which allows you to choose one of them to engage the long tube or the oval brush.

the tube : in a pretty petrol blue metallic color, it measures in all  65 cm whose 61.5 cm useful (the remaining 3.5 cm is the interlocking in the main body).

Power supply, it is a block that delivers 34.2V output fitted with a type C socket (without earth) and DC plug to be connected to the battery in place or removed or to the recharging wall support. His cable does 1.5 meters.

The wall bracket comes with 3 wall plugs, 3 screws, a drill guide and double-sided tape. Below, a DC plug ensures recharging when the battery pins touch the contactors.

The battery of the P10 Pro

The battery of the Proscenic P10 Pro contains 8 lithium ion batteries. It has been improved compared to the previous model (P10) giving it greater autonomy, going from 40 minutes on the previous version to 55 minutes in Eco use. Indeed, like all other cordless stick vacuum cleaners, autonomy is not its strong point, especially used in max mode where the usage time drops to 12 minutes before it stops dead. This may still seem insufficient, but remains very correct compared to its competitors, especially if it is generally a vacuum cleaner. The battery is removable which is practical for recharging outside the device while inserting a second (to acquire) to continue cleaning.

If autonomy will always remain the problem of cordless vacuum cleaners, the fact remains that the power that this battery develops is strong with 23000 Pa to 260 W. Unlike the DC plug, its pins ensure recharging when they are in contact with those of the wall bracket. Note, the small petrol blue reminder touch on the fixing clips.

Another small tool is attached to the accessories, it is a wire cutter to dislodge the hair and other hair of your animals which would have remained on one of the rollers. But, frankly, we didn't have to use it, because contrary to what we had recovered during our test of the Proscenic 850T where the roller had kept the hair, nothing to dislodge with the Proscenic P10 Pro due to excellent design. Bluffing!

Proscenic presents many new features at CES 2021

The central body

Its shell is two-tone and shiny plastic. Here the petrol blue color stands out on the sides and contrasts with the black that accompanies it. The quality of the materials is good. No finishing defect observed.

Engine is adjacent to the 650 ml dust container. It is said Turbo 3.0 and spins at a speed of 110 rpm, just that ! At the rear, a grid allows the engine to be ventilated.

The handle is smooth and comfortable to hold. There is no "finger mold" to hold it, which is very practical because small or large fingers will easily find their place.

The triggering trigger is ergonomic and always in tune. Press it and wait 1 to 2 seconds for the engine to crank. If you press it again thinking it didn't turn it on, you will turn it off.

Each element that connects to it is clipped on.

The rechargeable battery, it is inserted from below with its 2 large buttons plugging into the central body.

The dust bin which contains the various filters reducing its storage capacity. it clips from above by inserting the different parts into their housing and aligning the red dot with the upper part.

The various brushes or the extension tube plug into the front and to extract them by simply pressing the blue button….

The dust bin

It clips onto the central body and as an extension of the device. This is quite a good idea because it takes up less storage space. As the tank is translucent, monitoring its filling is not difficult. For its emptying, a loop below the tank allows emptying what is in the lower part under the metal filter. To evacuate what is in the upper part, you have to unclip the tray from the body of the device, push in from the bottom, which will also have been opened, the cyclonic system to bring it up and take it out HEPA filter then empty the container into the household trash. It's not the easiest, you just have to take it slowly so as not to drop everything to the ground.

The cyclonic filtration system

It is integrated into the dust container, reducing its capacity accordingly. It's a shame but there is still enough to fill it in more than one passage. The filtration system of the Proscenic P10 Pro is made of four floors:

  • HEPA : white in a petrol blue holder, it has a string to help remove it. But when it is properly inserted the string will crack before it is out of the bin ...
  • Sponge, black, it is held by 5 lugs on the back of the HEPA filter. It must be well passed under the 5 supports to ensure optimal filtration.
  • Metal grid, a lot of dust clumps together reducing the risk of dispersion a little when the bin is emptied. It is inserted on a black conical support. The grid must be properly placed in the circular slot then put the other end which serves as a stopper and screw it into the notch so that the grid is held in place and the assembly can be put back into the dust container before closing .
  • Ionosphere treated cyclone : it will suck up the dust like a cyclone and store it in the bin, avoiding any release into the air.

All of these four filters capture and trap 99.99% of particles larger than 0.3 microns such as dust, allergens and dander.

HEPA filter and sponge

The metal filter with its fixing system

Note that on the central cone a non-return valve is provided.

All filter elements are washable with water: pan, HEPA filter, foam, metal grid, and support cone. But of course it is necessary to dry everything well before reassembling and putting the device back into service.


  • Brand : Proscenic
  • Model : P10 Pro
  • Drums : 8 lithium ion batteries 2000 mAh
  • Engine power : 260W
  • Sucking power : 23.000Pa
  • Number of revolutions / min : 11.000
  • Maximum dimensions 118.38 cm 25.4 cm x 21.84 cm
  • Number of power : 3
    • Eco: 7600 Pa
    • Max: 2300Pa
    • Car
  • Central body weight without accessories 1.650 kg
  • Autonomy : 55 min in Eco mode
  • Loading time : 2.5h
  • Reloading : Via wall bracket or on the removable battery (even in place)
  • Dust bin : 650 ml
  • Accessories : Electric roller brush, mini electronic anti dust mite brush x1, articulated oval brush x1, crevice tool x1, HEPA filter x1
  • Other : Power supply x1, thread cutter x1, user manual x1

Proscenic P10 Pro: daily use of the vacuum cleaner

After having detailed the elements of the Proscenic P10 Pro, let's see what the result of its use.

As said before, you have to wait 1 to 2 seconds when you press the trigger. The deadline seems to be getting shorter and becomes much more responsive, and almost instantaneous over the loads we do for this test. In other words, the battery seems to require a little break-in before being fully efficient. Once this is done, a large control screen lights up on the handle and will allow you to manage the different powers. It doesit is not necessary to keep your finger tense on the button once it has been activated and that's very good !

The control screen of the Proscenic P10 Pro is tactile and even motion detection ! Although not connected, a simple swipe of the shadow of the finger and the change of power takes place. It may or may not be good ...

When it starts up, the default mode is “Auto” but there are two other power levels: Eco and Max.

Auto mode : This is the basic mode, the simplest where the vacuum cleaner manages itself: nothing to do! It adjusts its power according to the nature of the ground (more important on a large carpet) to allow the use of 20 to 30 min and deliver between 11.500 and 18.500 Pa. The sound level that we measured at a distance of 1 meter from the air outlet is 60 dB or the equivalent of the level of a conversation. But it's an engine that hums all the same.

Max Mode : they release all the power he has in his stomach, 23.000Pa, in particular to suck up the coarse dust. But beware, theautonomy will drop drastically to a dozen minutes. To be used therefore sparingly, just where necessary, not necessarily for the whole household. Or, maybe plan to invest in a second battery if you have a very large area to clean. But as we indicated previously, it is more to use as an auxiliary cleaner or for very small surfaces where a vacuum robot would not be justified, such as a studio for example. The sound level that we measured at a distance of 1 meter from the air outlet is 62 dB or the equivalent of the level of a conversation. But it's an engine that hums all the same.

Eco mode : as its name suggests, it works on the economy to allow more autonomy: 55 min provided by the manufacturer but we identified only  40 min of operation and he stopped. The power used is between 7.500 and 10.000Pa . It is a mode that can be used on hard floors such as tiles, parquet floors where there will not be too much to "tap" in the suction to loosen the dirt. So, in the end, it can be used most of the time, except if your interior is completely covered with large rugs… but here we pity you for the summer, it must be hot under your feet. The sound level that we measured at a distance of 1 meter from the air outlet is 57dB, equivalent to the level of a quiet office. But it's an engine that hums all the same.

In the end not many differences noted in noise level compared to what the brand announces.

A battery representing the remaining charge is displayed on the screen of the Proscenic P10 Pro allowing to follow the evolution. Below the selected power level

When the battery level drops, it turns orange and then red, like traffic lights. You will also find under the stack an area for the various error messages, 3 in number:

  • 1: brush blockage: turn off turn on again, it should restart it.
  • 1 2 3: brush short-circuit: an after-sales service is to be expected
  • 2: Defective fan: Check that nothing is blocking the fan and will cause it to overheat. Turn off for a few minutes for it to cool down and turn back on.

In use, the Proscenic P10 Pro stick vacuum cleaner is comfortable to hold. The handle is large and to hold it does not require a lot of strain on the wrist. The fact that the whole of the main body is placed in the upper part is a very good thing compared to the “old” stick vacuum cleaners because the plunging part is more important (to pass under a bed for example) and there is less surface and risk of direct contact with an obstacle and therefore scratching it. Yes, it's a stick vacuum cleaner, but as long as you want to keep it as clean as possible.

He stands all alone like a big on the big brush and that's great! The wall mounting system which also acts as recharging is very good, but becomes accessory because it is not compulsory to maintain it. Place it near an outlet and charge the battery in place. Do you have a place to store it but no outlet? Remove it and go feed it further, no worries.

Suction side, the Proscenic P10 Pro is efficient. We took it a bit further by using Max mode a lot. So yes, autonomy has suffered, it's true, but seeing what he has recovered, he is undeniably powerful.

The large brush is perfect. We took him around the house to fill the bin. It filled up but not completely. Proof that its capacity is good enough for several passages (unless you really have phenomenal dust which we do not wish you). But, what amazed us the most is that the roller did not "hold" any hair. Design anti-tangle hard fibers on the roll does the job well. Everything went back into the bin and was crushed because, by emptying it, we did not find a "package".

We tested in addition to the main brush:

  • the crevice tool by passing it between the slots of a radiator. It is the first that we have which is fine enough to pass through the interstices and suck up the dust that clumps there.
  • the mini electric brush Pleasantly surprised us on his passage on a mattress. Shaved sweater effect. No more pilling. But its handling with the hood is not the easiest. You have to take a hand, well be vertical to what you suck (by bringing the vacuum cleaner towards you) otherwise the hood tends to rise and the suction effect is no longer there. The aspiration is done, but suddenly there is a small loss.
  • the oval brush, light it does not weigh down the device for use at height. However, it will have to be manipulated manually to orient it in the different axes that it is possible to put it.

If the dust container of the Proscenic P10 Pro has a correct capacity, it hangs a little in its design to empty it. When the dust rises, it is stored in the upper part, then falls into the lower part by accumulation or due to its weight. The latter is easy to empty by opening the latch underneath. The problem is, even when shaking hard or repeatedly, what is on top stays on top. It is therefore necessary to remove the tray from the support and proceed with disassembly as indicated above. It is not the easiest, especially since the plastic elements tend to stick together. It is a helping hand to take, but also a point that deserves to be improved.

In conclusion, the Proscenic P10 Pro is a powerful vacuum cleaner with a excellent suction power, but autonomy is a bit tight in Max mode. The suction accessories are well designed. It is quite light and therefore easy to handle, even at high arm's length. Its bin offers a good capacity, but it is not easy to empty it. Is it an obstacle? No, it's just a helping hand that we take very quickly. Offered at € 199.00 excluding promotion on Amazon, a more than reasonable price for this type of device, the Proscenic P10 is a very good stick vacuum cleaner and the perfect complement to a robot vacuum cleaner.
Currently a 20 € coupon is available by checking the box when ordering

Proscenic P10 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner




Care instructions






Price quality



  • Removable battery
  • Stand up straight all alone
  • Good aspiration

The lessers

  • Emptying the bin not very easy
  • Autonomy
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