How to operate Alexa : your spouse

Today we're going to take a look at something you can use to make it work. Alexa and who will make your life easier: your spouse.

We will see together how to configure it according to its type and then what can be done with it. And finally, the cost.


The Typologies:

There are three main groups of spouses that we can classify in terms of their acceptance ofAlexa : refractory, neither for nor against and thoroughly!


So this is the most complicated to manage. First, the interest in Alexa is not obvious, on the contrary, he or she judges it as a gadget paid too much for what it is. Worse, there can even be deliberate acts of sabotage like closing switches to not use Alexa even, in the most complicated cases, the act of unplugging the speaker!

Neither for nor against:

We will say that it is the most interesting to manage. We have to be convincing, but we are not going to have bad faith to take into account. We would have to find the right arguments, the right examples… but we know that basically it could work well.


Well there, nothing to do except live the experience to the full Alexa. Oh yes… Pay attention to the budget because the refractory and the neither for nor against will always be able to restrict you in your expenses… which are of course really necessary!

How to manage and configure them:


Okay, let's start with the heaviest case. Unlike the eponymous brick, the refractory is far from warm with Alexa. First of all, you have to know why ...

  • Completely resistant to new technology: so here we are on the heaviest of the heaviest. Because with Alexa, which is an AI, you will surely be using bulbs, sockets and other connected devices. So double or even triple dose of new tech ... In this case, you have to go step by step. Start by making him discover Alexa as such by insisting on his areas of interest: music, news, general knowledge ... But beware, take it slow. Start by using it in front of him or her by putting on purpose his favorite music or replays of his favorite radio shows. Smart, right? After that ? Look what will happen. Do not rush him or her. Repeat as much as necessary until you see him or her, alone, ask Alexa to play his music or his replay. You can also make it a dedicated playlist! When this step is taken, start with a light bulb or socket. Be careful, buy one that can work by Alexa but also by switch. Why ? Because at the beginning, the refractory will use the switch in all cases. Change the bulb in his or her favorite corner, which he or she must go and light when getting up, while with Alexa… Interest will come quickly. Do you get the trick? But be careful, do not skip the steps, do not immediately switch to everything connected, otherwise it will go to clash, switches off, Echoes disconnected ...
  • Doesn't want to talk to a machine: maybe a little easier to manage. First, change the activation word for "Echo" or other but not " Alexa ". It will make the experience less human. Do the voice commands yourself at first and see what happens. If you feel like you're reluctant to change your activation word, go ahead.
  • Does not understand the new technology: When sending an SMS is complicated and turning on a PC is like lighting a candle, you will have to reassure. Indeed, the arguments are quite simple: Alexia only works by voice! It will hit the mark and will be easier to manage than the other two cases. Start using it in front of him or her. Insurance will come and it will no longer be a problem? Yes, but what if it breaks down? Here again, initially favor connected devices that do not work through Hubs.

You can of course also mix these three methods.

Neither for nor against: 

The neither for nor against is in general a person who is already conquered, but who wants to be reassured and to see with the practice. So we are going to take again the techniques of Sioux usable in the refractory. But there it will be more to stir up interest. Be careful, however, not to skip the steps and take for granted your acceptance ofAlexa. Indeed, if you go too fast there will be a risk that there will be a feeling of being too full, too many new things in too little time and therefore rejection. Well yes, we want to test, we like it, but we don't want it to be forced on us! Go there at an appropriate pace and involve the neither for nor against in the purchases of the devices. This will make it possible to pass the stage of acceptance more effectively: once we have said yes, we are in favor, no? You can also use this method at the end of the indoctrination of your refractory!



Do you really need us? It's the simplest case. You are on the same wavelength and your home will quickly become hyper connected. However, pay attention to several things:

  • The budget : Yes, when one buys, it is already expensive, but when both get started ...
  • The saturation of your network: too many objects will quickly risk making your Wi-Fi totally saturated and sluggish. So invest in a mesh or routers.

The cost :

The blow of a spouse working with Alexa depends on their gender, their age… and your level of attachment.

The spouse has fairly simple needs in the end: to eat, drink ... Men and women have roughly similar needs, but plan for the man larger quantities and extras in beers, potatoes and red meat. For women, a budget in juices and skin care creams will be necessary. Be careful, insist that the male partner washes himself from time to time. You can also come across vegetarians, vegans, allergic or intolerant to vegetables (generally in men). So be sure to be well informed to avoid the odds: vegetables to eat in front of a football match will not go well and conversely a beef tartare for a vegan spouse will be the worst effect.

You will not keep your spouse locked up in your home because it is prohibited by law. It is therefore necessary to plan a fairly substantial budget in leisure and clothes (for male spouses, be careful that it harmonizes the colors well before letting it go out and that it changes regularly). The difference between men and women will be seen more in the clothing and shopping budget, which will be more important for women. For men, plan some pocket money for the bar with friends and an expensive subscription to sports channels. Provide him with a cozy little corner with a sofa and beers. Some will play sports but many will prefer to watch it. For spouses, plan to meet people who also have spouses because they have an important need for social life.

Another important consideration, if you decide to keep your spouse, you should also plan a wedding budget in some cases (if you haven't already done so). It quickly costs an arm, so choose wisely.

Here it is, once again the Alexians have tried to write an article presenting you a product with its strengths and weaknesses, and the hidden flaws. Of course, you can always come across heavy cases (the blah, the pouf ...) but in these cases, the Alexians have no real solution ...





























Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!