SwitchBot unveils two new security features

You have known the brand for a long time if you follow us, since we presented it to you from their first marketing campaigns. crowdfunding on Kickstater… After his famous SwitchBot Bot for switch, then its popular connected thermometers SwitchBot Meter, the company specializing in the easy connected home has just unveiled new accessories that should not leave: the SwitchBot Motion Sensor et SwitchBot Contact Sensor.

These two novelties mark the arrival of the japanese company on a field that she had not yet explored, that of home automation for security.

These products all require the SwitchBot Hub Mini or More of the brand to work.

SwitchBot Motion Sensor: the motion detector

The first product is none other than the highly anticipated SwitchBot Motion Sensor which, as its name suggests in English, is a motion and light detector. Compact, it comes in the form of a straight block of 5,4 cm side for 3 cm thick. Powered by two AAA batteries included, it weighs only 56 grams and comes with a small foot to fix it in order to make the best use of its detection field of 110 ° horizontal and 55 ° vertical with a maximum range of 9 meters.

Like the other devices of the brand, the SwitchBot Motion Sensor can be set via thehome application which allows, here, to adjust the sensitivity of the detector, to warn us in the event of an intrusion, but also to associate it with other equipment of the brand such as the Switchbot Curtain in order, for example, to automate the opening of your curtains when entering a room.

Le SwitchBot Motion Sensor is available for € 20,96 on the brand's official website. It is obviously compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri, IFTTT or even SmartThings.

SwitchBot Contact Sensor: the opening sensor

When a brand offers a motion detector, it often goes hand in hand with an opening sensor. SwitchBot is no exception and also unveils sound SwitchBot Contact Sensor, an opening detector for doors and windows.

It is also rather compact (7 x 2,55 x 2,3 cm for the sensor and 3,5 x 1,2 x 1,25 mm its magnet) and light (43 grams), the opening sensor is installed very easily with simple 3M stickers which allow it to be placed discreetly on a door, a window, or even a drawer. It is powered by two AAA batteries giving it an autonomy of 3 years thanks to the use of a very low energy house protocol.

Where this opening sensor differs from the competition is that it also incorporates a light and motion detector. It is, in a way, a 3-in-1 connected object !

Like any self-respecting contact sensor, this allows you to be warned by notifications when your sashes are opened and closed, to consult a log of the day's events, but also to be alerted directly by your assistant. vocal since it is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, but also usable with Siri, IFTTT or even SmartThings.

Le SwitchBot Contact Sensor is available for € 20,96 on the brand's official website.
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