SwitchBot launches its connected lock to Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri

When we first introduced you SwitchBot, three years ago, the brand only had two products in its catalog: the famous bot SwitchBot and the fun cloud-shaped Bluetooth LE Hub. But the company behind this ingenious system has since come a long way and continues to enrich its range of new connected objects, gradually shaping a complete ecosystem for the connected home, as evidenced by the very recent release of the SwitchBot smart lock Smart Lids.

SwitchBot Smart Lock: a connected lock that is easy to install

To be honest, the SwitchBot Smart Lids is not really a connected lock. Like the popular Nuki Smart Lock, it is more precisely a key turner, a connected object intended to turn the key to your lock for you. A system which has the particular advantage of being Easy and quick to install, and which can be removed just as easily.

La ease of installation is also the first argument put forward by the brand which specifies that its system does not require no DIY and simply attaches with 3M adhesive. A technique which may seem not very durable at first glance, but which has been proven in others, as we mentioned in our Nuki test Smart Lock 2.0. Moreover, this type of device is particularly interesting for tenants who can install it without modifying the existing one and remove it in the event of a move. No hole or screw, your owner will not find fault!

But, where the shoe pinch is that the device seems only intended for locks equipped with rosettes and buttons. WonderLab boasts three button adapters and an adjustable base adapter allowing its product to be used on a wide variety of doors, but it is clear that these models are not widely used with us on entry doors. In France, anyway. This is probably the reason why the SwitchBot Smart Lids is currently only available in Japan.

A lock connected to Alexa, Google Home, Siri and IFTTT

While waiting for a system to adapt it to European cylinders, we are already delighted by the wide compatibility of this "key turner" with our ecosystems. Smart Home. Operating in Bluetooth LE, the SwitchBot Smart Lids obviously requires a SwitchBot Mini Hub to communicate with the Internet. Therefore, in addition to using the trademark application, it is possible to control it with Alexa, Google Home, HomeKit and, for the few who still use it, IFTTT.

SwitchBot Hub Mini test: mini size, mini price but maximum utility for this IR controller!

Rest assured, a password will be required when unlocking the door with Alexa or Google Home, preventing malicious people from entering in your absence. The SwitchBot smart lock also offers other easy opening and closing methods, such as the use of NFC tags, Android or iOS widgets, or even an Apple Watch. Convenient !

Offered at around ¥ 10 and 12 in Japan, or between € 000 and € 80, we do not yet know if the SwitchBot Smart Lids will benefit from international distribution, but we will obviously be sure to let you know in due course.
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