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You are new to the connected home or want to improve your smart home ? At a lower cost, it's better, right? Well, that's exactly what SwitchBot is offering you this week with Christmas offers ranging up to -42%. Better still, thanks to our exclusive code, you will be able to further reduce the invoice of 10% more (on the reduced price).

SwitchBot Bot and Hub: it all starts with it

Founded in 2016, the company has made a name for itself with its SwitchBot Bot which is sort of the extension of your finger to turn on / off any switches No bedside lamp? Forced to turn off your light before bed? Or want to smell your coffee when you wake up? Either way, you can install the device in question. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can then operate it remotely.

SwitchBot test: press a button for you!

But that's not all, SwitchBot is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Asssitant if you install it with the mini hub, latest version of gateway, to interface with your voice assistant.

SwitchBot Mini Hub Mini test: a very complete Bluetooth LE and infrared controller!

SwitchBot Meter: monitor temperature and humidity

For monitoring the hydrometry of a room, SwitcheBot offers its SwitchBot Meter which obviously also gives the temperature. Small and discreet, although it has a screen large enough to easily read on it, it fits on any shelf from the basement to the attic for remote monitoring of the data collected.

Test The SwitchBot Meter: finally a “compatible” connected hygrometry and temperature sensor Alexa

SwitchBot Curtain: automate your curtains

It's too hot ? Pull back the curtain! Not enough light to do your crossword? Open the curtain! Being able to perform this simple action by programming it according to the time of sunrise or sunset or simply by asking your voice assistant, is a must. the SwitchBot Curtain is available in Rod, I rail or U rail version, you will find the model that suits your situation. In addition, they are available in black or white for perfect integration.

SwitchBot Curtain test: control your curtains with your finger and / or voice

SwitchBot Cam: a cute indoor camera

SwitchBot recently launched its indoor camera SwitchBot Cam. It is not mandatory to add a hub since it works on the 2.4 GHz WI-Fi network and is supported by voice assistants, allowing you in particular to broadcast its images on the screen of your Echo Show or Nest Hub and even talk to whoever is in front of the camera.

SwitchBot Indoor Cam review: SwitchBot's standalone indoor camera

SwitchBot motion detector and contact sensor

To increase the surveillance of a room or simply to know if the postman has dropped by to drop off mail or a package and if it is necessary to leave, a movement detector or door opening sensor is very useful. Moreover this last use is acclaimed by our community who loves the idea. You can also have the lights turn on or off when you get to your door. Nice.

SwitchBot: an efficient light bulb

SwitchBot finally offers an E27 LED bulb of 800 lm. Operating over Wi Fi on the 2.4 GHz network, it does not require no hub to be piloted. But you can perfectly combine it with the camera, or a detector to be informed of an "abnormal" situation or simply to light your passage, thanks to the application of the mark.

Thanks to our exclusive code, you will be able to reduce the bill by an additional 10% (on the reduced price).
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