Sonos & Google Assistant: chronicle of an announced divorce

The end of Google Assistant on Sonos?

We revealed to you, last August, the upcoming arrival of a voice assistant named « Hey sonos ». The American speaker specialist multi-room would indeed be on the verge of proposing his own assistant and getting rid of the one who has become in recent months his public enemy number 1: Google Assistant.

Yes, you read that right, Sonos would be on the verge of outright remove Google Assistant of its connected speakers ...

Sonos advances on its voice assistant

Sonos and Google in the midst of a legal battle

Following the takeover, a few years ago, of the French voice technology Snips, there was little doubt that Sonos had the plan to one day offer its own voice assistant on its connected speakers. A recent survey of its users had also ignited the web this summer, suggesting that the Californian company would be about to offer it to its customers instead of Google Assistant ...

In bickering with Mountain View for many months, Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos, said last January that he no longer had "No choice but to plead in the interest of protecting inventions" of his company, explaining to the New York Times that Google had not shown « no willingness to work […] on a mutually beneficial solution ”. War was therefore declared!

Rejecting the claims of the connected speaker manufacturer, Google said to itself “ disappointed that Sonos has brought these lawsuits instead of prolonging negotiations in good faith ”. Discussions that Patrick Spence has never denied but which, according to him, were unbalanced because of the power of the company led by his counterpart Sundar Pichai.

Google in turn sues Sonos

Shortly after, last August, the tension rose further when the announcement of the Google's lawsuit against Sonos. Replying blow for blow, the web giant then accused the specialist in wireless Hi-Fi of violate five of his patents.

Jose Castadena, a spokesperson for Mountain View, later told the American press that "Although Google rarely sues other companies for patent infringement » Alphabet had to “To assert its intellectual property rights in this area. "

Believing in addition to have been of invaluable help to the development of Sonos by authorizing him the use of Google Assistant, Castadena hammered the point home by saying to himself " disappointed that Sonos has made false statements about our collaboration and our technology ”.

Sonos would no longer want Google Assistant on its speakers

Pending the resolution of the conflict in court, no negotiation seeming to be on the agenda between the parties, Sonos has since been working hard to get rid of the now very embarrassing Google Assistant present on its speakers.

Thus, as revealed by our colleagues from, new evidence would suggest the company is indeed grooming an assistant named "Sonos Voice Control" which would allow control of Sonos connected speakers and would be able to work in concert with Alexa… And only her!

As noted Michary, a Reddit user, two images suggest that users will be able to activate the Sonos with Amazon Alexa… But not with Google Assistant!

Is the end of the partnership between Sonos and Google about to explode in broad daylight? It is quite possible, not to say probable, and although it is unfortunate for users of Google Home for whom the acquisition of Sonos speakers is more or less the only way to benefit from a quality sound, everything suggests that the idyll between Mountain View and Santa Barbara would be on the way to end in a divorce ... Case to be continued !

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