Sonoff: ZigBee home automation on sale

The sales should not leave you indifferent with, in particular, the range Sonoff zigbee that we have presented to you. Practicing very attractive prices on these products all year round, the French specialist in home automation e-commerce offers 25% discount in addition today!

Sonoff Basic ZBR3: the switch to put everywhere

Compatible with the brand's ZigBee bridge, gateways for home automation boxes or even hubs Amazon le Sonoff Basic ZBR3 is a Chinese brand staple.

Sonoff Mini ZigBee: the super practical micromodule

The Sonoff Mini ZigBee micromodule offers the possibility of controlling a device / lighting and is very easily placed behind a switch. Compatible with ZigBee gateways for Jeedom ou Home Assistant, but also with Eedomus and Amazon Echo, it is an excellent choice to keep the use of its traditional switches.

ZigBee plug at reduced price

It is not the most beautiful, we grant you, but the Sonoff ZigBee 3.0 socket is a good product and is still very effective.

-25% on ZigBee sensors

We have presented them to you almost all, we liked them all: ZigBee Sonoff sensors have one of the best quality / price ratio on the market.

Sonoff ZigBee ZB Bridge or ZigBee key?

To control all this, you will obviously need a ZigBee gateway ... Here is a selection of hubs at discounted prices.

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