Somfy Home Alarm Advanced: an autonomous and proactive alarm

The connected alarms are definitely in fashion. After Ring and Yale, it's the Somfy Home Alarm Advanced which makes a remarkable entry into the residential alarm market “ plug and play »Does not require the use of professional installers or costly subscriptions to remote monitoring services.

Introducing new features absent from the first version, it offers in particular proactive technology, a battery giving it a large autonomy and a back-up cellular connection.

Somfy Home Alarm Advanced: a proactive and autonomous alarm

« Somfy Home Alarm Advanced is a technological concentrate offering security at all times and advanced compatibilities, which always integrate perfectly into the life of the family ” specifies the press release of the French company.  “We went further to push one of the founding pillars of its security solutions: proactive detection and deterrence ».

Thanks to the patented IntelliTAG® technology, the new Somfy alarm is indeed able to detect an intrusion attempt even before the door is forced or opened. How? 'Or' What? With opening sensors for doors and windows, of course, but also a dose of artificial intelligence.

But, in addition to this system, the real effectiveness of which we hardly know, it is its autonomous character that has caught our attention. Indeed, the connected alarm is doubly so since, like the Ring Alarm V2 for example, it incorporates a battery giving it a 14 day battery lifebut also a GSM chip with subscription at € 2,99 / month (free for 5 years) to compensate for possible Internet cuts. An option at € 4,99 / month will also be available for those wishing a continuous GSM connection to, for example, install the system in a second home that does not have an Internet connection.

Welcome backwards compatibility

Previous generation users will be delighted to learn that this new version of the alarm is compatible with all accessories in the security range (indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, detectors, sirens, etc.), equipment using the io-homecontrol® and RTS protocols, and of course with the TaHoma box. Compatibility that also allows it to work with voice assistants Amazon Alexa et Google Home. Capable of supporting up to 50 devices, the Somfy Home Alarm Advanced is available from 649 euros. A bit high price, but which includes 5 years of subscription.


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