[SALE] Home automation: promotions on sockets and bulbs at Domadoo

What could be better than taking advantage of the sales to perfect your home automation system? Today, lighting is at the heart of our Domadoo selection with promotions on Sonoff and Shelly bulbs. Although they have become intelligent by being remotely controllable thanks to Wi-Fi, connected bulbs are also decorative objects taking up the "filament" design of yesteryear as at the time of Thomas Edison. And, of course, they are all compatible with voice assistants. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Connected bulbs at -25%

Micromodules and switches at -25%

Do you prefer to keep your good old bulbs? THE'connected switch can also be an interesting solution!

Better yet, you can keep the existing one with micromodules. Compact, they hide behind your switch, in your false ceiling or in the cover of your suspension.

Connected sockets at low prices

Switch off a device to prevent it from remaining on standby, cut off the power supply to your smartphone once the charge is complete, or simply control a lamp: the connected socket has many destinations. Here, too, you have the choice between Wi-Fi or ZigBee.

Note that the ZigBee models below are compatible with the Xiaomi / Aqara gateway, but also with the connected home hubs of Pregnant Amazon Echo, and of course with ZigBee dongles.


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