[SALES] Bosch cameras Smart Home up to -27%

As always, quality comes at a price, and Bosch usually charges quite a bit of money for its Deutsche Qualität! Fortunately, there are the sales and Amazon.fr now offers the brand's home automation solutions at a reduced price!

Bosch 360 ° camera at 182.99 € or -27%

Bosch 360: camera Alexa Cheap echoCompatible Alexa et Amazon Echo Show, this camera, which covers 360 °, automatically tracks movements and sends the images to the smartphone in real time and in Full HD resolution.

With this smart 360 ° camera, you'll never lose sight of what's going on in your home. Thanks to its swivel head, it monitors the entire space and even follows movements automatically. Intelligently combining motion detection and image analysis, it records only significant events and sends real-time images directly to your smartphone.

Equipped with infrared illumination, it delivers crisp images even at night with Full HD resolution. Bi-directional, its built-in speaker and microphone also allow remote communication via a smartphone. And, when you're at home, the lens retracts into the camera body with a single click in the app or by tapping on the camera head. Practical and perfect for a little privacy!

Updated: August 10, 2022 19:11 a.m.

Bosch Eyes camera at 327 €

The Eyes Bosch outdoor camera Smart Home is a smart outdoor camera. No matter where you are, you always know what's going on near you thanks to it. Its smart sensors do not take into account the movement of trees and animals and only record important events. You can communicate with someone through the camera or through your smartphone thanks to the integrated microphone and speaker. Its cloud is free and it is compatible Amazon Alexa !

Updated: August 10, 2022 19:11 a.m.

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