[SALE] Blink: -25% on compatible cameras Alexa

Amazon offers its Blink cameras on sale today, three models full of qualities that we have already presented to you in our Blink Indoor tests and Blink Mini.

Blink Mini at 30.99 € or -20%

Contents of the Blink mini camera box: white camera with support, two UK and EU adapters, micro-USB cable and two screwsAlthough extremely compact, the Blink Mini test has proven to us that this CCTV camera has everything of a great one, however, since it offers various and varied possibilities thanks to a very complete application.

Wired, it benefits from a 1080p HD resolution and all the features of more upscale models such as the infrared night vision, motion detection, a system two-way audio, but also temperature monitoring.

Perfectly compatible with Alexa, Blink Mini offers cloud (paid) or local (with Sync Module 2) storage options.

Usually offered at € 39.99, Blink Mini is now only 30.99 €, i.e. 23% reduction.

Blink Indoor at 74.99 € or -25%

Test and review of the new compatible Blink Indoor camera Amazon AlexaNew iteration of the brand's first model, the new Blink Indoor is a wireless camera with a 24-month record battery life (we have been using its eldest for 24 months and we confirm it) with two simple Lithium batteries. Impressive.

Compact with only  7.1 cm side product for 3.1 cm thick, it is also light since it only displays 90 grams on the scale, which allows it to be placed very simply everywhere. Thanks to the infrared night vision, it allows you to monitor your home day and night. Receive notifications of movements on your smartphone or tablet, customize the motion detection zones in the application Blink HomeMonitor, view the live stream on devices Amazon Echo Show. You can even arm to disarm your system by voice by giving your PIN code to Alexa !

When it comes to storage, you have two options: free locally by plugging in a USB key (not supplied) at Sync Module 2 or at 3 € / month via Blink's cloud. It's up to you!

Usually offered at € 99.99, the 1-camera Blink Indoor system (synchronization module included) is offered today at 74.99 € or -25% for a saving of 25 euros.

Blink Outdoor from 77.99 € or -35%

It is the same as the previous one but tropicalized! In other words, it is perfectly waterproof and can easily withstand bad weather.

Usually offered at € 119.99, the 1-camera Blink Outdoor system (synchronization module included) is offered today at 89.99 € or -25% a saving of 30 euros.
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