Smart Life: big failures on Tuya servers

Many of you ask us this morning about our Facebook group and our Twitter account about alleged malfunctions ofAlexa or Google Home, but our dear assistants have nothing to do with it, the problem actually comes from the IoT platform of the company Tuya Inc the most famous of which is undoubtedly Smart Life !
In an official press release, Tuya specifies:

“Due to network fluctuations in some areas, as of 1:20 UTC on December 10, 2020, there may be issues such as offline and uncontrollable devices. If users have the above problems, please try again later or reconnect the device to the network. If you need to notify affected users, please respond and Tuya will help you complete the push message. If you have further questions, please continue to contact us. Thank you for your support. "Tuya Inc.

From our side, we can reassure you and tell you that, if we also had some difficulties early this morning, everything has returned to normal for over an hour. As explained by Tuya, We advise you to manually switch off and then on your devices and everything should be fine.
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