Skill The Castle of Mathematics

A castle, a princess in a dungeon and a prince who must come to free her, to deliver… until then everything is normal. But there is one intruder and not the least in this table: mathematics!

Yes, Alexiens and Alexiennes of modern times, it is thanks to the calculation that your child will progress in this castle to access the dungeon by discovering the 2 essential keys. A new way to review the 3 operations: addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Just a small note: at the start of the adventure you have to open the lock of the castle: if you are on Echo Spot ou Echo Show you can see the type of operation that is requested. Without a screen it's more random, but not impossible. This is one of the three operations and we are only just beginning the adventure, eh! Even if these are only simple operations that are to be solved, provide a paper and pencil for your child.

Finally, not sure that the classification of levels of difficulty such as "easy" (CP / CE1) is the most adapted to school reality (the multiplication table has logically not acquired in CP).

Come on, hush, I'm not telling you all the secrets of the ten rooms of this Castle of Mathematics ...

Note: 3/5 good interesting skill but certainly over-rated level.

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Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.