Samsung SmartThings soon compatible Matter

Announcements regarding the support of the new unified home automation standard follow one another in recent months. After Amazon and its Echo, Philips and its Hue bridge, Aqara and its hubs, it is Samsung's turn to announce that it has started to deploy updates SmartThings for Matter.

This is excellent news which testifies to unprecedented vitality in the home automation sector and which gives us hope for a favorable outcome from 2022.

Samsung deploys the Matter home automation standard

It was during its developer conference that Samsung announced that it had started to integrate the home automation standard. Matter at SmartThings, but also in its Galaxy mobiles, which is not really a surprise knowing that the Korean company is among the founding members of the working group originally called Project ChiP.


Samsung specifies that this integration will allow to connect devices that were not supported by its application SmartThings and will return the platform accessible to product users Amazon, Apple, Google, and other Matter compatible smart home platforms.

« Samsung TVs, home appliances and Galaxy devices are part of the daily life of millions of people around the world and the integration of hub functionality SmartThings in these devices will make it easier for users to live the connected life without purchasing additional hardware. », Declared Jaeyeon Jung.

“In addition to this, the addition of Matter support to the platform SmartThings will only widen the choice of devices to connect as Matte compatible devicesr will hit the market next year ” added the head of Samsung before specifying that “Matter will help drive smart home adoption, and with SmartThings will make it easier for users to gain smart home experiences with seamless device integration, personalized automation, and a choice of voice assistants. "

In short, you understood if you are concerned, this announcement is excellent news for the very many customers of the Korean giant who prefer Alexa ou Google Assistant to the Bixby home voice assistant ...

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