Robot vacuum cleaners: a week of promotions at Yeedi

Yeedi, a brand of robot vacuum cleaners belonging to the Asian leader Ecovacs, is offering great discounts on its main models throughout this week. We were also able to test two of them: the Yeedi 2 hybrid and the Yeedi Vac Max, the latest with automatic station. Both compatible with voice assistants Alexa and Google Assistant, these robots are 2-in-1, namely that they are able to vacuum of course, but also to mop floors.

Yeedi Vac Max: the top of the range

As you can see in our Yeedi Vac Max test, this new robot is a success. Equipped with a camera, he performs a precise mapping of his environment and navigates his illness from one room to another.

Thanks to its powerful motor, the Vac Max develops a suction of 3000 Pa and it is also doing very well when it comes to washing with water since it has a water tank and a rather effective mop in the genre.

In addition, since it is compatible with the automatic emptying station, you will be able to rely entirely on it and have almost no maintenance. A real plus.

Find our full test here:

Yeedi Vac Max review: a complete 2-in-1 robot vacuum
Usually offered at € 349.99, the Yeedi Vac Max is this week to 239.99 € or a reduction of 32% allowing you tosave 80 €.

Yeedi 2 Hybrid: the 2-in-1 at the top!

Le Yeedi 2 hybrid is the little brother of the Yeedi Vac Max. With a design pleasing to the eye, it fits seamlessly into its application as well as that of your voice assistant and, if we regret that it can only map a single map, it turned out to be very convincing during our tests, and in particular very precise in its movements.

Equally effective in suction thanks to a powerful suction of 2500 Pa, the Yeedi 2 hybrid allows you to combine suction and washing simultaneously with a single device.

Find our full test here:

Yeedi 2 Hybrid test: the cute robot vacuum cleaner


Usually offered at € 269.99, the Yeedi 2 hybrid is this week at 195.99 € a reduction of 28% by checking the € 14 extra coupon allowing you tosave 74 €.

Yeedi K650 at 139.99 € or -30%

A little less powerful but still offering a suction power of 2000 Pa, it remains nonetheless effective and is also able to mop. Equipped with a gyroscope, it does not map but uses algorithms of systematic navigation. Thanks to its application, you can easily program it to perform its tasks automatically or control it from anywhere using your tablet or smartphone. A good model at a low price.

Usually offered at 199.99 €, the Yeedi K650 is this week at 139.99 € a reduction of 30% by checking the € 10 coupon in addition allowing you tosave 60 €.

Yeedi K700 at 183.99 € or -25%

Are you looking for simplicity? The Yeedi K700 takes the characteristics of the K650 without a network connection and will therefore be controlled only using its remote control. It is nevertheless equipped with infrared sensors allowing it to identify obstacles and avoid collisions or falls on the stairs thanks to its SLAM-type algorithm.

Usually offered at € 229.99, the Yeedi K700 is this week to 172.49 € or a reduction of 25% allowing you tosave 57 €.
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