Roborock Dyad: the vacuum cleaner available in limited quantities

As every year, Roborock news is rich. A few months after his excellent Roborock S7, the brand returns to the front of the stage with Dyad. But what is it, then? As its definition implies, it is no more and no less than a couple working in a common interest: to make your floors cleaner. Half robot, half vacuum cleaner, the Roborock dyad presents himself asvacuum cleaner… A kind of super mechanical mop if you prefer.

Difficult to obtain due to the crisis in semiconductors and other components which affects the entire consumer electronics sector, the Roborock Dyad was launched exclusively on AliExpress, but is now arriving on Geekbuying. In very limited quantity, however, since 1000 pieces only are offered for sale.

Thanks to our coupon below, you can get it at the very interesting price of around 340 euros ...

Roborock Dyad: the promise of energetic cleansing

An innovative product

While it is a difficult exercise for our robot vacuum cleaners, it is undoubtedly washing floors with water. Although his people are progressing a little more each time, Roborock wanted to offer a different product this year, a all-in-one solution meeting different cleaning needs: the vacuum-washer Roborock dyad.

« Beyond our passion for technology, at Roborock, our DNA lies in our passion for technological innovation. With Dyad Power, Dyad is the only dual motor, multi-roller vacuum cleaner-and mop, which allows deep cleaning to the edges of walls, to get rid of impurities in a single pass. We created this multi-use device to remove everything from spilled tea to encrusted dirt, backed by an innovative cleaning system Says Richard Chang, CEO of Roborock.

Indeed, thanks to two independent motors with a total power of 260W feeding no less than three rolls that turn in opposite directions for more efficiency, the Roborock dyad promises to get rid of all waste and liquids in one pass.

While dust and liquids are sucked into a 620 mL dirty water tank, this vacuum cleaner spray cool water from his second 850 mL reservoir on the rollers which work to remove dirt. It is thus possible to clean spilled coffee or cereals that have fallen to the ground, to eliminate traces of mud after a walk in the forest, and much more ...

Vacuum cleaner of its state, the Dyad obviously gets rid of the most encrusted dust, but it is also able to adapt the intensity its suction as well as its water flow thanks to a sensor judging the state of the ground. An on-screen indicator tells you how dirty your floor is so you know where to focus your cleaning.

Finally, this High-Tech washer offers a soil drying method who uses his powerful suction to quickly dry the floor and leave it almost dry. You will no longer have to make small jumps to avoid footprints once the tiles have been freshly cleaned!


  • Brand : Roborock
  • Model : Dyad
  • Engine power : 260W
  • Suction (KPa) : 13Kpa
  • Battery : 5000mAh
  • Loading time : 4h
  • Duration of use : 35 mins (auto mode)
  • Tank-Jug : clean water 0.85L and dirty water 0.62L
  • Noise level : 78dB
  • Dimensions : 1112 270 x x 191mm
  • Weight : 5.1kg

Roborock Dyad: a self-cleaning base

Like the Jimmy HW8 Pro that we recently presented to you in test, the maintenance of the Roborock dyad is done effortlessly. Just place it on its base and activate its automatic washing mode with the touch of a finger and the rollers clean themselves. So you won't have to get your hands dirty. Awesome, isn't it?

For even more efficient cleaning, Unilever and its OMO brand have developed a specially designed cleaning product for the Dyad. Derived from plants and scented with essential oils of tea tree, this solution formulated exclusively for Roborock also brings a fresh scent to your interior.

From an autonomy point of view, the comfortable 5000 mAh battery, this vacuum cleaner allows you to clean during 35 minutes in Auto mode (25 minutes in Max mode). The brand announces a covered area ranging up to 280 m² which will therefore suit both medium-sized apartments and large houses.

Le Roborock dyad is now available at Geekbuying at price of 462 euros. On the occasion of its launch, the e-merchant offers a exclusive promotion allowing you to acquire it at only 341.69 eurosEither 120 euros discount. See coupon below (if you don't see it, turn off your ad blocker).

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