Roborock H7: new opus for the stick vacuum cleaner

A little over a year ago, we offered you the Roborock H6 test, a broom vacuum cleaner from a robot specialist. Today, it is with a new model, very similar in appearance to its predecessor, that the brand returns with its new Roborock H7. No follies on the program, but the Chinese company mainly intends to respond to the criticisms made by users of the H6.

Roborock H7: more autonomy, more power

The first point concerns autonomy. If Roborock was the first to integrate a LiPO battery in a cordless vacuum cleaner, the autonomy of the Roborock H7 is now increased to 90 minutes in eco mode, 45 minutes in normal mode et 8 minutes in turbo mode for only 2 hours 30 minutes of charging. Similarly, its dust container is increased to 500 mL against 400 mL previously. A little extra that is not to be refused.

Richard Chang, CEO of Roborock, said he is “ proud to have brought to France the first LiPO battery integrated in a cordless hand vacuum cleaner, due to the unique advantages this brings to the cleaning experience: lightness, long run time and exceptional battery life. With the new H7, we have built on the advancements of the H6 and addressed other consumer needs, such as suction power, charging time, easier maintenance and new storage options.nt ”.

The second point concerns power. The engine of the Robo Rock H7 has indeed been optimized, without our having much more details, in order to offer a maximum suction of 160 AW (against 140AW for the H6) allowing to easily lift dirt from the floors and more deeply remove it from carpets, mattresses, sofas, car interiors and other nooks and crannies.

Roborock H6: an uncompromising stick vacuum cleaner

The return of the vacuum cleaner bag?

This is undoubtedly its most surprising feature: the Roborock H7 is supplied with disposable bags. Understand that they are not mandatory, but that you can if you wish. Where many will see it as an ecological aberration, allergy sufferers will be delighted to learn that they are designed for them because, with three layers to better trap dust, they are above all antibacterial.

Finally, Roborock has equipped his H7 with numerous accessories and we find as on the previous opus: a carpet brush (apparently always no Fluffy on European liveries…), a flexible tube, a mini motorized brush, a long nozzle and a small brush. These accessories will easily be attached to its slightly redesigned wall bracket.

The Roborock H7 will be available in France from June 2 at a price of € 399 including tax at Auchan, Geekbuying and eBay to start.


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