Roborock Auto-Empty Dock: the automatic collector available for pre-order!

Many of you were waiting for it, but we too must admit it, and here it is the famous automatic dust collector Roborock Auto-Empty Dock !

Announced a few months ago, this automatic dump station, an accessory that seemed a little overrated for a while, has established itself in recent months and made itself indispensable in the world of robot vacuum cleaners. We must admit that it is a damn practical device ... We explain why?

Roborock Auto-Empty Dock: the automatic dump station available for pre-order

It is without a doubt the novelty that we have been waiting for the most with the release of the excellent Roborock S7 : are dust collector!

Presenting a design that is out of the ordinary, this automatic dump station allows you to vacuum the contents of the robot, sparing us the tedious almost daily emptying of the dust container.

A more than interesting option to which Roborock had the excellent idea to bring its know-how incyclonic suction since it uses a system similar to that of its Robo Rock H7 with no less than 15 cyclones offering uncompromising aspiration.

Unlike its competitors, the Chinese firm therefore offers a bagless system : the planet is already thanking her!

For those too attached to the good old bags, or more exactly for allergy sufferers, Roborock has nevertheless planned a 1.8 Liter dust bag which can very simply replace the cyclonic system. In writing, we are not too much in favor, but why not?

As for his models ofstick vacuum cleaners, the self-emptying station uses a H13 rated HEPA multilayer filtration system who captures 99.99% of dust particles down to 0,3 microns, including allergens such as pollen and other air pollutants. Combined with the dust bag, this technology allows the dock to be hypoallergenic certified by TÜV Rheinland.

La nouvelle Roborock Auto-Empty Dock dump station is proposed in pre-order at 299 € instead of 349 € exclusively at Geekbuying for delivery expected in 6 weeks. A good plan to seize as soon as possible since only 1000 units are available ! Note that, if you are a new Geekbuying customer, you can benefit from 2% additional discount...


Available as a bundle with the Roborock S7

Offering a high power of 2500 Pa, the new Roborock S7 is undoubtedly the most efficient robot passed in our lab '. Almost perfect, he really lacked more than this famous Roborock Auto-Empty Dock. It must be said that, although its design is not broken, it is not devoid of novelties.

Among the innovations, Roborock has chosen this year to offer a new central roller brush, much more efficient and which allows the robot to no longer suck cables or small objects capable of blocking it.

Best of all, the Roborock S7 now has a sonic mop system that is nothing more or less than the best washing system we've seen on a 2-in-1 robot. Ringardizing the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8, it is undoubtedly the strong point of this model which really ticks all the boxes.

Offered at the catalog price of € 589, Roborock S7 is currently priced at 463.42 € or 22% reduction allowing you tosave 126 €. Fill in the coupon below and benefit from 2% additional discount for your first purchase from Geekbuying.
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