Ring Launches Compatible Glass Break Detector Alexa

Ring Alarm compatible intrusion sensor

Like its parent company, Ring is taking advantage of CES 2022 to unveil its brand new glass breakage detector today: the Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor. Logically intended for use with Ring Alarm, this security device brings an additional level of security to users of thealarm connected to Alexa.

Ring Alarm is enriched with a compatible glass breakage detector Alexa

After a exterior contact sensor at the end of the year, Ring is expanding its range with a new device called Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor, a glass breakage detector that allows homes equipped with a Ring Alarm security system to monitor their windows or glass doors in order to detect attempted break-ins.

Ring Alarm: 5 reasons to choose the compatible alarm Alexa

Le Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor can detect noises from different types of broken glass up to 7,62 meters away, a feature which is reminiscent of that offered by Alexa Guard that European users always look forward to ...

Not requiring an enclosure Amazon Echo, this sensor uses artificial intelligence technology to reduce false positives and eliminate sounds such as the clicking of keys or the clicking of dishes. If a broken glass sound is true, users will receive a real-time alert on the Ring app and can even update their settings to automatically trigger their built-in Ring Alarm siren and outdoor siren. Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren when they are in Home or Away mode.

The Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor will be available for sale on February 16, 2022 at a price of 45 € on the brand's official website and on Amazon.com.
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