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Ring Alarm

Ring Alarm (2nd generation) | Security system | Without commitment | Works with Alexa

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Amazon is currently making very attractive offers on its security system Ring Alarm on the occasion of Black Friday (in advance). Although we have already explained to you at length why this is the best compatible alarm Alexa, we are going to summarize today our experiences of users of the system on a daily basis through these 5 reasons to choose Ring Alarm.

You are ready? Let's go !

Ring Alarm V2 test: a versatile and adaptive security kit

1 - Ring Alarm: an easy-to-install connected alarm

The first thing that strikes when you receive your Ring Alarm, that's it ease of installation. Indeed, thanks to its Z-Wave Plus radio protocol, it is very easy to associate the various peripherals to the alarm center. Scan the QR-Code placed behind each Ring sensor and you're done! In less than an hour, your home is secure. In addition, you do not have to screw in the sensors, the adhesives provided allow the sensors to be glued very quickly.

Ring Alarm is one of the easiest systems to implement! No need for technical knowledge, just follow the instructions in the app.

2 - A secure system thanks to Z-Wave Plus

We often tell you: in home automation, Wi-Fi isn't always your best friend. Although it is essential for many devices, this protocol is not intended to handle commands such as those of an alarm and is not not sufficiently stable to be considered reliable.

Forget Wi-Fi alarms, they are unreliable!

Conversely, the Z-Wave Plus protocol used on Ring Alarm has many advantages. Using the 868 MHz band, it is less subject to interference than Wi-Fi or ZigBee.

It offers a best range (76 meters for the base, which you can extend with the supplied repeater and others as an option) especially since it is based on a network mesh allowing devices to communicate with each other.

Another advantage, and not the least in terms of safety, it benefits from a 128-bit AES encryption. All command packets are sent using S2, Z-Wave's latest security framework, which implements key exchange Diffie-Hellman.

Finally, Z-Wave is one of the most sober home automation protocols on the market. More economical, a simple 3V battery is enough to power a sensor for 3 years, where Wi-Fi will not last 6 months!

Ring Alarm is a highly secure system thanks to Z-Wave Plus. All the attacks and jamming attempts carried out by security specialists have proven the robustness of the system of the subsidiary ofAmazon...

3 - An autonomous system: integrated batteries and e-SIM

You will understand, a burglar will not manage to jam your system ... But he can always cut the electricity. No problem for Ring Alarm which embeds a 24 hour battery life. One is placed in its base, another in the Z-Wave Plus repeater. Thus, all your sensors will continue to communicate with your alarm center ...

What about the Internet connection? Ring Alarm also integrates an e-SIM allowing it to connect to cellular networks. An option included in the protection plan RingProtect Plus. In any case, you will receive alerts telling you that your alarm is no longer connected to the Internet ...

Ring Alarm is an autonomous system capable of countering all attacks. In case of total loss of connection, the system warns you very quickly, whether you have subscribed or not.

4 - The best compatible connected alarm Alexa

It is not a surprise : Ring Alarm is the best compatible connected alarm Alexa. We did not say "the best alarm", some banks being, it is true, better equipped, but " the best compatible alarm Alexa"...

You know, Ring belongs to Amazon and, as such, benefits frommost complete integration on the market. Logical, you will tell us, being a product designed to work with the voice assistant ...

We take this as proof:

  • the possibility of using the sensors in routines : although they use the Z-Wave Plus protocol, all the sensors go back to the application Alexa. You can then create routines with it (in addition to their classic monitoring for the alarm). Thus, the same sensor can trigger your alarm when you are away, but also turn on the light when you are present.
  • the possibility of arming and disarming the system by voice : you just have to say " Alexa, I leave To arm your alarm. Disarmament with a simple " Alexa, disarm the alarm »Requires a 4-digit voice code.
  • Alexa Guard : although the feature is not yet available in France, it will soon arrive. Your Ring alarm will therefore work in concert with your speakers Amazon Echo which will turn into sensors listening to abnormal noises.

    « Alexa will be your best guard! "

5 - The quality / price ratio

Finally, last reason and not the least: Ring Alarm offers great value for money. Admittedly, it is not the cheapest, but offered from € 249 excluding promotion, it's a affordable security system and undoubtedly the most comprehensive for users ofAlexa. We are not talking here of a pseudo-alarm under Tuya / Smart Life, but a complete environment dedicated to security to which you can also add cameras such as the Ring Indoor Cam. And the subscription to Ring Protect Plus is not compulsory.

Ring Alarm (2nd generation) | Security system | Without commitment | Works with Alexa

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June 29, 2022 13:08 a.m.

Nevertheless, Ring Protect Plus is an interesting option! Indeed, for 10 € / month or 100 € / year, you unlock the 3G / 4G chip of your alarm and benefit froma truly complete solution with a monitoring service capable of calling you and your emergency contacts in the event of an alert. If you own branded cameras and doorbells, you will also benefit from the unlimited cloudas well as a Extended Warranty throughout the duration of your subscription. Not to mention the option Alexa Guard Plus which is free for Ring subscribers (in eligible regions)…

In short, you will have understood it, the Ring Alarm solution offers excellent value for money!

Bonus: the accessories available!

You can add up to 100 sensors to your Ring Alarm:

  • opening sensor for doors and windows,
  • motion detector,
  • range amplifier Z-Wave Plus.

But also devices intended for outdoor use:

  • an exterior opening sensor : thanks to its IP66 weather resistance, the external contact sensor for Ring Alarm can withstand outdoor use on a gate for example ...
  • the outdoor siren for Ring Alarm : when your system is triggered, the outdoor siren emits an alarm siren (adjustable volume) and flashing LED signals to warn your neighbors and help emergency services locate your home.
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And soon new products:

  • A panic button : practical, it allows you to trigger the alarm without having to take out your smartphone or go to the numeric keypad… Ideal for the elderly.
  • A flood and frost detector : Receive alerts on your smartphone when water or low temperatures are detected.
  • A smoke and CO detector : Notifies you on your smartphone when your existing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors go off their alarms.

Being a Z-Wave gateway, Ring Alarm is compatible with other brands:

Still have questions? Find our Ring Alarm FAQ !

Ring Alarm FAQ: we tell you everything about the alarm connected to Alexa !
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