Paranoid Home: prevent Alexa to listen to you

Paranoid, this article is for you! Despite the measures taken by Amazon for the respect for confidentiality and the many features available for manage your settings Alexa and your personal information onions, a number of you are still afraid of eavesdropping by the e-commerce giant. Users ofAlexa working for the DGSI or the DGSE, or other secret agents, will therefore probably be delighted to learn that a American startup, Paranoid, has created several devices that prevent our echo devices to listen to us. Although it is very easy to deactivate listening toAlexa on Amazon Echo, these devices can reassure some people.

Responding to the very explicit name of " Paranoid Home », these are no less than three anti-eavesdropping devices that the company has devised to reassure the most fearful of us… Let's see what it is!

Paranoid Home Button: the button that pushes for you

Paranoid Home: scramble Alexa EchoParanoid Home Button vocally activates a push button, powered by USB, which physically presses the mute button for you of your appliances Amazon Echo. Can be activated by pronouncing the wake-up word quite logical "Paranoid", it obviously requires a second keyword to pass a order Alexa. Practice ! Or not…

The order becomes in effect “Paranoid… Alexa, send a message to Simone ». We have seen more practical, clearly, but this will reassure some and prevent them from having to physically move to their Amazon Echo. A paranoia tool that will respond then "The mute has been activated / deactivated" or will not say anything if it is set to ...

When writing the Alexians, we only found a really practical use, but we will keep it for ourselves and our spouses. However, if you are interested, know that you can get the Paranoid Home Button priced at $ 39 instead of 49 USD on the site of its manufacturer.

Home Wave: a listening jammer for Alexa and Echo

Prevent listening Alexa Echo with Paranoid HomeFor the more paranoid, a second device has been devised by the startup. Indeed, although pressing the button physically interrupts listening toAlexa - you can try as long as you want, she never responds in this case - some still think thatAmazon continue to listen to us… Unlikely, to tell the truth, but Paranoid is surfing on your anxieties by proposing this time a microphone jamming device.

Discreetly generating noise and interference over your speaker mics EchoDot 3, echo 3 ou Echo Plus, the paranoid device runs continuously and turns off when it detects the wake-up word "Paranoid", thus temporarily stopping the interference to allow Alexa hear and respond to voice commands.

Fortunately, the noise generated by Paranoid Home Wave is not perceptible by the human ear and therefore does not cause any disturbance or unpleasant background noise.

Placed on the microphones, be aware that this device must affect your listening Amazon Echo, but if you want more privacy for your legal activities or not, you can get the Paranoid Home Wave priced at 39 USD instead of 49 USD on the site of its manufacturer.

Paranoid Home Max: to be sure thatAlexa do not listen !

Paranoid Home Max to jam Google Home MaxThe previous models are not enough for you and you are afraid of being spotted by the DGSI or the NSA? Paranoid has it all covered!

This time, you will nevertheless have to intervene physically on the enclosure, but the solution is radical: the startup proposes to cut the wires of the microphones - it is still necessary that they have some ... - and to insert their house blocker.

Once your Paranoid Home Max ordered, you can visit a service center or ship your speakers free of charge. We do not know if the offer is valid outside the USA, it is unlikely given the price, but it will be returned to you 10 days later with a large wart on it.

Le Paranoid Home Max is also proposed at a price of 39 USB instead of 49 USD. Note that this physical intervention, which can be done alone, will nevertheless make you lose the warranty associated with the device.

These devices are also compatible with Google Home smart speakers.
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